Super Affiliate System Review: Is John Crestani’s Course Worth Your Time?

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Affiliate marketing is a strategy of selling other people's items in exchange for a commission. It uses either free or paid traffic to promote physical or digital items.

Super Affiliate System Review Summary

Name: Super Affiliate System


Founders: John Crestani

Product Type:   Online Affiliate Marketing Course

Price:  $997

Quick Summary: Super Affiliate System is a premium course by John Crestani that shows you how to make money online through affiliate marketing. 

It is a course where you will master Facebook Ads and Google Ads, among others, in six weeks.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this review, I will discuss thoroughly what the course is about and answer the following questions:

Can you trust John Crestani? Are students of the Super Affiliate System getting results? Is the program worth your time, or is it just another scam?

What Is Super Affiliate System About?

In his Super Affiliate System, John Crestani covers the affiliate marketing method and the different traffic platforms:  Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Here's a short breakdown of John's six-week course.

Week 1: The System Set-Up

You'll learn how to get start with Clickbank in this module.

You'll also learn how to use Bluehost to set up your website hosting and domain name.

Then, John will show you how to leverage his pre-built funnels using The ClickFunnels Method or The Manual Method.

Week 2: Google Ads Setup

Here's what you'll learn about in the Google Search Ads Setup video lesson:

  • How to put up a campaign based on keyword searches
  • Device targeting 
  • Location targeting
  • Split-testing of advertisements

Week 3:YouTube Ads Setup

This module gives you a thorough A-Z tutorial to getting your YouTube ad campaign operating on the Google Ads platform.

Week 4: Advanced Tactics

This lesson combines Facebook ads, ad compliance, general affiliate advice, and copywriting taught by Ronnie Sandlin, a super affiliate member with whom John has previously trained.

Week 5: Presell Pages & Scaling

This section's technique will show you how internet marketers attract tens of thousands of people to take action toward the final sale. 

John demonstrates how to do so using Clickfunnels. He also explains Clickfunnel Tracking IDs so you can figure out which presell page is responsible for your conversion, which is quite helpful.

Week 6: Product Selection

John discusses different niches and sub-niches you can enter in this lesson. Wealth, happiness, and health are the three main niches .

If you're undecided about which niche to pursue, John offers a practical guide to picking the right one for you.

Is Super Affiliate System A Scam?

Yes, Super Affiliate System is a scam. You will get lessons in earning money in a sense but in an unethical and wrong way.

Spamming your affiliate link everywhere, faking that you're earning money from his training, and stealing content, are some of the techniques that John teaches to his students.

John is an untrustworthy person. Even an article by said that PayPal banned him because he was selling products that Paypal disapproved.

The same article reported that John Crestani sold homeopathic remedies, alternative medicine that the FDA disapproves.

According to the same Forbes story, John Crestani was suspended from university after he hacked the exam system and sold answers to other students.

You cannot judge him from his past, but you can tell that he's deceitful when he keeps lying and teaching others to tell lies too.


Super Affiliate System usually is $997. A payment plan allows you to purchase the course in three monthly installments of $397.

The course is a bit expensive. But it is manageable because you can pay it on a three-month plan.

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Lifetime Access

After you've paid in full for the Super Affiliate System, you'll have lifelong access to the course as well as a free upgrade to future versions.

Subtitles in 12 Languages

The videos in Super Affiliate Systems, according to John Crestani, are subtitled in 12 languages. 

Buy 1, Get 1 Free

If you purchase a Super Affiliate System, you will receive an additional login for a friend.


Shady Success Stories

I've checked the program's success stories carefully, and it seems to me that all of those students are selling John's training.

Students can advertise whatever products they like, so I don't believe super Affiliate System to be a pyramid system.

However, if you think about it, their method is questionable. Let me give you more data.

Roughly 80% of Super Affiliate System's testimonials are either: students are reporting SAS sales, and students declaring sales of products or programs they prefer to keep hidden.

Given this, I can say that the primary goal of John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is to turn students into salespeople for his program.

So it's not a pyramid scam because you can use John's instruction to sell any products/services you want, but students appear to be actively urged to become SAS affiliates and given many materials to help them succeed.

Outdated Testimonials

When John Crestani does offer you success stories that appear to be genuine, double-check the dates. According to what I've observed, many of his finest success stories are from 2016 or earlier, which I consider old enough to be irrelevant.

Most of the testimonials posted on John's channel are from 2016 or earlier. There are no testimonials that are at least from six months ago or even a year ago.

If the program is doing well, then John should have added new testimonials. But there are none, which is a warning sign because there might be no more recent stories.

Questionable Marketing Tactics

John's students appear to have no difficulty pushing problematic products and employing unethical marketing strategies.

For example, check out Ronnie Sandlin's "success" story in this YouTube video:

Ronnie shows you how to trick people with a Facebook page that appears like a legitimate corporation (9:25) and runs Facebook advertising with a phony account in that video, among other things (13:20).

Bold Claims

In one of his most famous YouTube videos, John Crestani advises telling everyone that his training will make you earn a lot of money even if you haven't done it yet. The truth about affiliate marketing, especially when it involved paid advertising is that it's not easy.

If anything, it will make you lose money if you don't know how to do it.

Spamming The Internet

Have you seen annoying comments on Facebook or YouTube unrelated to the content and a link in it?

That is an example of a spam link. In one of his videos, John Crestani advises you to post or comment on your affiliate link everywhere, hoping that someone will click on it and buy something. 

Misleading Promises

Affiliate marketing can be profitable, but it's not that easy as John claims.

John Crestani will tell you that making a lot of money online in a short period, as much as $1000 per day in 30 days, is simple.

But this claim is ridiculous unless you pay thousands of dollars on ads, but you'll still end up with a negative profit margin.

Given this, I find his promises of instant wealth absurd.

Clickbait Technique

John said in one of his promotional webinars that he would teach you to earn your first $460 online.

The webinar is 80 minutes long, and you might listen to him all the way to find out how, but near the end of the video, he will say that he will only tell you if you purchase his training.

Ambiguous Refund Policy

It's unclear what the Super Affiliate System's refund policy is, and some students say they've had difficulty getting a refund.

At the checkout page, you may see a 60-day refund policy. 

Some parts of his copy, though, state that it's a 30-day guarantee.

While on his terms page, it is stated that he doesn't offer refunds of any kind.

His refund policy contradicts, so I advise you to contact his customer support first to ask for clarifications.

Selling Your Data

If you pay $997 for the Super Affiliate System, you'll get the email addresses of everyone else who has purchased his course. John will also share your email address with every other paying student.

The list is available for students to obtain from the resources section.

I doubt John got proper consent to include his student's email addresses as a training package.

Tired of Wasting Time on Low Quality Programs?

I'm so grateful that I was able to find THIS PROGRAM which helped me to finally start making money online!

Who Is It For?

John's Super Affiliate Course is ideal for those new to paid advertising and looking to earn money through Affiliate Marketing.

Training Tools/Support

I've found the Super Affiliate System's customer service to be exceptional. In the knowledge center, you may find solutions to both technical and non-technical issues.

The Super Affiliate System content is updated regularly by John's staff in response to good queries submitted by Super Affiliate System users. Sometimes, John responds to the questions himself.

Final Opinion/Verdict

John Crestani may have made a hype online but his bold claims can question the integrity of his program.

He makes it sound like affliate marketing is simple when in fact, it's not. While the business mode. used is legit, just like other types of businesses, it will require time and effort to make it work.

There are tons of misleading information, such as making thousands of dollars in just 30 days.

If you want to earn at home using affiliate marketing, I suggest that you choose another option instead.

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