Is Honeygain A Scam? Earn Passive Income Through This App?

honeygain scam review

Welcome to My Honeygain Review!

Not only job opportunities and sources of income keep birthing up online but people really are creative in thinking of ways to start money-making opportunities because there are mobile apps and platforms created, promising passive income just by downloading and installing it. 

Honeygain Review Summary

Name: Honeygain


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Mobile Application

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Honeygain is a mobile application that promises passive income as it rents out your internet data. It lets you earn cash by referring someone to download and install the app. Pretty catchy promises of earnings without you doing much work.

However, there are no founders disclosed, which is quite alarming as this is one of the common qualities that most low-quality programs have. There’s no guarantee that it’s safe and that it will protect our privacy. Who knows what will happen to our credentials, personal data, or internet connection when we join this platform.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Having said that, we will now be discussing a mobile/software application called Honeygain. It promises income without you doing much. As I said, you just have to download and install the app so you can earn.

Amazing, right? 

But is Honeygain legit or just another scam? How much money can you earn from it? Is it worth a shot or just a waste of time?

You might be in a dilemma on what decision to make, whether to download this app or not but don’t worry, you’ll probably figure it out as we go along with this review. 

So be sure to read until the end as we discuss more of Honeygain in this honest review. 

What Is Honeygain About?

Honeygain is a crowdsourced network company that enables other businesses to conduct web intelligence, market research, and content delivery. It has a mobile application called Honeygain app, which can be downloaded in both Android and Windows, and will also be available in iOs soon. 

This app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies. Your shared internet data or your internet traffic will be used by data scientists for SEO monitoring, market research, pricing intelligence, and alike. 

It was in 2018 when the Honeygain team came together to build a sublime product -- a crowdsourced residential proxy network, thus the birth of this application. However, there was no mentioned founder or the team behind Honeygain app. 

Honeygain is said to be the first-ever app that allows users to make money online by sharing their internet connection. Once downloaded and installed, the app runs in the background of the device. 

According to them, HoneyGain’s “data scientists” use the app to leverage your unused internet data and they claim it’s this data that they’ll be paying you for. 

What is that unused data they’re talking about? 

Well, let’s say that your Internet connection is at 10mb/s, which means you could potentially download 10mb’s worth of data per second. However typical internet tasks will use much less than that. So the spare one is what they’ll rent out.  

In short, you’ll be compensated as they share in your unused internet data.

what is honeygain about

How To Make Money With Honeygain App?

As I’ve mentioned above and as they claim, it’s as easy as downloading and installing. You can earn on autopilot without actually having to do anything. 

Basically, just like all other apps, after downloading and installing you should sign up and make your own Honeygain account. The only information that they will gather includes your email address, IP address, how much traffic you make per month, and your choice of pay-out.

As said, this app is only available for Android and Windows.

When you’re using an Android device, you’ll know that your app is working when you’ll see a small green notification in the notification bar, and on Windows, you just hover over the little bee icon in your notification tray.

Basically, there are 2 ways to make money on HoneyGain, one is by installing the app and earning through passive income while the other one is through referral.

  • Passive Income - The first way to earn in Honeygain is by installing the app. Currently, the app can be downloaded in Android and Windows. In case you have both devices, you can download the app on each platform and double your earnings.

    Well, it’s not money flowing but credits. You earn 1 credit/10MB shared and one credit is worth $0.001. So for 10GB shared, you’ll get $1. According to their earnings estimate, you will receive $50 if you keep the app open 24/7, which is about 720 hours for the whole month. 
  • Referrals - The other way to earn is by inviting friends and families to download and install the Honeygain app. You can send an invite with your own personalized link and share it through Facebook, Twitter, Email, or you could paste it on any social media platform.

  • You will then gain 10% of your referral’s daily earnings. So if your referral reaches $50 a month, you’ll be able to get an extra income of $5.

You could also visit their website and get a $5 bonus when signing up.

The minimal withdrawal limit is $20. So you could only get your cash out at that amount. 

Does it work?

In the past, we’ve reviewed more than a dozen platforms that claim to help you make money without doing anything, such as Crowd1 and Stash App. Unfortunately, these are nothing but bold claims.

As for Honeygain, I’ve seen a couple of reviews from their website that is taken from Trustpilot and it shows positive reviews, which appear to outweigh some negative reviews. But to make things more discerning, I will also post some negative feedback below so you can decide.

honeygain positive review
honeygain negative review

Is Honeygain A Scam?

Honeygain appears to be a legit money-making opportunity. However, there is no guarantee if they are stealing data or your credentials. Yes, you could get paid but you can’t be sure of your credentials because even their Privacy Policy is a little too vague. 

Your confidentiality isn’t guaranteed. 

Plus the fact that there aren't any details or whatsoever with regards to who is actually behind the app makes it more questionable so I can’t confidently recommend this to anyone.

To learn more about Honeygain, you can watch the video below:


Joining is basically free. All you need to do is download and install the Honeygain app and sign up to start. But of course, you need to have an Android or Windows device and an Internet connection to get things working.

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Download, Install And Earn 

The idea of just downloading and installing so you could earn is really amazing that it would make anyone curious enough to also join the opportunity. Earning income just by sharing your unused data is also easy. It’s a legit way to earn on autopilot without actually having to do almost anything.


Slow Earning

According to their earnings estimate, you will receive $50 if you keep the app open 24/7. So let’s say you ran it for 24hrs and you were also able to refer 10 friends; then you can earn a good amount but in reality, this is almost impossible.

Because one source says that he ran the app for 4 hours and only earned $0.04, which would equate to a total of $1.20 a month. And, with a cashout that could only be done at $20, it would take you 17 more months before you can receive your payout.

Yes, you could probably get paid but it will surely take a long time. Also, just think about the electric bill you need to settle for keeping your devices open for hours. Not a good way to earn an income.

Device Banes

Honeygain may come with a simple dashboard that is understandable and user-friendly. However, the app can drain battery life as it is recommended to run 24/7. Based on the age of your device the app uses about 5%-8% of battery life per day.

Also, if you’re on a limited data plan, it can eat up data and cost you much. 

No Details About The Founder/s

The fact that there aren't any details or whatsoever with regards to who is actually behind the app is already a red flag. How would people trust the app if they can’t even share the details about the owner or developer of the program? Are they hiding anything?


Not only that their privacy policy is vague, what they’re actually doing with your data is not stipulated. I've also come across an article saying that they saw the HoneyGain team promoting HoneyGain via spam post.

Well, you’ll not only get suspicious when a company resorts to spamming websites to promote their cause but you’ll even be more suspicious when the staff member appears to use fake images. As you could see above, the Kaiden Holmes from the spam site and the LinkedIn account are 2 entirely different people.

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Who Is It For?

It is an income opportunity intended for those who are looking for an extra income but not for anyone who’s looking to earn a decent amount every month.

It’s for those who have an internet connection and have unused data and would want to make money from it. Those who are good at recruiting and persuading people to join the program can benefit from it as well.

Training Tools/Support

The brand provides blogs on its website that talk about tips and other resources to maximize earnings in Honeygain. They also have a support staff you could contact for inquiries and concerns. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, Honeygain may seem to offer a legit income opportunity that can give a fairly decent compensation. However, although we can’t directly tell that it’s not a scam, I won’t recommend this program to anyone.

Yes, the idea of having an app that lets you earn passive income sounds great. Like you could say, WOW, just by downloading and installing this app, I could earn cash?

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You won’t probably do anything but it will surely take time. You could earn but only a few cents a month plus, it’s not good for your devices because you need to run this app at least 24/7. 

And also one thing that is suspicious about them is their vagueness not only when it comes to their privacy policy and your internet data allocation but as well with the aspect of who founded the company, which I believe is really essential in any money-making opportunity. 

People should know who the owner or founder is. I could say it’s a fundamental right. I could even say that safety is not guaranteed in this opportunity. So if I were you, better not download and install this up and try other money-making opportunities instead.

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Thank you for reading my Honeygain review! I hope it has enlightened you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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