Is Pink Zebra A Scam? Make Money Selling Candles?

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Welcome to My Pink Zebra Review!

Opportunities are literally knocking on everyone’s door now when it comes to making money, it’s quite easier However, there are still a lot of risky programs to venture in so before you sign up for any platform, be sure to do a background check first to avoid being scammed.

Pink Zebra Review Summary

Name: Pink Zebra


Founders: Tom And Kelly Gaines

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $129 To $199 For The Business Kits

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Quick Summary: Pink Zebra is a multi-level marketing company that sells candles, cards, etc. It’s one of the longest operating businesses in direct selling.

It’s legit but it comes with a couple of drawbacks, which I will discuss in this review.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Today, we’re going to help you find out whether an opportunity named Pink Zebra is a legit multi-level marketing (MLM) program or not.

But just to be clear, MLM or networking per se is legit. This business opportunity is not illegal but many scams use it as a disguise. As a result, people confuse network marketing with Ponzi schemes.

That being said, it’s ideal to search for red flags before joining a seemingly good program.

What Is Pink Zebra About?

Founded in 1999 by Tom and Kelly Gaines, Pink Zebra started as a company that produces candles for well-known brands, such as Pier 1, Bath and Body Works, etc. 

After 10 years, it shifted its direction and ventured into direct selling and has become one of the most reputable brands. 

Also, after 20 years in operation and 10 years as an MLM, Pink Zebra is still up and running and has maintained a good name. Unlike most networking companies, there are no lawsuits against them.

Of course, there are complaints but it’s not as alarming as not paying people or being labeled as a Ponzi scheme.

pink zebra owners tom and kelly gaines

Pink Zebra Product Line

Pink Zebra’s main target market are women since their products are very feminine. 

Some of these include candles, sprinkles, scent, cards, etc. 

While the products are quality, it is a challenge because there are non-essentials. It’s difficult to find a person who needs to buy 2 or more candles or sprinkles a year.  

Also, since it’s targeted to women, your potential prospects are limited. 

Unless you have personally purchased their products and really love it, it might be difficult to grow your money on this platform. 

You can choose better alternatives though to compare which one best suits you. Here are some similar programs we’ve reviewed: 

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pink zebra product line

Is Pink Zebra A Scam?

No, Pink Zebra is not a scam. 

It’s been operating for more than 20 years now and has been recognized in a good way. 

It’s not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB); however, this doesn’t mean that it’s a scam. After all, BBB is not affiliated with the government but still, it’s good to know if a company is accredited or at least has a record with it.

Is Pink Zebra A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

No, it’s not a Ponzi scheme. It may require recruitment but that’s normal with MLM programs. It’s how they compensate people but that’s not the only way. 

Unlike pyramid schemes, Pink Zebra has tangible products that are of high-quality; they’ve even distributed to big brands, such as Bath & Body Works. 

They don’t force members to purchase a huge amount of products that they can handle. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), pressuring members to buy tons of products is a red flag, by the way, so it’s good to know that Pink Zebra is not like that. 

Also, when it comes to recruitment, members don’t get paid directly for new invites; rather, they obtain commissions from the sales that their downlines make. 

A pyramid scheme, which is illegal in many states and countries don’t work like this. They only rely on recruits to compensate early investors, making the business unstable. Once the recruitment stops, so does the profits.

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Pink ZebraCompensation Plan

Since it’s an MLM with legit products, there are more ways than one to earn. 

First is by selling the products to earn retail commissions. Once you’re a member, you have access to wholesale discounts and sell the products based on the suggested retail price. This way, you can earn retail sales. 

The retail commission is between 25% up to 35%, depending on your sales volume. 

Second is by inviting people to join the platform but then again, you only earn commissions once your downline makes a sale. 

Another way is the override commissions, which you will get when your downline’s team makes a sale. 

The good thing about legit MLM is that they prioritize selling their products and to encourage people, they provide commissions and incentives, such as travel and/or cars. 

Also, like how MLM usually works, there are ranks or levels that you should hit to increase your commissions. These are as follow: 

  • Consultant
  • Executive Consultant
  • Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • Director
  • Executive Director
  • Presidential Director 

To increase rank, you have to reach certain goals. For instance, from Consultant to Executive Consultant, you have to obtain $400 Personal Volume (PV) every month or sponsor 3 or more active Consultants. 

To learn more about Pink Zebra’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Pink Zebra?

Like typical MLM companies, you will be offered with various business kits or enrollment packs.  

There are two options, namely: 

  • Starter Kit $129
  • Deluxe Kit $199

The higher the kit’s price, the more products, and discounts you get. 

This is cheaper compared to other MLM packages and it’s good to know that there are no other fees required to be paid other than the kits.



Legit MLM Company 

Pink Zebra has been operating for more than 20 years and it’s maintained a good reputation for a long time. There are no lawsuits filed before and at the time of this writing, which is a good sign.

It’s not tagged as a pyramid scheme, too, which is the problem of most MLM companies. 

Quality Products 

Pink Zebra is known for producing quality products, such as candles. It’s good because there’s a chance for it to be marketed properly but then again, these are not essentials so manage your expectations. 


Low Income Potential 

The only complaints I’ve seen online about Pink Zebra is making significant sales. Members are having a hard time making money, selling their products and it’s not a surprise. 

$100 capital is big, especially for newbies and I bet it would take time to get this back. 

Limited Market 

As mentioned, Pink Zebra mainly targets women. The products and even the website are colored in pink so it’s a bit challenging. 

For one, men are out of the picture unless they like candles or other Pink Zebra products or if they will consider it as a gift for a loved one. If that’s the case, then it’s good for you. 

Another thing is that not all women are feminine or are fond of pink. This reduces the number of prospects again. 

Also, like typical MLM, the rates of their products are more expensive and you can easily find cheaper alternatives online. 


It’s not badly required but if you want to increase your rank, earn more commissions, or earn passive income from your downline’s sales, then you have to recruit. 

If you’ve turned down friends because of similar opportunities offered, you may already have an idea of how hard it is. 

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Training Tools/Support

As a member, you have access to training from their website and other tools online. Often, your sponsor will also give you training or a guide on how you can increase your sales and market.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Pink Zebra is a multi-level marketing company that’s legit and somehow, helps save the business model from negative stigma. 

It has little to no complaints and it sells tangible, quality products. The challenge, however, is the income potential. 

The market is limited and often, you can find similar products at a lower price online. Also, according to a study conducted by Jon Taylor, only 1% of MLM participants succeed in this kind of business. 

Perhaps, if you’re fine with selling overpriced products and recruiting people, you have a chance to double your investment. However, if you’re not confident with this idea, I suggest you choose a better alternative. 

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I hope our Pink Zebra review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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