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Welcome to My Instant Cash Solution Review!

Opportunities online can be topsy-turvy if you don’t know the headstart. You may be faced with a lot of choices and you may have encountered an opportunity to earn money just by copying and pasting ads online. Well, that sounds exciting, right? 

And perhaps that opportunity is from Instant Cash Solution. 

Instant Cash Solution Review Summary

Name: Instant Cash Solution


Founders: Rich Meyer

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $100 To $500 For The Membership Fee + Admin Fees

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Quick Summary: Instant Cash Solution is an online income opportunity where you can make money simply by copying and pasting ads online. But if truth be told, it’s just another recruitment scheme covering behind a facade of a pay-to-win system.

It sounds like more of a pyramiding scheme! Well, the idea of affiliate marketing by copying and pasting ads in this opportunity may seem pretty easy but it’s not that simple.

You may be able to make some money this way but you have to go through the process behind to earn money online and that the bread and butter of this is still recruitment!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

The name itself even comes pretty enticingly --Instant Cash. That sounds easy money but mind you, there’s no such business that would go that way.

Well, having spoken of Instant Cash Solution. We will now discuss more of this in this review. 

Being an affiliate marketing platform, would this be a great way to gain income from? Is it legitimate or is it a scam? We will be unveiling more as we go through this review.  

What Is Instant Cash Solution About?

Instant Cash Solution (ICS) is an online money-making “system” founded by Rich Meyer. Instant Cash Solution is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system that claims that they could give you a thousand dollars a month using copy-and-paste ads online. Meyer claims that affiliates can easily earn $100 to $500 commissions each day.

The founder, Rich Meyer developed the program. He has been an online marketer for 15 years. But if you research about him, you can’t find enough details online. 15 years is a long time already that you must have already accomplished a name in the industry. 

There was not enough pertinent marketing background information other than his involvement in ICS, outside of that he had no connections outside. What I found in google is this data above of the supposed founder Rich Meyer. I don’t have proof that he doesn’t exist but we don’t know, it might be made up. Their site even now, upon the making of this review is inaccessible. 

instant cash solution rich meyer

Instant Cash Solution Product Line

There are no retail products. What the market is their system and though the idea is to copy and paste ads to earn money, in reality, Instant Cash Solutions will actually let you market their membership levels because you have to purchase one of them first before doing and marketing the ICS system. 

 4 different membership levels:

  1. Bronze Membership- $100
  2. Silver membership-$200
  3. Gold membership: $300 *On top of the Bronze-Gold memberships, affiliates should pay the $29 admin fee.
  4. Platinum membership:$500 plus a $79 admin fee 

FYI: Each membership level comes with training to help you promote and market the system. And the higher the membership level, the more money that can be made from commissions for recruiting people into the program.

How To Make Money With Instant Cash Solutions? 

First, you have to buy one of the four membership levels discussed above. So it will cost you $100 to $500 depending on the membership level you will purchase plus you’ll also have to pay the admin fees to be qualified for commissions.  

After that, you’ll just have to follow the steps to place ads -by copying and pasting them on social media and classified sites. You will then receive $100 to $500 in payments when you refer people.  

Yes, it’s more about recruitment- letting people join the program. To earn again, you just have to repeat the process. 

Instant Cash Solution Compensation Plan

As I mentioned, the bread and butter of this opportunity is recruitment. You will earn commissions by recruiting people into the program. And the amount of commission will be as well based on the membership level your recruit will purchase.  

That’s why they say that you could earn $100-$500 a day. Well, it will still be based on your recruitment action. 

  • Bronze membership: $100 commissions promoting the Bronze membership.
  • Silver membership: $200 Silver membership commissions
  • Gold membership: $300 Gold membership commissions
  • Platinum membership: $500 Platinum membership commissions

To learn more about Instant Cash Solution, you can watch the video below:

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam?

With all that we’ve gathered, I can say that something is odd with Instant Cash Solution and that Copy and pasting ads are spammy. We can’t totally prove that it’s a scam. However, there are red flags that make it nearing to be one.

Most legitimate affiliate marketing platforms are even free but with ICS it will cost you a chunk of money to also gain bigger commissions. The system requires you to pay more to earn more.

Financial regulation companies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) pay heed to things like this. And also there’s too much recruitment-hype. So, not recommending you this one.

what is instant cash solution about


To start doing and marketing the ICS system and be eligible for commissions, affiliates should purchase one from the following membership levels:

  • Bronze membership: Pay $100 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 commissions promoting the Bronze membership.

  • Silver membership: Pay $200 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze and $200 Silver membership commissions.

  • Gold membership: Pay $300 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze, $200 Silver, and $300 Gold membership commissions.

  • Platinum membership: Pay $500 plus a $79 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze, $200 Silver, $300 Gold, and $500 Platinum membership commissions.

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The idea of earning through copy and pasting Ads is pretty exciting but as I go through what you really have to do in ICS and that it will cost you money, I don’t see anything likable in this opportunity. 


Pay To Win Scheme

In ICS, you have to spend more money to gain more commissions. And the only way to make money is by recruitment. Since there are no retail sales, the membership fees will be the pool of commission money. So it’s not easy money, you have to double time recruiting to get back with your capital money. You have to spend over $100 to start earning commissions.

You can’t get a Refund- Yes you heard it right. You can’t get your money back. When things go wrong and you want to back out, you can’t have your money back. You’ll end up wasting bucks. It would also be hard to find someone to blame because the owner may seem even fake. 

Recruitment-Hype Sounds More Like Pyramiding

ICS operates just like a pyramid scheme. They train people on how to promote their membership to other people, who will also be trained to do the same thing. Yes, it’s all about recruitment. Since recruiting is the only way to make money here. But mind you, It’s not easy to recruit people into this platform since you’ll also have to spend more than $100. 

Invaluable Product

Since there are no real retail products on ICS and what you are really promoting is the system and membership platforms, it isn’t easy to attract people into buying it. Thus, the business will be unsustainable.

 Affiliate marketing platforms are legitimate and are supposed to be free to join. And as an affiliate, you promote real products to people who really want to buy them, based on the value of the product itself. But in contrast with ICS, you’ll have to spend much and promote a system but more than that you are just selling membership platforms, so where is the value in that? 

Spammy Ads

Copy and Pasting Ads is spammy! They may seem like spams that people won't even bother taking a look at. And also, sites may not take kindly to self-promoting ads, so most likely these ads will not stay for too long. Posting such ads all over the internet is just ineffective and in most cases, just a bad idea! 

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Who Is It For?

It is an income opportunity intended for those who are into affiliate marketing and digital marketing. It is also for those who have an internet connection since copy-pasting Ads on social networking websites require such. You have to be online to promote the system online. Since this opportunity is not free, affiliates should be as well financially capable.

Training Tools/Support

Affiliates have to purchase a membership level to be eligible for commissions. Each membership level comes with training that would help them promote and market the system. It also includes different capture pages, banner ads, and text ads. Affiliates will also gain back office access to run everything.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, Instant Cash Solution is an opportunity that claims to enable people to earn income through copying and pasting ads online. But in reality, it’s more of a recruitment-hype business since what you really sell are membership levels. 

And recruitment will be the sole pool of income. Instant Cash Solution is an affiliate marketing platform but honestly speaking, legitimate affiliate programs are free to join. And as an affiliate, you promote real products to people who really want to buy them, based on the value of the product itself. 

But when it comes to ICS, what you sell are membership platforms and where is the value in that? That is how a chain recruiting, cash gifting scheme works. And that’s how pay-to-win also works because, in ICS, you have to spend more money to gain more commissions. We can’t totally prove that ICS is a scam. 

However, there are red flags that make it nearing to be one. Something’s definitely odd about them. The owner may even seem fake and right now, the website is inaccessible. So, if I were you don’t waste your money on an online business that is uncertain of success and unsustainable. Better not buy into what Instant Cash Solution offers!

What’s Next?

How about we start making money without the need to recruit other people? How does that sound? Amazing, right!

It will not only give you a worthwhile experience but as well as grant you booming income. Sign up now and have access to the following:

  • *Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

By the way, thank you for checking this Instant Cash Solution review! If you have comments, questions, testimonials, and suggestions, I’d be happy to accept it. So, please feel free to place it below. 

Have a great day!

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