What Is Local Boss About? Make Money Or Lose Them?

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The worldwide web is already packed with a lot of “money-generating” themed training companies, which come in free or paid.

But today, we’re going to talk about a paid online training program that claims to help you start your business through Facebook ads, and it is called “Local Boss.”

Local Boss Review Summary

Name:  Local Boss

Website:  www.localboss.com

Founders:  Adam Davies

Product Type:   Online Training Platform

Price: Not Disclosed

Quick Summary:  Local Boss is an online training company that provides training in creating your own lead generation digital agency. It uses Facebook ads to advertise, which means that other than the enrollment fee, you have other expenses to shoulder.

And now, the multi-million dollar question: is it worth it?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

While FB ads are legit and are proven to help others grow their business, it’s not for everyone. 

That being said, how relevant is this training to your business?

Can it really help your brand grow online?

Let’s find out in this honest Local Boss review!

What Is Local Boss About?

Local Boss is an online training company that helps online marketers grow a profitable lead generation business. So, how does it work? 

Basically, it will train you how to use Facebook ads to create your own lead generation digital agency. Using these ads, the training walks you through how to get "leads" for local businesses. 

These leads will be sent to "small business owners" aka clients. The training will also show you how to win clients who are willing to pay for the service and they will also show you how to automate and systemize your business. 

Local Boss was founded by Adam Davies who started the company in 2018. 

His "perfect business model" claimed to specialize in helping people break free from the employment and education system teaching. 

He claimed to grow the "Lead Generation" Agency business to $56,000 a month in just 90 days and still run it today. Davies took his first training company to “Inc.500 list” with multiple 7 figures per year. 

He has also featured on over 200 TV stations across the USA. He has been featured on CBS, ABC, Forbes, NBC, Fox, and The Huffington. 

Yes, he's been on tons of different shows and has done very well in promoting Local Boss, probably why you’re also here today.

Local Boss is similar to:

Is Local Boss A Scam?

Local Boss is not a scam. 

In fact, it’s a legitimate online training platform that could help online marketers generate profitable leads. 

The founder himself is also prominent in this field and has even appeared in various legit TV stations. 

Yes, his model has helped people earn profitable money but it’s not for all, as it is quite pretty expensive and will probably cost a fortune for those who aren't silver spoons. So, if it's not your cup of tea, better find other ways to earn money. 

Local Boss Compensation Plan

Yes, you can make money at Local Boss. It has a legit business model that can help you generate profitable leads and gain success in generating your income as well. They even have success stories to prove that. 

However, I can't find a definite compensation plan online as I believe income will still depend on the capabilities of the marketer but yes, Local Boss can inculcate valuable skills for marketers that will help them at any business they're on to.

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How Much To Join Local Boss?

Since it’s a training course, you will enroll at Local Boss as a student. However, before you enroll you need to schedule and apply for a FREE discovery call with one of their advisers and see if you can "qualify" to become a student of the course. 

How much does it cost to participate in their training program? 

Unfortunately, Local Boss is not transparent on the costs of their training. It will probably be mentioned once you have a call with their adviser. Well, in cases like this, it seems that there is some wiggle room, so better not just accept the price you are offered. 

Take time to review and ponder. You should pay at a rate that will give you a discount which is more likely to happen if you pay all of it at once rather than in staggered payment. 

It was hard finding the costs of their training. Normally, it’s easy to find through some comments on online reviews or people's comments on YouTube but it was definitely hard to crack the price of Local Boss’ training. 

But you’ll definitely have to pay an amount and it’s of course expensive. So, I will just assume that the price would range around $4000-$5000 as other similar courses range into these costs. So it's not likely not to be cheap but please do note that it’s just a guess as compared to other training. 

But aside from that, I believe you’ll also have to shell out some dollars monthly in running a digital lead generation agency and the costs include:

  • Email Autoresponder - $19+ every month

  • Facebook Ads - $200+ a month (eventually will be paid for by your clients but you will certainly need to test some out)

  • Landing Page And Lead Generation Software - Clickfunnels is $97 a month 

  • Tracking Software- ClickMagick is at least $27 a month

  • Optional - Website hosting and domain name (for your brand to attract or send clients to)- $10+ a month

With a total estimated monthly cost of about $353. So, you’ll probably have to prepare at least $300-$400 a month. 

So, if you go through this kind of business path, you’d probably aim to get clients to pay for these costs.



Decent Training That Can Give You Valuable Skills

Yes, their business model is legit and has helped people earn a booming income. They even make you obtain valuable skills that can help you at any business.

May Help You Earn Booming Income

Yes, you can earn a booming income on this platform, as Local Boss success stories can prove this. But still, it will be up to that marketer if they’ll apply what they know and take action with their knowledge and skills. 

Prominent Founder

Many people aren't successful at what they teach but as discussed above, Adam Davies has been successful in what he’s doing and is earning a lot. He was even featured in prestigious shows. Well, with a prominent and successful founder like Adam Davies, you could have high hopes that you’ll also be successful but of course, it still depends on you.


Not For All

This opportunity and path are not for all, as it’s best taken by online marketers who are well-off, as the training is pretty expensive. As you’ll also be convincing clients, you should have great business and communication skills. So, not all people will qualify for this. 

Client Reliant

Yes, you could have skills and all but still, the clients call the shots as they would be the ones paying for your service. 

Not Transparent

One thing that makes me think that Local Boss is mysterious is that they don’t provide details that are important like the prices of their training, their address or contact details, and more. Yes, they are not that transparent. With this, it makes me question stuff like, Are they just really private and choose to keep the matter to themselves and their students, or are they hiding something dubious? You know, things like that come into mind if you think something is off. 

Hidden Expensive Price

And because they are not transparent, yes, they are probably hiding the expensive price of their training. That you should first have to schedule a call to their advisers if you would want to enroll as a student. 

A Lot Of Competition

As you can see, there are a lot of online marketing opportunities and lead generation is not new. You’ll have a lot of competitions. So, it’ll probably be hard to pull off if you’re not well-versed in this field.

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Who Is It For?

Local Boss is an online training company that helps online marketers grow a lead generation agency. 

So, it’s best for online marketers who are of course good at communicating and since it’s quite expensive, it’s also for those who are well-off who could splash away thousands of dollars for such training.

Training Tools/Support

Since Local Boss is a training company, the course will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to build these Facebook ads that generate leads and find clients that will pay you. 

The training includes these 6 main areas:

  • The foundation

  • Building your agency (build a website, taking payment over the phone, etc.)

  • Client attraction (building an email list and email campaigns, ways to close clients, case studies, etc.)

  • Facebook lead ad funnel (tracking ads, track leads, call tracking, etc. using ClickFunnels)

  • Offers and funnels for different niches (low, mid, and high ticket niches e.g. cool sculpting or car dealerships)

  • Facebook ads training (step by step & templates and "done for you" ads for certain niches)

And here are some of the tools and resources that you get from the Local Boss Training:

  • Welcome pack templates

  • How to track sales

  • Email templates

  • Client reporting (weekly and monthly)

  • Private Facebook group- this support will be of great help to help you answer queries and more

Their web page also contains a “Contact” tab where you could place your email and phone number so that they could contact you if you have some questions, concerns or etc. But apparently, they are not that transparent on where to email or contact them if you’re just a visiting guest on their page.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, we could say that Local Boss is indeed a legitimate training program. It is established and has a legit business model that has helped people generate not only leads but also lucrative income. 

The founder is also successful and well-known. However, there are a few things that make me not fully recommend the program, one is that it’s not transparent. 

Yes, they’re probably hiding their expensive training costs and since it’s expensive that will even cost a fortune, I believe it’s an opportunity that is not for all.  

Well, if you’re on to online marketing and generating leads, you could take the shot that if you’re also willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the training and other costs. 

However, if you’re like me who’s not willing to spend that much, better not try that path and look unto other ways that could help you land a job that you’ll love for the rest of your life and give you the income that you desire.

What’s Next?

There are definitely better, easier, and less expensive ways to gain an income online, such as my top-recommended program

We’ve been using this platform for many months and we love the support and tools it has given, such as:

  • Proven strategy to work smart and earn a lot (literally)

  • Step-by-step guidance

  • Best possible support including your training coach

  • Lots of training resources

  • And so much more! 

Looking forward to working with you on this soon!

If you have questions, just drop them in the comment box below.

Thank you!

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