Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam?– Forex Trading and CryptoMLM Unveiled!

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Welcome to My IM Master Academy Review!

You’ve probably landed on this page because someone has referred you to a Forex trading or cryptocurrency-related business. 

As we know, these are some of the most complicated ways of earning money online. It may promise you that you can heap a big amount of profit but only if you know how to do it right. 

IM Mastery Academy Review Summary

Name: IM Mastery Academy


Founders: Christopher Terry

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $16.71 To $325 For The Membership Fee

IM Mastery Academy logo

Quick Summary: IM Mastery Academy is a multi-level company in the forex and cryptocurrency niche. That being said, it offers a chance to make money through investments and recruitment.

While it’s a legit company, there are a couple of drawbacks to watching out, such as the low-income potential. Also, since this is not a typical niche, most members have a hard time marketing their products.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

While there is a good opportunity to make money through these niches, it doesn’t guarantee success. Also, it’s not as easy as the other opportunities as you really need to put time, money, and patience here.

Now, the more challenging part, multi-level marketing (MLM). Many companies, such as the one we’re going to talk about, have incorporated this business structure with Forex and/or cryptocurrency and that made it a lot more difficult.

I’m talking about IM Mastery Academy and apparently, this business lets you earn money through investment and recruitment and while it sounds interesting, it’s not as easy as you think. 

In this post, we will talk about how it works, if it’s a scam, how much income to expect, and more. So, without further ado, let’s live into this honest IM Mastery Academy review.

What Is IM Mastery Academy About?

IM Master Academy is a legitimate MLM company that markets various Forex trading tools, such as trading education on the subject of Forex and cryptocurrency. They also offer more information about the subject and trade ideas.

For the benefit of the doubt, Forex or Foreign Exchange is simply the trading or conversion of one currency, as a USD or GBP, to another. A cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is virtual or digital cash.

As an MLM, the brand does not only focus on these matters but also recruitment. Members earn more commissions or bonuses for the sales that their downline makes. 

Before we continue talking about ways to make money with IM Mastery Academy, let’s talk about the basics.

IM Mastery Academy is a rebranding of the company previously called iMarketsLive and as you can see on their I website, the domain is still 

So basically, it’s still the same company with a bit of change and improvement. 

The founder and current CEO, who is also the man behind iMarketsLive is Christopher Terry, who started it in 2013.

He went into Construction Business first before he got involved with online businesses. It’s also there where he discovered forex trading and started doing very well. In 3 years, he left the construction business and went full-time as a Forex trader. 

He became adept at trading that in 2001, he started imparting his knowledge at conferences for private groups who were interested in Forex trading. Thus the birth of iMarketslive in 2013.

The brand was supposed to be an MLM company but since the only way to make cash here is through recruitment, it has a telltale of being a pyramid scheme.

iMarketsLive went under investigation due to their legal issues with the COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION (CFTC). 

To avoid complaints and lawsuits, he rebranded iMarketsLive to IM Mastery Academy while changing some of the brand’s methods as well.

Following a network marketing structure, Terry added products that members can make money from other than the recruitment.

The products are not tangible though, like what most networking companies are offering. IM Mastery Academy promotes digital services, such as trading courses that members can learn and make money from. 

Talking about the changes, Terry also removed the trading bot to avert any future legal issues again.

founder of im mastery academy christopher terry

Network Marketing VS Pyramid Scheme

Many people confuse MLM with pyramid schemes and I get it, I thought that these things were similar, too. However, I found out that these are totally different from each other.

Networking or network marketing is a legit business model. It’s been in the industry for a long time and despite the negative stigma, some people have reached success in this business.

Unlike scams, MLM companies have tangible products or digital services to make money from. Usually, these are health supplements or skincare essentials while for some, it can be online courses or coaching.

They do have recruitment, too and most MLMs focus on it, and perhaps, that’s the reason why many people think it’s a scam. However, if a company pays a member for the sales that downline makes, it’s a legitimate program.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is illegal and often, people involved here get into trouble.

They don’t have products -- physical or digital and the only way to make money here is to buy into their membership and recruit people.

Not only is this unstable, it often leaves members broke so it’s best to avoid it at all cost.

IM Mastery Academy Product Line

As mentioned above, IM Master Academy offers various forex trading tools. It may be the same tools and training that iMarketsLive had offered but as with the rebranding, they have innovated and added a couple more tools.

Basically, the focus on the company's products is all about Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading and how to make booming income in that market.

These are the tools or products offered:

  • Harmonics - It helps identify potential reversals in the market, giving you powerful insight & analysis for opportunities to earn.
  • Delorean ($21.95) - It helps analyze the trading market to help you make better choices. 
  • Steady ($21.95) - It helps analyze the trading market and looks for long-term and swing trade opportunities to go after that you don’t have to touch. This is like the Delorean but it looks at the long-term opportunities rather than the short-term opportunities. 
  • Vibrata ($9.95) - It helps analyze several opportunities that are grouped together to help you make the right trading choices. 
  • Levels ($21.95) - This is the stop-loss detector to help you identify entry and exit points to help you profit in the trading market.
  • Goldcup ($21.95) - This is a tool that you can use to look for the “higher-profit” trades but this route places more risk 
  • Bounceback ($21.95) - This analyzes the trading market to help you make the right entry point. 
  • Pivots ($21.95) - This analyzes the trading market to help identify “key reversal zones” on many time frames. 
  • Liberty ($21.95) - This focuses on finding high pace trade ideas for Binary Options. 

FYI: The tools listed above are “add-on” products which mean they will have an extra cost if you’ll choose to utilize them.

Here are the 7 retail options along with their pricing and inclusions:

  • 3 Month Prime Package Plan – $825 in Bitcoin every 3 months.
  • 6 Month Prime Package Plan –$1600 in Bitcoin every 6 months.
  • 12 Month Prime 12 Package Plan – $3150 in Bitcoin every 12 months.
  • Elite Starter Package Pack – $325 and then $274.95 monthly. 
  • Platinum Starter Package Pack – $199.95 and then $164.95 monthly.
  • HFFX Package Monthly – $189.95 and then $179.95 monthly.
  • Digital Currency Package Monthly – $189.95 and then $179.95 monthly.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Scam?

IM Master Academy is decent enough to be called a scam. In fact, it offers a legitimate MLM opportunity that you could gain money from. Though its former brand, iMarketslive shutdown, IM Mastery Academy on the other hand is a complete turnaround. 

However, there are still a couple of reasons why I won’t recommend this program and for one, despite having a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it has a D- negative rating with tons of complaints.

One member says that “they are not worth 1 star.” Apparently, the member ended the subscription but still, the company charged money to his/her bank account. He ended up filing a dispute with the bank because there’s no one to talk to in the company.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme?

Despite being legit, there are tons of people claiming that it’s a pyramid scheme. Complaints are saying that at first, they market their business as a trading company but once inside, the members will pressure you to recruit.

While I can’t conclude that it’s a pyramid scheme, this is a red flag, and to be safe, it’s best to skip this. It seems like the brand, although with products, puts a heavy emphasis on recruitment and according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it’s a telltale of a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand, it doesn’t appear like a Ponzi scheme since IM Mastery Academy doesn’t claim to offer a huge return of investment.

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IM Master Academy Compensation Plan

To be able to make money with IM Master Academy, you'll have to register as an affiliate member. 

Basically at IM Master Academy, you’ll make money through:

  • Residual commissions
  • Recruitment commissions
  • Bonuses correlated with promotion and sales


Residual Commissions - These commissions are based on the rank and how many people they’ll get to join under the team. 

Here are the ranks in IM Mastery Academy’s Affiliate program and the qualifications for each:

  • The Platinum 150 Rank – Generate at least 435 GV (group volume) monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 3 subscribers.
  • The Platinum 600 Rank – Generate at least 1740 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 12 subscribers.
  • The Platinum 1000 Rank – Generate at least 4350 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 30 subscribers.
  • The Platinum 2000 Rank – Generate at least 10,875 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 75 subscribers.
  • The Platinum 5000 Rank – Generate at least 32,625 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 225 subscribers.
  • The Chairman 10 Rank – Generate at least 72,500 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 500 subscribers.
  • The Chairman 25 Rank – Generate at least 181,250 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 1250 subscribers.
  • The Chairman 50 Rank – Generate at least 362,500 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 2500 subscribers.
  • The Chairman 100 Rank – Generate at least 725,000 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 5000 subscribers.
  • Chairman 250 Rank – Generate at least 2,175,000 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 15,000 subscribers.
  • The Chairman 500 Rank – Generate 3,350,000 GV monthly and maintain a downline team of at least 30,000 subscribers. 

Qualifying subscribers need to buy the company’s Package and can be neither a retail customer, an affiliate member, or any percentage combination of both. And they only can have 40% of the qualifying volume from any one of their unilevel downlines. 

Fast Start Referral Commission - The bread and butter of IM Master Academy’s compensation plan, the brand offers you the ability to earn from affiliate sales and retail sales. 

The company also offers 2 more levels of fast start commissions that you can gain money from and which are tracked and paid out to you using the unilevel compensation plan. 

Bonuses - You’ll get bonuses every time you get promoted. Basically, the more people you get to join or recruit and the more sales you make, the higher your rank and so are the bonuses you’ll gain.  

See more about their compensation plan in the video below:

How Much To Join IM Mastery Academy?

To join IM Mastery Academy, you have to avail any of their membership packages, which are as follow: 

  • Platinum Starter Pack – $225 
  • High-Frequency Pack – $179.95
  • Digital Currency – $179.95
  • Elite Starter Pack – $325  

Each pack comes with different inclusions and of course, the more expensive the package is, the more inclusions it has. 

For instance, the Platinum Starter Level only has the Mastery Academy, GoLive, Harmonics, and Swipecoin Scalper while the Elite Starter Pack has all these plus Vibrata, Goldcup, Liberty, and more. 

IM Mastery Academy also offers “Prime Packs” to help members save money, and these are as follow:

  • Elite 3 Month PAck costs $825 (save $50)
  • Elite 6 Month Pack costs $1,600 (save $100)
  • Elite 12 Month Pack costs $3,1250 (save $200)



Decent Compensation Plan

IM Master Academy’s compensation plan is decent enough to earn a profit. Making a thousand dollars yearly may not be that bad right? In fact, it is better compared to most MLM companies. And you’re not only able to earn from selling the program but you could as well make income through trading. 

Fairly Good Products

IM Master Academy’s products are an improvement to what iMarketsLive had before. It appears that the tools are comprehensive enough to get affiliates a competitive start in trading. Their products are as well affordable and the membership packages are as well not that expensive. 


Forex Is Complicated

As we know, Forex trading is one of the most complicated ways of earning money online. It isn’t meant for anyone, even if you did go through training courses. It may promise that it can give lucrative profit if you know how to do it right. However, it may not always guarantee success. Forex Trading alone is complicated plus this company also includes cryptocurrency. 

Limited Market

As I said, Forex is not meant for anyone. So it’ll be a challenge marketing this kind of niche because you’ll have to go for people who are into Forex Trading. 

Low-Income Potential

IM Mastery Academy’s income disclosure statement shows surprisingly low income. Though you’ll earn a thousand dollars yearly which is good enough compared to other MLMs, it’s still not that big.  

And the income disclosure statement in 2018 shows that most affiliates in the lower ranks earned an average of $1,367 annually. 

MLM Pressure

This is not to scorn at MLMs, but being an MLM itself is already a challenge because though you’ll be able to earn from retail sales, you’ll still be compelled to recruit and also encourage your downlines to do good in sales and recruitment to level up your rank and gain bigger money. 

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Who Is It For?

It's a business intended for those who are MLM-skilled individuals. It also for those who are into forex trading and cryptocurrencies. 

Training Tools/Support

As an affiliate member in IM Master Academy, you are provided with marketing materials and tools like replicated websites that you can use to sign up customers and affiliate members. You’ll be as well given access to webinars and other essential resources you’ll need for the business. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

IM Mastery Academy is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that offers a fairly decent income and good products. However, being an MLM itself, you will still opt to recruit. Though you’ll gain from sales, you have to level up your rank to gain lucrative income. 

So in those in the lower tier, you’d probably gain the lowest. That’s why their income disclosure statement showed low-income potential. 

Indeed, forex trading and cryptocurrency are complicated. 

That’s why it’s a limited market and really a challenging one. Chances of success are really uncertain. 

Other than this, the complaints about it being a pyramid scheme are overwhelming. Not only is there a chance for you to lose your investment, but you might also get your name tainted because of being involved in a scam.

If I were you, I’d rather NOT give this program any chance.

What’s Next?

It’s not that I'm disdaining MLM programs but I’m recommending you an alternative - a job that offers you a lucrative income and guarantees you success without too much-risking name and money.

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  • One-on-one coaching
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  • Webinars and training resources
  • And many more!

Thank you for checking out this review! 

I hope this has helped you decide. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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