Is GoMiner A Scam? Cryptocurrency-Related Scheme With Tons Of Unpaid Members?

is gominer a scam

Welcome to My GoMiner Review!

Nowadays, there are just too many cryptocurrency-related opportunities online. On our website alone, we’ve reviewed more than a dozen similar programs, such as X10 Platform and Dunamis

While these opportunities are overhyped, almost none of them were recommended because often, these companies are either scams or low-quality programs. However, cryptocurrency itself is a real thing so probably, there’s a platform that would provide a real chance to make money online.

GoMiner Review Summary

Name: GoMiner


Founders: Jack Ethan Mayler

Product Type: Ponzi Scheme

Price: Starting From $10 To $10,000 For The Investment

gominer logo

Quick Summary: GoMiner is a Ponzi scheme that promotes cryptocurrency. It promises daily returns but it didn’t take long until the program developed an issue (or an excuse) to NOT pay its members. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we’ll tackle a similar program called GoMiner, a cryptocurrency company that claims to provide the first token-based cloud mining platform.  

But what is token-based about? How does this platform work? Is GoMiner a legit opportunity or is it just like most cryptocurrency programs -- a scam? 

Find out everything you need to know in this honest GoMiner review!

What Is GoMiner About?

GoMiner is a company that claims to help you earn Bitcoin and its own GoToken (GT) daily.

If it’s your first time to hear about Bitcoins or cryptocurrency, it’s like a digital cash or credit card you use to pay or purchase a product or a service.

The idea is that you buy GoToken from them so you can start mining for Bitcoins. They say that you can only pay for what you will use and withdraw easily without any charge. That sounds good because 1.) Bitcoin is legit. It’s widely accepted online and even big companies, such as Microsoft, recognize them and 2.) you don’t have to spend tons of money to mine for this. 

Unfortunately, a GoToken is useless as you cannot purchase or pay for anything online using it. It’s not recognized and even if GoMiner says that 1 GT is equivalent to $0.00136363, it has no value at all.

what is gominer about

Some members might claim that they are really earning from the program but again, just like similar platforms, they do make an income at first. After a few months or even right after their second payout, they won’t get anything at all. 

Their website is down and tons of complaints are visible on their Facebook account so it must be true. 

GoMiner Product Line 

There are no tangible products or even a legit service found on GoMiner. Mining for Bitcoins is supposed to be real but considering all the drawbacks that this program has, you should not expect anything from it anymore.

Is GoMiner A Scam?

Yes, 100%.

As mentioned, you can personally check their Facebook account to conclude. I’ll also discuss each red flag to give you details about GoMiner’s scam. 

Fake Owner

Looking online, you’ll see the name Jack Ethan Mayler as the founder of GoMiner. He has a LinkedIn and a Crunchbase account but it has little to no details about him. I mean, there are some efforts created, such as providing names of schools and companies but given how things work today, he doesn't have any other social media that would let you reach him. 

There’s even no news about him or any legit resources that would suggest that he is a real person.  

Jack Ethan Mayler founder of gominer

The same thing for his team. The company has mentioned a few other names involved, such as Jenny Lewey Lauren, Eric Matt Liamison, and Vincent Lloyd Whitm but again, no other sources are indicating that they are not made-up names, just like what most scammers do. 

Website Is Down

Their site,, is not working anymore and if you check their domain, you won’t find anything useful except that the registrant is from Panama. We won’t even know if that’s real because again, the site’s down and there’s no other way to reach them.

Even their Facebook account is not updated anymore.

Complaints About Not Getting Paid

The last complaint that you will be seeing on the FB account is that there’s no news about their upgrade. Members are still waiting for their response or the entire process, if there’s any, to complete. 

A member shared a screenshot of their site, saying that “Service is temporarily unavailable. We are very sorry for this incident, our team is recovering all lost data.”

gominer website down

Of course, this is nothing but a lame excuse for the owners to trick their members. It’s been almost a year after their last Facebook post and until now, there’s no news from them.

Fake Address

Other than the fake owners, another fake thing about GoMiner is the address. The location of the business that they have provided is Ottawa-St. Laurent Blvd St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa K1G 5L1, Canada.

Quick research suggests that it’s just a digital address, not a real one. And also, according to their domain, the registrant is from Panama so it’s a bit confusing. 

But then again, we’ll never know because it seems like the owners are gone along with their members' hard-earned cash.

Security Fraud

GoMiner is supposed to be providing passive income but sadly, it’s not registered with the right regulatory agencies. There’s no paperwork or whatsoever so obviously, it’s a scam for committing security fraud.

Is GoMiner A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Considering all the statements above, we can say that GoMiner is a scam, a Ponzi scheme to be exact. 

There’s no real mining happening here, no passive income to expect, and the only source of the members’ money comes from the new recruits.  

You see, they are offering a “mining tool” that mines GT but then, this cryptocurrency is useless. This is just a front for people to invest their money into the program and the owner/s of this site use it to pay for early investors. 

It wasn’t long until GoMiner shut down (or probably still operating under a new name) and this is typical for Ponzi schemes since there’s no stable source of income in the first place. 

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GoMiner Compensation Plan

According to their site, you just have to buy GTs and it will help you earn Bitcoins daily. Now that’s it’s closed, I don’t see any point in discussing this but you can watch the video below to have an idea.

How Much To Join GoMiner?

 Unlike other scams, you can invest as small as $10 to get started but then, the bigger you pay, the bigger income you get. 

Again, that’s another way to trick you into investing more. The company’s gone (or so it seems) but just to give you an idea, here’s how much you need to invest to join GoMiner: 

  • Level 1 - $10 to get 7,333 GoToken
  • Level 2 - $25 to get 18,333 GoToken
  • Level 3 - $50 to get 36,666 GoToken
  • Level 4 - $100 to get 73,333 GoToken
  • Level 5 - $250 to get 183,333 GoToken
  • Level 6 - $500 to get 366,668 GoToken
  • Level 7 - $1000 to get 733,336 GoToken
  • Level 8 - $5,000 to get 3,666,683 GoToken
  • Level 9 - $10,000 to get 7,333,367 GoToken 

It looks like a lot of GoTokens for a small amount but remember, this cryptocurrency is not recognized so you can’t use it anyway. 



Obviously, there’s nothing good about this program so I’ll go ahead with the drawbacks.


Ponzi Scheme 

Based on the discussions above and the complaints from the members, GoMiner is a scam. We can’t access the website anymore and the only social media account they have is not updated. The people behind them are fake as well as the address provided. 

They promise to help you earn Bitcoins every day but of course, this is just another empty promise. 

I don’t know if there’s anything we can do about it but to ignore this and similar programs at all costs.  

Again, some members might get paid but just like other pyramid schemes, it won’t be long until they realize that their money is gone.

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Training Tools/Support

Based on the feedback of their members from their website, their customer service is not responsive. It’s not a surprise though because their intention is obvious and that is to steal people’s cash.

Final Opinion/Verdict

It’s been almost a year or more since this kind of opportunity was introduced to the market and most of them have received lawsuits and/or tons of complaints. Most of the news about them is found online and legit review sites, such as Best Lifetime Income are everywhere so it’s sad to hear that many people are still vulnerable. 

Promising a huge income is easy; fulfilling it is another issue.  

However, it’s not too difficult to distinguish a legit program from a scam. 

For instance, GoMiner, which has fake owner/s, fake address, and security fraud, is definitely a Ponzi scheme and no matter how promising the claims are, you should not fall for it.

What's Next?

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