Daily Cash Siphon Review – Another Get Rich Quick Scam?

Welcome to My Daily Cash Siphon Review!

I don’t know about you but every time I see anyone claiming to help you earn fast cash already sounds nothing but a scam. 

Daily Cash Siphon Review Summary

Name: Daily Cash Siphon

Website: www.dailycashsiphon.net

Founders: William Fairbrother

Product Type: Online Training Platform For Affiliate Marketers

Price: $37 +Upsells

daily cash siphon scam

Quick Summary: Daily Cash Siphon is an online training platform for bloggers and marketers. It claims to help them find unique products so they can create a huge amount of income. It may be too early to tell now if Daily Cash Siphon is a scam or a legit one but this honest review will let you decide whether you should invest your time and money in it or not.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Unless you were lucky enough to win in a lottery or find out that your great, great grandfather gave you a massive inheritance. Otherwise, it takes time and effort to earn big time! 

But don’t get me wrong, there are still legit ways on how you can earn money quickly (and by quick I don’t mean overnight). The question is: is Daily Cash Siphon one of them?

What Is Daily Cash Siphon About?

Daily Cash Siphon is an affiliate marketing training that, allegedly, helps affiliate marketers and bloggers find unique products to sell. These “controversial and weird” products, as what the site claims, help the marketer earn a huge amount quickly!

According to the owner, who uses a pen name, by the way, their system is a perfect solution to make money over the Internet. But first, how can a program promise to deliver real money when they can’t even use their founder’s real name in the first place. Luckily, it’s not hard to learn who founded this sketchy business model and that we will discuss in a bit. For now, let’s find out how Daily Cash Siphon work.

daily cash siphon founder pen name

Before anything else, William Fairbrother (the pen name used) said that you need to agree on these two things to qualify:

  • The system is legal but controversial
  • It’s only available in some countries

As much as he wanted to sound like it’s difficult to join his program, it’s really not. Qualifying is super easy and almost everyone has the chance to join and buy the system, which, by the way, is what William wanted in the first place. 

Once you took the bait, he’ll talk about writing content and how you can make money with it through affiliate marketing, which, indeed is the best way to earn online. He then tells you that while you can make money by blogging on your own, it won’t be easy. It might even take a year for you to earn less than a dollar but not with his “weird tricks”. Using his system you can drive huge traffic to your website and in return, you’ll be enjoying your dollars in a week.

Exciting? Yes! If only these claims were true.

The thing is, Daily Cash Siphon will train you how to look for unique, controversial, and almost rare products you can sell online. Once someone purchases it, you will earn a commission as a ClickBank Affiliate.  Now, their so-called system will help you create your own blog and thanks to their “secret traffic techniques”, your newly setup blogs will have a massive visitor in no time!

If you’re an affiliate marketer, this is something you want because this means greater opportunities to earn through commissions but sadly, Daily Cash Siphon failed to discuss the training you’ll get, what their strategies are, or even the work you will do to set up your website after paying $37. 

Are you going to paste unique links in your content? Or are you even going to write your own content? How can your blog get a hundred visitors and where will they come from?

These are just some of the questions that entered my mind. I mean, who here wants to purchase a product they don’t know about anyway?

Who Is William Fairbrother?

If you will look for the founder of Daily Cash Siphon online and check the site’s sales video page, you will know that William Fairbrother is the man behind this program. However, if you will click “Contact” on the lower part of the page, you can read a statement that goes like this:

The first question is why use a pen name? I mean, if you want people to trust you and your products, why not tell everyone who you really are, perhaps share your success story.

Second, who is the real person behind everything? The answer is, it’s Chris Parker — the founder of two sketchy systems like Five Minute Profit and Profits With Alex, which are both scams by the way. While it’s not like the usual scammers wherein you pay and they run away with your money, Parker will give you a product; however, this product or system won’t really help you achieve the amount they promised, let alone work!

And since he’s also the founder of this overhyped affiliate marketing training, you should know by now what you should expect from the training.

Is Daily Cash Siphon A Scam?

As I mentioned above, Daily Cash Siphon will not steal your money. You will get a product after purchasing it from their website; however, it won’t really help you earn that massive amount they are claiming, and that alone, perhaps, is a good basis whether you’ve been scammed or not.

There are other red flags that you should be aware of aside from the product and the shady owner. Daily Cash Siphon lures their victims by promoting their system as an easy way to earn cash. You don’t need to spend hours working on your website as most of it is done by them. Even if it’s true, a “done-for-you system is not beneficial especially in the long run. What if their company suddenly shuts down? It means that your investment will go down, too, right?

Also, since it’s founded and marketed by the same person behind Five Minute Profit and Profits WIth Alex, which are both low-quality and ineffective, there’s no doubt that Daily Cash Siphon is nothing but the same.

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For the initial investment, you are required to pay $37 per month. However, if you decided to ditch their membership fee, they will offer a free 7-day trial. If you think you have outsmarted them, think again.

Whether you paid for $37 or opted for their free trial, Daily Cash Siphon comes with a lot of upsells if you decided to continue. Unknown to its users, it is divided into 4 products that you need to purchase one by one in case you want more websites and/or training on how you can increase your site’s visitors.

For the first upsell, you need to pay $197 for a ready-made blog. This blog, as they claim, already comes with the necessary links to make money online.

The second upsell costs $187 and it’s just the same as the first upsell. In short, it’s just another site and nothing else.

The third upsell costs $97 and it includes the training on how to increase traffic. While this training is clearly important if you want to earn through affiliate marketing, the strategies they provide in Daily Cash Siphon are outdated and useless. If I were you, I’ll just look at those over the Internet or perhaps join a free affiliate marketing site and earn online without investment, like the one I am with.

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Honestly, I don’t know if there’s anything I like about this product. It’s a waste of money and time but when compared to the first two products that Parker has created, perhaps this one is an improved version. So, without further ado, here are the pros and cons of Daily Cash Siphon:


  • Good Introduction To WordPress

In fairness to Chris, he has properly introduced the basics about WordPress website and how to create it. Those who are new to WordPress can benefit from brief yet concise training on how you can create a good affiliate website. However, you can simply search these things online or simply join a free affiliate marketing training, like Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to learn how to earn online without investment, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to start, and I can give you more proofs than one on why you should consider this more than anything else. Just click on the link.

  • You Can Refund

First, it’s really hard to reach their customer service because the only way to reach them is through email; however, since it is hosted by Clickbank, they can issue a refund when needed. But, you can only claim your money back for the initial investment or signup fee.


  • Same Old, Same Old

As mentioned, Daily Cash Siphon is created by the same founder of Five Minute Profit and Profits With Alex so expect the same low-quality training and more upsells. 

  • It Is Expensive

All in all, you will spend $518 or more to get useless websites and outdated training. For me, this is very expensive especially since you’re not really getting your money’s worth. 

  • Misleading Website And Information

It seems like everything about Daily Cash Siphon is sketchy. From their sales page up to the pen name used, and even the “secret products and techniques” they are talking about. So if you want to learn how you can make money online, the first thing you should know about is how to find out which products and services are worth taking and skipping.

Who Is It For?

Daily Cash Siphon is ideal for those who are just starting to create content online. WordPress is one of the best blogs you can start with and this program has some good training you can use as a reference. 

Parker’s latest site is also good for those who are just beginning with affiliate marketing however, I can’t really recommend this one because of the poor training they have. If you’re asking yourself what is the best way to earn online, you can rely on affiliate marketing. Just be sure to start with the right brand.

Training Tools/Support

Daily Cash Siphon provides training videos on how to create and set up a blog using WordPress. It also includes content writing, keyword research, and more. But then again, I have to warn you that even if you will receive these things after you purchase their program, there’s really no guarantee that you will make money using this.

If you’re willing to spend cash, be sure to check out reviews first. Go with a brand that has proven track records when it comes to providing quality affiliate marketing training and helping marketers earn cash. Also, be sure to stay away from getting rich quick scheme ‘cause there’s a bigger chance that you’ll end up being scammed.

You see, earning a huge amount takes time, dedication, and patience. You can’t just earn thousands of dollars overnight but it doesn’t matter if the site can’t promise you that. As long as they can really deliver their claims and even if the results take time, that’s what’s important.

When it comes to customer support, the only way you can reach them is through email so expect that it will take time, a lot of it before you get an actual reply.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Daily Cash Siphon is not a complete scam. It does provide a product you can use especially if you’re a beginner. Parker deserves credit for introducing the basics of WordPress as well as a bit about affiliate marketing. However, these “secret strategies” cannot really help you earn your desired income. Also, it is associated with a lot of shady things so it’s best to stay away from this product.

In addition, it made affiliate marketing sound like a scam. First of all, it’s not a secret technique if you want to earn cash over the Internet. A lot of people, especially marketers, know about it. It’s not controversial, as what they claim, but it is definitely legal. 

It is true that you can earn consistent money through affiliate marketing and if you want to start now, I can tell you more about the brand I am working with. It’s been in the industry since 2005 and it has helped over a thousand marketers all over the globe. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start now. You can join for free or pay only $19 a month for premium membership. Nonetheless, it has no upsells involved and you can get your money, and even time and effort’s worth.

Hoping I have enlightened you guys with this review. Please feel free to drop comments or questions in the comment box below.

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