Is the Amazing Selling Machine a Scam? Latest 2018 Review

Name: Amazing Selling Machine
Price: $3,997, or 5 payments of $999
Founders: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback
Overall Ranking: 8/10
Who’s it For: Anyone

For a long time I was very curious on how to sell products on Amazon and invest as little money as possible. I have read a ton of educational materials online and even tried reselling products from China on Amazon but I could not get desired success as I was doing something wrong.  These were my main concerns:

  • How to Pick the Right Product with the Least Competition
  • How to Spend less on inventory
  • What is Ideal Profit Margin
  • Should I build a Brand or just Sell products on Amazon

And Guess what?  It really took some time before I found all the answers. Here is how it all happened:

I have created this website reviewing different programs and promoting my top rated program called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a top product if you want to start online business in any niche with $0 out of pocket.

Last year when I was reviewing various programs in: “Make Money Online Niche” I came across a program called Amazing Selling Machine and wrote my initial Amazing Selling Machine Review.

I was so impressed by how much Free information was given by ASM owners that I could almost start Amazon business by watching their Free videos. Seriously I could easily understand the entire process as it was very well explained and the best part I understood that you don’t need to over complicate anything. Everything is already there for you – you just need to execute it the right way.

On the next launch of Amazing Selling Machine 8 I couldn’t resist and bought the program. I had that confident feeling that it would work 100% and if you asked me why? – Here are the facts that gave me that confidence:

  • Amazon has all the traffic you can’t get with any new business
  • Amazon is growing year by year which means more people buy online
  • There is still a lot of room to get in
  • You buy products on Alibaba and re-sell on Amazon and make profit
  • ASM teaches you how to connect all the dots together with their top training

You will never get this confident feeling if you ever research online programs on how to make money online – you will come across a ton of hype and promises and  always have this feeling whether you should go for it or not. I have been through that many times. Even when I started with Wealthy Affiliate I was a little hesitant until I fully got involved with it.

With Amazing Selling Machine – you will understand an entire process 100% right from the beginning. It’s like you are given a road map and you simply need to follow it.

The Best Way to Experience Amazing Selling Machine is to watch their 4 Free Video Series that will change the way you think about building business on Amazon.  Click on the image below and you will be taken to a page where you can watch these 4 videos. You may need to scroll page down a little to see them:

amazing selling machine discount


What is the Amazing Selling Machine About?

Created by successful entrepreneurs Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, the Amazing Selling Machine is a system that teaches you how to successfully generate income by leveraging Amazon.

In the nutshell the whole concept behind Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is to teach you how to drop ship products on Amazon. They show you how to get the maximum profits by buying products at low prices on Alibaba or any other whole seller and re-sell them at 30-100% margins.

The Best Part is they will teach you how to pick already high selling products on Amazon that already generate hundreds of thousand dollars and then re-brand them as your own. Basically you pick a product and brand it as your own and sell on Amazon. Therefore you will re-brand already working product and start selling it with great success right from the start.

Here is the Main Secret of ASM

The main secret of ASM is called: “ASM Criteria“. This is where I got categories of products that do really well on Amazon. Also categories to completely avoid and even actual products to completely stay away from. For Example you don’t want to get involved with textiles or glass products for your 1st product. Also not to pick any products heavier than 3 lbs etc..

Furthermore I got actual ranges based of Amazon’s Best Seller Rank for each category as to where I will find my perfect product opportunity. Also ideal price ranges and how to sort out competition. Another words which products are already too competitive and which ones have perfect opportunity for us to get in to.

ASM criteria by far the most important aspect of an entire course as this secret formula will open your eyes on how much money people are actually making on Amazon (you will be shocked) and you will clearly see where is the opportunity for you to get in and start selling a lot right from the start.

All the other modules focus on how to make an entire process much smoother and all the perks you want to know from the training rather than making mistakes on your own. And best of all the information you get is up to date since Amazon changes their rules every year. If you ever wanted to buy a course online on Amazon – just know that 6 months down the line many things will be no longer valid as rules on Amazon are constantly changing.

These are the Training Modules inside ASM
  • Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process & Mindset
  • Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List
  • Module 2: Suppliers, Samples & Profit Numbers
  • Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory & Creating Your Brand
  • Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets
  • Module 5: The Perfect Product Page
  • Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch
  • Module 7: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools
  • Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

I have purchased this program and quite amazed with the level of training – which is super easy and detailed. They really want people to succeed and tell others about this amazing opportunity because it helps them to make more money with every successful ASM launch. It is that simple. With their last launch they made more than 11 million dollars.

Most of the training is covered in 8 weeks online video courses which literally go into every aspect of Amazon business. These are the primary steps of what you are going to learn:

  1. Select the right product
  2. Find Supplier
  3. Use FBA to automate business
  4. Launch product on Amazon

Training is very detailed and guided with a ton of support by ASM mentors and private community of successful members.


Support is offered by private community and mentors who can answer any question. The best part is that you will receive support from many experienced members (mentors) of ASM who average $1 million in sales a year. And trust me you want this support when you spent $4K and really trying to get the best out of your investment.

Get on The List to Find Out About the Next Upcoming Amazing Selling Machine 9 Launch When You Watch this Free Video and Leave Your Email Address. Click on the Image Below:

Amazing Selling Machine 9

Is the Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

No, the Amazing Selling Machine is not a scam. There are no up-sells within the program and there is a real training that has videos and .pdf documents that teach you how to build solid Amazing business in shortest time possible. 

There are a ton of success stories. Here is a quick look in to Quora forum where many real ASM members share their story. 

Does ASM Offer the Best Money Back Guarantee?

ASM owners claim to give you a full refund within 30 days in case if you didn’t like the product. When I first heard that I was thinking: “Is 30 days really enough to understand this business when their course is at least 8 weeks”? – Well within those 30 days you can pretty much get familiar with the program and get as far as setting up your Amazon Sellers account, contact suppliers and even order some sample products. However…

The best part is that there is 6 Months Buy Back Guarantee which is offered with this latest launch. ASM owners are so confident that you will be successful that they will buy your business if you did not succeed within first 6 months.  Isn’t that cool? After hearing this I decided to buy this program despite it’s hefty price tag.

Amazing Selling Machine Cost

$3,997 is a lot of money to ask for up front for any money-making system. For those who cannot pay it upfront, the Amazing Selling Machine offers you the chance to make 5 payments of $999, which equals $5,000. 

The best part is that everything is very straight forward and best of all unlike with any other traditional or online business – Amazon already has huge traffic which you can totally take advantage of. The money you spend on this product is an investment and it has a lot to offer. You will return this investment within 6-12 months. Just make sure to follow training very closely and dedicate some time to it.

Total Investment Needed

What you will also realize is that you need initial investment of at least $1000 – $4000 to start. But to be super realistic $1000 is not enough. If you want to get desired product most suppliers in China will work with minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 pieces. For lower quantity the prices are higher and many manufacturers are not even willing to work with you. So here are all the various costs to consider:

  • Product Cost
  • Shipping Cost from China to You
  • Import Tax in to USA (usually 5%)
  • Freight Forwarder’s fees
  • Shipping Cost from You to Amazon FBA
  • Amazon’s labeling fees

When all this put together – to launch this business successfully you will need around $4,000 or more.  So if you add the price of ASM program and initial capital needed you are looking at at least $8,000. It is a lot. The good thing that it’s legitimate business that will work, but it really requires an initial investment.

Pros / Cons


  • You won’t need your own website or blog
  • You have access to community support
  • The training program is thorough and easy to follow step by step
  • A real business model that is proven to work


  • The price might be high for many people to afford

There are several good things about the Amazing Selling Machine system that lend to its high rating. The program is broken down thoughtfully and has easy to follow steps that make learning the system intuitive. Additionally, with all of the fulfillment being done by Amazon, you won’t need to build or host your own website or blog.

You simply buy the products from China and store them in Amazon warehouse. This is a big plus considering some of the other programs out there centered on Amazon Affiliate Marketing where you have to first build up a broad customer base before you can actually start recommending products and seeing results.

The Amazing Selling Machine Not Always Available

Many people who want to sign up for the program or simply get on the email list will receive this message:

If you want to get a glimpse of Amazing Selling Machine. Below is a video from previous launch:

Video Introduction by Mike McClary and Jason Katzenback of Amazing Selling Machine 7


What is My Progress with ASM? (This Section Will Be Updating)

I have gone through almost all the phases of the training. I did find few interesting products that I wanted to launch but it required a lot more capital. I am currently revising my “Product Opportunity List” to find a product that will require maximum $4K out of pocket to start this business. It is exciting but it does require a lot of efforts from my end and finding the right product is the hardest part here. Everything else is just logistics.

Final Opinion / Verdict

Is the Amazing Selling Machine a scam? No.The training that you receive is thorough and the community support is a great feature. if you have a way to invest in to this program – this might be a great idea as you will immediately get hands on in to a real world of Amazon and start making money quite fast and the best part that it all comes with 6 months buyback guarantee – can’t be better than that. 

If you are still hesitant because of the price tag – here is My #1 Recommendation. You can start with $0 investment and you will learn step by step on how to launch online business in any desired niche. It is #1 Recommendation for many reasons. Below is a chart that highlights some of the features for my #1 Recommended program.

If you have any experience with Amazing Selling Machine or ever wondered about it or you want to ask some questions from a real member – feel free to leave me a comment below:



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