Is Elevacity A Scam? Happiness Boosting MLM Facing Charges?

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Welcome to my Elevacity Review!

As we all know, the health and wellness niche is one of the jam-packed niches in the business. And several multi-level marketing platforms are operating on such. With a lot to choose from, you’ve been as well skeptical on which online business to take.

Elevacity Review Summary

Name: Elevacity


Founders: Robert Oblon

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49.97 For The Initial Fee + $25 Per Month

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Quick Summary: Elevacity is another multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche. It is a company with a purpose to elevate happiness, health, and wealth.

It provides virtual success training and offers personalized nutritional products incorporated with a rewards program. However, there’s no proof of income and the company has been involved with some legal issues. With these, success with Elevacity may be uncertain. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Now, we will be discussing an MLM in the said niche, one that propagates health and wellness with happiness, the MLM opportunity -- Elevacity. Well, the idea is pretty enticing, right? 

The concept of the business incorporating health and wellness with happiness is pretty much a catch too! But would this be a great opportunity to earn a booming income? 

Read more below to know more about Elevacity.

What Is Elevacity About?

In 2014, Elevacity was founded by Robert Oblon, a health and wellness multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets a variety of products, from weight loss to energy-boosting products. 

As its name depicts, Elevacity might have come from its purpose to “elevate” wealth, happiness, and people’s health. As they say, their mission is simple -- to provide people with the safest, most efficacious products to help everyone elevate their life. 

This MLM is currently based in Texas, USA.

As to their founder, Robert Oblon. He has pretty much experience in the MLM industry as you can see in his extensive MLM history. 

robert oblon founder of elevacity

Before launching Elevacity, Oblon was the president of World Ventures. It was a travel and lifestyle MLM company and he had a 5% ownership stake with the company. However, in 2011 he was sued by World Ventures but it didn’t push through. He was then involved with another company, Travopoly which is also a travel MLM.  

There was information saying that Travopoly and Four Oceans (which is also a travel discount MLM) is being offered together with Elevacity but we still need to verify that because such information couldn’t be found on their website.

Elevacity Product Line

In line with their mission, their products are created to elevate one’s life. Their flagship products are termed D.O.S.E. products that combine coffee, hot chocolate, or ZEST with their nutritional supplement. 

Their functional beverages and supplements are claimed to be non-addictive wellness products with natural ingredients, no additives, or fillers. Aside from this noble propaganda, they also claim that they give a portion of their sales to charities around the world. 

D.O.S.E Duos

  • ELEVATE Smart Coffee and XanthoMax - Contains Nootropics, which help deliver three of the happiness hormones, natural, great-tasting 100% Colombian Coffee.
  • Elevate CHOCLEVATE and Xanthomax - Contains Nootropics, which help deliver three of the happiness hormones, natural, great-tasting hot chocolate.

Apparently, their Smartship prices are discounts if you availed of their Smartship program which is for automatic deliveries.

elevacity products
  • Elevate Nitro and Xanthomax - Contains Nootropics, which help deliver three of the happiness hormones, natural, great-tasting 100% Colombian Coffee and a Powerful Antioxidants to improve blood flow and energy
  • The powerful combination of Elevate ZEST - A refreshing lemon and lime twist on a classic favorite drink, with XanthoMax helps your body promote its own D.O.S.E. of “Happy Hormones”; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

*The XanthoMax product is an antioxidant formula supplement that is designed to neutralize free radicals from your body and to get rid of your metabolic waste.

As mentioned, Elevacity has a variety of products, from weight loss to energy-boosting products. But they also do offer skincare products.

Does it work?

Well, there are quite a handful of positive reviews that somehow outweighed the negative ones. However, below are some product reviews I’ve gathered, so see and be the judge. Well, as to the complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) against them, other than the products, most were about the money-back guarantee for the unsatisfied customers. 

elevacity review

They are not FDA approved but there is no FDA mechanism for “approving” products marketed as dietary supplements. But I guess, it’s still necessary. 

How To Make Money With Elevacity?

Basically, these are the ways you can make money in Elevacity:

  • Retail Sales Commission
  • Recruitment Commissions (by building a team)
  • Bonuses For Promotion And Sales

The Elevacity Compensation Plan is fueled by the volume of products (both personal volume and organizational volume).

Ranks And Qualifications

Being fueled by volume, to move up in ranks, affiliates need to increase their volume. See how to qualify below:

  • Bronze – 50 PV and 1,000 in OV
  • Silver – 50 PV and 5,000 in OV
  • Gold – 75 PV and 10,000 in OV
  • Sapphire – 75 PV and 20,000 in OV
  • Ruby – 100 PV and 40,000 in OV
  • Emerald – 100 PV and 80,000 in OV
  • Diamond – 125 PV and 160,000 in OV
  • Crown – 150 PV and 350,000 in OV
  • Ambassador – 200 PV and 700,000 in OV 
  1. Retailing Commissions - Affiliates will earn 20% of personal retail sales or PRS and 10% on smart ship orders
  2. Customer Acquisition Bonus- Affiliates will get up to a $100 cash bonus every time they enroll 3, 5, and 7 people to buy D.O.S.E., one of their flagship products.
  3. Unilevel Bonus

A unilevel compensation plan is utilized to help you earn with your team. Affiliates' earnings will be based on their rank. As discussed, compensation is fueled by volume, so ranks will be dependent on how much they sell.

See more of their compensation plan in this video:

Is Elevacity A Scam?

No, Elevacity is not a Scam. It’s far from being one as of now. It is a legitimate MLM company with legitimate products and a fairly decent compensation plan that they say would enable affiliates to earn money from depending on sales and recruitment commissions.

However, some issues place them on the bad side and that’s why I’m not recommending Elevacity to you. 

Aside from the fact that they are not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company, their ratings are not that good as well. They have a (C) rating. 

Major concerns also include their records of having a lawsuit, their income disclosure statement doesn’t say anything if members are earning at all and also they are not FDA tested and some products have bad reviews. 


To be an affiliate of Elevacity, it will cost you $49.97 to get started and on top of that, you’ll have to pay for the monthly fee of $25 (it’s not an autoship cost).

But to qualify and maximize compensation plan commissions, affiliates will have to purchase additional products to increase personal Volume and in turn level up their ranks.

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Empowering Mission

There’s not much too like about Elevacity. However, I like how they live out this company with a mission to elevate one’s happiness, health, and wealth. And also, they say that they also give a portion to charities. Well, for me that’s very philanthropic and something commendable.


No Proof Of Income

Though Elevacity has an income disclosure statement, it’s not entirely stating it’s their members who’re earning. Thus, Elevacity doesn't have any proof that its members are making any money. If they could have been transparent with it, they could have placed complete and pertinent details. 

So we can’t be certain if all affiliates are really earning or maybe losing in this MLM opportunity.

Involved In A Lawsuit

Other than the lawsuit, the owner himself has been involved with an issue. In 2011, where Elevacity’s founder was sued by the company WorldVentures where he was the president, his current company was also involved in a lawsuit.  

In Jan 2018, Pruvit, an MLM company that markets keto products filed a lawsuit against Elevacity and its founder, Robert Oblon. Seemingly, Elevacity infringed the terms and agreements between them and Pruvit when they began to market a Keto-coffee creamer that directly contends with the keto products of Pruvit.

 Plus, the plaintiff Pruvit also claimed that Elevacity is cross-recruiting Pruvit sellers and promoters and embezzling Pruvit’s trade secrets and other restricted information.

Due to this chasm, that’s why if you enroll as an Elepreneur (a new MLM company launched in 2017 also by Elevacity’s founder Oblon) or as Elevacity member, you’d be asked if you’re marketing and selling Pruvit Products because if you’re a member of Pruvit, then you are disqualified to be enrolled and become an Elevacity member.

Product Not FDA Tested

Companies in the Health and wellness niche usually have their products tested and proven by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Though there is no FDA mechanism for “approving” products marketed as dietary supplements. But I guess, it’s still necessary. Because safety is still a must!

With no FDA testing, there’s still no scientific proof or evidence that Elevacity products can create positive results or if they work. All their claims are unproven without any scientific or medical basis. So, it would most likely be that all of the claims of Elevacity are based on their own or personal experience. 

Not BBB Accredited

One of the vital labels an MLM company is in dire to have is to be a Better Bureau Business (BBB) Accredited. As mentioned above, Elevacity is not BBB accredited and you can see that their BBB rating is only C. 

You could also see a couple of complaints with regards to Elevacity products and the money-back guarantee on the site. 

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Who Is It For?

It is a business opportunity intended for those who are skillful in sales and are consummate in the MLM industry since compensation is fueled by volume, affiliates should be good in selling the products and as well as in recruitment. It is also for those who are happiness, health, and wellness enthusiasts.

Training Tools/Support

Elevacity provides virtual success training to its affiliates along with a back-office that provides the necessary tools and resources needed for the business. As an affiliate, you'll receive access to your own personalized back office and replicated website.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, we could really attest that Elevacity is not a scam. It is an established MLM company and a company with a commendable mission to elevate one’s life. However, some issues place them on the bad side and that’s why I am not recommending you to this MLM. 

First, is that there is no proof of income. So you can’t be really certain if you’d prosper monetarily in this business. Second, is that they have involvement with lawsuits. It simply shows that they work with some unethical practices. 

For me, having records of such is already a “turn-off”. And lastly, they are not BBB accredited and FDA tested. I believe having such labels are necessary especially in putting up a health and wellness business. Well, if you’re still interested in their products, you could check on amazon with no strings attached to their MLM business. 

They do have retail products for sale to customers and it would not cost you so much to join but if I were you, better not buy into the MLM program. 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Elevacity review! I hope we’ve answered your questions and if you have comments, please drop it down below.

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