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Have you ever looked into a store by checking their reviews on Facebook? Well, you're not the only one doing that. People tend to buy a product if they see that people recommend it.

Social media proves to be a game-changer in many businesses. If you are more visible on social media, you will have a higher success rate in the business.

Social Media Lead Machine Review Summary

Name: Social Media Lead Machine


Founders:  Blake Nubar

Product Type:   eBook And Masterclass

Price:   $7 For The Ebook + $37 For The Done-For-You Templates + $197 For The Masterclass

Quick Summary:  Social Media Lead Machine is a course created by Blake Nubar that shows you how to use social media to produce endless leads. The $7 eBook will lead you to 2 upsells, a Masterclass, and done-for-you templates. 

The course talks about optimizing your profile to attract your potential clients and convert them into paying customers. However, will this high-ticket program really help or is it just overhyped??

Overall Rating: 6/10

Recommended: Yes

That is if you do it right. Social media converts your followers into loyal customers.

There are online marketing courses that can help you. One of these is The Social Media Lead Machine by Blake Nubar. Nubar claims that his approach will help you get free and unlimited leads.

Will his course work for you? Is purchasing the ebook enough to set up your online business? And is the masterclass worth investing in?

Continue reading so that you can make a wise decision.

What Is Social Media Lead Machine About?

The Social Media Lead Machine is a three-part product: a blueprint PDF, a masterclass, and done-for-you templates.

Blake Nubar, digital marketing and sales funnel expert, created the course.

Social Media Lead Machine Blueprint

The first part of the course is what Nubar calls the "Hack Your Facebook Profile" blueprint. 

It is a 79-page PDF that teaches you how to transform your social media profile and sell your products and services online. It also discusses how to build a massive following.

After you pay $7 and create an account, you will download the Social Media Lead Machine Blueprint. The blueprint is a well-written ebook divided into seven chapters. These are the chapters:

  • Your Ideal Lead Magnet
  • Create a Persuasive CTA
  • Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Landing Page
  • Landing Pages That Are Both Simple and Effective
  • Email Sequences That Make Money
  • Engage in Social Media
  • Unlimited Free Leads and Sales

When you read the sales pages on the website, you'll see statements like you can have unlimited free traffic, it's ideal for both beginners and experts, and can be used for any form of business.

Nubar claims that you can have free traffic, implying that he will teach how to have followers through organic marketing. Organic marketing means you will not be using paid advertisements. 

But it's not as easy as he claims. 

For example, by posting on Facebook, only a tiny percentage of users will see your post. Facebook prioritizes your post if you pay. After all, it's business.

Nubar outlined three steps to strategically use your social media profile to generate organic leads & sales. The steps are: optimizing your profile, connecting your funnel, and driving free traffic to it. 

The PDF goes on to show you how after implementing the three steps, you'll have transformed Facebook into a never-ending lead generator.

The blueprint explains in great detail how to convert your Facebook profile into a squeeze page. A squeeze page is an initial step in driving your viewers towards the product or service you want them to purchase.

The eBook exposes you to lead traps, lead magnets, squeeze pages, funnels, email sequences, messenger bots, split testing, and other marketing techniques.

Here is what's interesting. The $7 PDF is a teaser of what Nubar wants you to buy: a $997 masterclass. The PDF exists to entice you to purchase the masterclass.

Blake Nubar uses a common marketing tactic: offer a low-price product and upsell to a high-ticket product. In this case, you're provided just enough information to stimulate your interest in the PDF, but none of the materials to see it all the way through.

So, if you're new to internet marketing, the information in the PDF won't be adequate to get you started. You'dYou'd have no idea where, to begin with, lead magnets, email grabs, and sequences, split testing, and so on.

To apply this system as a rookie, you will undoubtedly want the masterclass. To begin generating these "unlimited" leads, you'd need to purchase his masterclass bundle of tools and "done for you materials. That is just what Blake Nubar wants you to do.

The Social Media Lead Machine Masterclass

The Social Media Lead Machine Masterclass is a $197 training program that expounds on the tools and techniques that the blueprint PDF talked about.

The training covers five stages:

  • Creating your traffic machine by utilizing Nubar'sNubar's social media profile strategy and the templates offered.
  • Making an irresistible lead trap that your visitors won’t be able to refuse
  • Launching your sales funnel by linking a "done for you" funnel to draw new leads and clients.
  • 5 profit-maximizing emails to convert cold leads into loyal customers
  • Obtaining unlimited sales and leads by joining and participating in Facebook groups to draw people to the funnel.

You will also receive three bonuses:

  • Evergreen Messenger Chatbot 
  • Underground Split Test Techniques (10x Your Results)
  • Boost your Funnel with Effective Add-Ons

The entire bundle has a random value of $4,573, and you may have it for $197.

A money-back guarantee is also provided. You can email Blake if you do not like the course, and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Done-For-You Templates

Nubar also offers done-for-you templates for $37. These are viral post templates that can make your social media experience easier.

You will not have a hard time thinking about what kind of content to post as it's already provided.

It’s almost the same as:

Is Social Media Lead Machine A Scam?

No. Social Media Lead Machine contains a lot of information and resources. Blake Nubar is proven to be a successful marketer. 

However, his claim that you can make $25,000 in nine days is misleading. 

The course is marketed for both beginners and experts, and newbies will not be able to do it in just a matter of days. Like any other business, it will take plenty of work to sell your products or services.


The eBook is $7, the viral post templates are $37, and the masterclass is $197, for a total of $241 if you purchase everything. Another thing to note is that Nubar recommends building your funnel with ClickFunnels, which is free for the first month but will cost you $97 per month after that.

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Affordable Alternative

There are other high-ticket courses online that offer the same; however, this one comes with an eBook that is more affordable and contains a lot of information with visual examples.

The Masterclass has some materials that are easy to use and do not cost thousands of dollars.

It also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Credible Founder

Blake Nubar is a successful marketer himself. There are even numerous positive testimonials about him and the course online.


Not For Everyone

Without purchasing the masterclass, inexperienced marketers will be unable to utilize what is described in the PDF, which is essentially a squeeze page for the masterclass.

That being said, it’s not for newbies or anyone who has little to no knowledge about social media marketing.

Bold Claims

Unbelievable promises of thousands of dollars gained in only a few days from a system that takes 90 minutes to set up. If you’ve been doing social media marketing for some time now, you probably know that this is not true.

It takes more than a month (or even more) to master this and despite being legit, providing such claims might make it sound like a scam.

Another thing is that Social Media Lead Machine is focused on Facebook. The sales page said that the course is perfect for social media, including Instagram and YouTube. But after examining, the system is more inclined to Facebook. Again, another claim that’s not true.

Issue On Refund

Social Media Lead Machine has a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like the product, you can send Blake a copy of the receipt with the subject line "Not For Me" and you will receive your refund.

However, few complaints of refund difficulties and other comparable systems are ignored when a newer one is introduced.

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Who Is It For?

Social Media Lead Machine is for entrepreneurs, business owners, course creators, coaches, and consultants. The course is for people who want to learn how to sell their products and services online by utilizing social media.

Training Tools/Support

The Social Media Lead Machine package is an eBook, a video masterclass, and done-for-you templates.

Blake Nubar provides support through a private Facebook group.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The Social Media Lead Machine Blueprint is a good product. For $7, you will get a lot of information. The PDF is quite detailed at 79 pages and is packed with plenty of information a seasoned marketer could use to implement the strategies inside. I highly recommend it for those who want to sell their products and services online.

However, a less experienced marketer would still need to buy the masterclass to get his or her business off the ground.

In a nutshell, Nubar needs to improve several things in his program, but the benefits of the Social Media Lead Machine outweigh the cons.

What’s Next?

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Social Media Lead Machine review, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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