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Welcome to My LurraLife Review! 

Health is wealth that is why products that improve health status and can heal all disease attracts consumers easily, especially if advertised on social networking sites.  

Along with it, the majority of the working force and others are finding a way on how to make their budget stretch a bit more, which is why small businesses, extra part-time work, and all means possible to make more money is liked and interests by the public. 

LurraLife Review Summary

Name: LurraLife 


Founders: Dan Putnam

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $14.95 For The Self-qualification Pack + $497 For The Leader Pack

lurralife logo

Quick Summary: LurraLife is a multi-level marketing company that sells nature-inspired health products. It is co-founded by David Putnam, who also started O2 Worldwide. O2 Worldwide is best known for its O2 drops and is now also one of the flagship products of LurraLife.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In light of this, we will talk about a brand called LurraLife. The multi-level marketing (MLM) company is making an uproar because of their natural research-based products.  

But what is this LurraLife about? Is it legit or a scam? Can you make money with it? 

Let’s find out more and try to provide beneficial and reliable answers in this honest LurraLife review.

what is lurralife about

What Is LurraLife About?

The company LurraLife markets health and dietary supplements like detox tea, Lurrafit capsules, and LurraLife coffee.  

It was founded by entrepreneur Dan Putnam in 2012, although if you happen to visit and read on LurraLife’s website, you can see in their “About Section” that Travis Martin, Dr. Derek Martin, and a couple of others co-founded the multilevel marketing business.  

lurralife founder dan putnam

It's a worldwide market, available in almost every country but their main office is located in Utah, USA. 

Putnam is known for his previous MLM ventures, and some of these are still in business. Some of these names, Modern Money Team, Eyeline Trading, and O2 Worldwide, which the latter is probably the predecessor of LurraLife as its website now directs to LurraLife.  

Also, its famous product O2 drops are now one of LurraLife's product lines. 

LurraLife Product Line 

LurraLife offers a wide variety of products concerning lifestyle enhancement, health, and wellness. It’s almost the same as Synergy Worldwide, First Fitness Nutrition, and Eniva

The most appealing of their products is the O2 drops, which contain activated stabilized oxygen and minerals, a product which is said to renew and fortify cells in the body. Per bottle of it costs $44.95.  

But if you want to take on your everyday game up the notch they also have other products they claim will step-up, boost, and live your life to its full potential. 

Other LurraLife products include Lurrafit Coffee, which costs$59.95, boosts stamina, and improves energy levels. It also speeds up weight loss by burning fats.  

Similar to this is the Lurrafit Capsules for $59.95, this helps enhance focus and energy throughout the day. Like coffee, it also aids in weight loss. Several others are, Dr. Miller’s Detox tea which costs $14.95 per pack and $ 49.95 for four-packs, this is a caffeine-free, 100% organic tea that targets intestinal refinement.  

LurraLife Thrive for $59.95, is a product that claims to strengthen cardiovascular health and enhances natural body processes like healing. A product they recommend for people with diabetes, as they claim it to enhance insulin production. 

Good marketing strategies of companies like LurraLife is that they offer bundles or combos of their products for a price that saves consumers extra dollars.

lurralife product line

Is LurraLife A Scam?

It is not a scam. The company sells authentic products and compensate their members properly based on testimonials and other reviews. Although some thought of it as a scam because it is not a stable and fast means to earn money. 

Multi-level companies are those who strategize in direct sales to encourage distributors to recruit new ones and make an added profit out of it. So knowing these we can take a look in comparison to other MLM companies to know more about the pros and cons of LurraLife. Some of these are companies like USANA, Jeunesse, B3 Sciences, and Vyvo. 

A good comparator of LurraLife would be USANA, Jeunesse, B3 Sciences, and Vyvo since they deal with health products. Their system both works by selling and recruitment but with USANA, members can either be a user, the direct seller only, or both seller and recruits and all three.  

Sole distributor or being both distributor and seller, members make a similar profit return unlike in LurraLife where recruitment is essential to level up.  

To find more legit MLM companies in a similar niche, you can click this link.

Is LurraLife A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Pyramid or Ponzi Schemes rely on members recruitment to generate funds, not on selling legitimate products or services. Unlike this, LurraLife members make money by their product sales offered by the company.  

Recruiting others is also a part of LurraLife plans, as it generates higher returns because of commissions you can get by your downline sales, not by simply recruiting them. This is what makes the brand and MLM as a business per se legit.

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LurraLife Compensation Plan

Investors of the company generate money in several ways. One way is through retail commissions, based on the total amount of your sales you can get a 50% credit for every sale. 

The other is residual commissions, in which members earn 5% to 10% of the total sales depending on their rank and level. It is based on a binary system where it increases as you bring more people in, to join the company.  

This type generates more leads and sales thus more income because multiple people make the sales, increasing the head of the groups’ commission. 

It is important to take note that the only way to make money is by selling the products and not by recruitment. Although commissions get higher if the downline gets bigger because again for every sale the downline makes, the head or recruiter gets 5 to 10 percent of it.

To learn more about LurraLife, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join LurraLife?

LurraLife does not require a subscription fee to join. One can simply be a customer and buy its products. Although they suggest potential members buy product kits for the commissions. For example, a self-qualification pack is $14.95 and the leader pack is $497.  

Besides, according to other articles members have to maintain a 15 profit-volume to stay qualified. What they offer looks easy and tempting, but maintaining a quota and selling products was never simple, especially when it is a new brand in the market and costs more than the regularly available products. 



Good Marketing Because Of Distributors 

Based on customers’ testimonies, LurraLifes’ positive feedbacks include the quality of their products and that the company is somehow still developing. Gaining momentum as time passes and members getting bigger in numbers.  

It also saves a huge amount of money in advertisements since it allows its recruits to do the hard work on making it known and fast spread across the globe. 


Tagged As A Pyramid Scheme 

Many are still doubtful of the company's policies and plans, rendering negative reviews that it might be a pyramiding scam in disguise. Perhaps it’s because the only way to gain more commissions is by recruiting other people.  

Expensive Fees And Products 

LurraLifes’ vague maintenance or monthly fees scare those who are considering joining. If taken into consideration, their 15 profit-volume requirement quota requires at least $15 sales every month. As a result, you spend more money than earn. 

LurraLifes’ products with regards to the price are also considered a bit expensive, especially to average or minimum wage earners.  

Saturated Market 

The market with several readily available similar products is another downside for LurraLife. Since a lot of companies offer products that promote health modification and enhancement, it is somewhat saturated already. 

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Training Tools/Support

LurraLife's website does not go into detail regarding their training and support.  

They do have a “Support” tab on their website and it includes all the details on how you can reach them, such as their address, contact number, and Back Office.

Final Opinion/Verdict

After reviewing all the facts regarding LurraLife. I can say that it is recommendable in a way that it is a good company considering that it is not a pyramiding scam. 

They also have nutritional products that gained high ratings and good feedback from their consumers.  

The downside, however, is that it is not for someone who does not have a large capital to start, this is not a good investment or business to invest with because its products and primary bundles are expensive. 

Also, maintaining and reaching a certain quota can be stressful as offering and making a sale of a product that will not cut someone's minimum budget will be hard to sell. Recruiting is also a challenge since not all will be amazed, appealed, and impressed by so-called miracle products. 

As a result, some members to cut, buy bulks by themselves, just so they will be able to satisfy the profit-value and stay active. Unfortunately, because of this, members lose a lot of money before making their first recruit and commission.  

So if making an easy and fast profit is your goal this kind of company is not the type of source you should try. Also attributes like persuasiveness, patience, good sales talk, and great marketing strategy should be taken into consideration before going into this kind of business venture. 

In consideration and regards to their compensation plans. Their terms and what they offer is simple and understandable. It focuses solely on sales although the catch is that if you want higher returns, commissions, and an increase in rank or level, recruitment must be taken seriously into account. 

Overall, LurraLife just like any other health and wellness product and multi-level marketing that already exists in the market is a considerable network. It's a hard-earned profit that needs perseverance and time. It is not for those who seek fast and large income. It is also a company that is still growing and improving.

What’s Next?

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As always, I hope this honest LurraLife review has helped you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below. 

Thank you!

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