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planet impact review

Welcome to My Planet Impact Review!

When it comes to business opportunities online, one of the most popular choices is multi-level marketing. While it has a negative stigma to most people, it was able to make a noise that’s more than enough to make some people interested in it.

Planet Impact Review Summary

Name: Planet Impact


Founders: Aron, Stephan and Christian Steinkeller

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Around $65 (€60) A Month

planet impact logo

Quick Summary: Planet Impact is a networking company that markets an app called Planet Impact Academy. The said app offers digital resources that would help encourage environmental awareness and develop self-improvement.

It claims to be the “Netflix of environmental protection,” which is typical to most MLMs when it comes to giving bold claims. So, what makes it different from the others? Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

And today, we will discuss a “one-of-a-kind MLM company that promotes environmental protection as well as self-improvement, as the name itself depicts - Planet Impact. 

You’re probably wondering if you should buy into what Planet Impact offers because someone might have referred you or you have probably heard it somewhere. 

Well, you’re in the right place!

In this post, we’ll know whether Planet Impact is legit or not, its pros and cons, how it works, and more.

What Is Planet Impact About?

Planet Impact is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets an app called “Planet Impact Academy. Under the educational niche, it is available in Android, iOS or Windows devices.

At first glance, you may think that it’s a benefits program or a non-profit organization for the planet but upon digging, it’s actually a typical MLM opportunity. 

The app gives you access to digital delivered online courses and webinars on the topics of business mindset, marketing, environmental education and other related things that are on the topics of making your life better in a business sense. 

Their mission statement even says “Be the greatest contributor to the future of both Planet & People”.

Aron, Christian, and Stephan Steinkeller  founder of planet impact

The company was founded by the Steinkeller brothers - Aron, Christian, and Stephan along with Oscar Dalvit and Adrian Szumski who serve as the full-time CEO. But the pinnacle of their management team is on the Steinkeller brothers. 

Aron, Christian, and Stephan first made their names when they started with Organo Gold, another MLM that markets coffee and personal care products. But unfortunately, their reputation started to rebuff when they left that company and went on to another MLM- Conligus where they ended up being involved in a penny auction pyramid scheme. 

And their reputation further degraded when they also joined One Coin which was involved in a Ponzi Scheme

Planet Impact Product Line

planet impact product line

Their main product is an App called Planet Impact Academy which was developed by the Earth Alliance Foundation. The App can be installed on an Android, iOS and Windows device. 

The app will give you access to digital online courses, topics, and webinars on topics about business, marketing, and environmental awareness,self-empowerment and many more. 

FYI: App contents are updated monthly, from videos to audio files to text resources.

Know more about Plane Impact Academy in this video:

Being an MLM itself, Planet Impact’s compensation plan goes like most MLM platforms. Basically you’ll earn through retail sales and recruitment commissions. 

Residual Commissions 

Residual commissions are based on the subscriptions you sell and that are purchased by your recruits or downline. The commissions are tracked via a unilevel compensation plan structure. As stated, 40% of the subscription fees are placed as a pool for commissions earned from residual commissions. 

Planet Impact Club

The Planet Impact Club works like this: the company puts 2/3 of all “unqualified” affiliate subscriptions into a pool and is then divided and paid out to all “qualified” affiliate members based on their accumulated “seed points”.

Here are the following ranks in Planet Impact:

  • Affiliate Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 and level 2 downline.
  • Ranger Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 to level 4 downline.
  • Protector Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 to level 6 downline.
  • Guardian Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 to level 8 downline.
  • Champion Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 to level 10 downline.
  • Hero Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 to level 12 downline.
  • Legend Rank – Being eligible for this bonus means you can earn from your level 1 to level 14 downline.

Is Planet Impact A Scam?

As to what we’ve dug, we can see that Planet Impact is a legitimate MLM company that offers a fairly decent MLM compensation plan and product. However, we are still not recommending you to this opportunity for a couple of reasons. 

Given the history, such as the founders’ bad records in the past. How sure are you that they will not as well do it with Planet Impact? This program might as well end up getting sued or worse, shut down for good if such schemes are repeated. 

They may also entice environmental enthusiasts that it’s for environmental protection but the truth is that it is not a non-profit organization but is actually a business. Well, that’s somehow deceptive I could say.


To be eligible for commissions in Planet Impact here’s what needed to join in the MLM program:

  • Sell €120 worth of retail products monthly
  • or maintain €60 personal subscription monthly 

And you’ll have to remember that the company takes 40% of the subscription fees to pay out commissions that you earn from their compensation plan.

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Honestly, there’s not much too like what this MLM company offers but I could say that including environmental awareness as content in their product is quite a catch because it’s one of a kind. And also, including interest in nature’s protection is a pretty upright act right?


Expensive Subscription

They do have a pretty promising product that has substantial content. Claiming as the Netflix of Environmental Protection, they do cost a pretty expensive subscription compared to Netflix that will only cost you 12 Euros the most per month. Subscribing to Planet Impact Academy will cost you 60 Euros monthly. On a note, I think you could as well find the same materials online for free, so why pay 60 Euros?

It’s Not More Of The Advocacy But Of The MLM

As I mentioned above, at first glance, you might think that Planet Impact is somehow of advocacy or a benefit program for the environment but upon further research, it’s actually more of a typical MLM opportunity. The advocacy doesn’t match with the MLM. So it’ll be probably hard to market. 

Yes, environmental enthusiasts may buy into the thought that they’re helping a non-profit organization for the environment, but I would say they’d probably not go with Planet Impact because it’s a profit-generating program where affiliates are the ones earning and the benefit is not entirely for the environment. 

Founders’ Bad Reputation

One of the major reasons I’m not recommending this program is because of the owners’ bad reputation in previous businesses. I could say that such records of the owners or the management team will always affect anyone’s decision into joining a business right? It’s not that I have trust issues but I could say that trust is essential not only in relationships but most especially in businesses. 

Having said that, as mentioned above, we could see that Planet Impact’s owners, the Steinkeller Brothers, have lost their credibility when they got involved in a pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme in their previous MLM companies. With such records, how sure are you that they’re not gonna repeat it now?

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Who Is It For?

It's a business opportunity intended for those who are into MLM which should be both goods in sales and recruitment.

It is also for those who are environmental enthusiasts and would also want to improve themselves because they do offer content for self-empowerment in business and many more aspects. 

Training Tools/Support

Being a member of Planet Impact, you’ll have to subscribe to their app, which means you’ll not only have access to tools and resources for your Planet Impact business.

You also have access to online courses, topics and webinars about business, marketing and environmental which could as well benefit you even outside Planet Impact. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

As we come to an end to this review, I could conclude that Planet Impact is a legitimate MLM company and it is not a scam. Though it may appear one of a kind because of the environmental involvement, yet, upon further digging, it’s still a typical MLM where you’ll earn commissions through sales and your downlines. 

Basically the product is an App that costs 60 Euros monthly. And yes, it’s not a non-profit organization for the environment. The enthusiast may buy into the idea because even the website might entail it’s for the planet but the truth of the matter is that it is a business. 

And one of the major reasons why we don’t recommend you to this program is because of the founders’ bad reputation. They have been involved with businesses that had been run with a pyramid and Ponzi scheme which are all fraudulent. 

And also their subscription is expensive. It will be a challenging market as well. So If were you, better skip this one and save your aces for a better platform.

What’s Next?

At this juncture, you probably have all of the information that you need to decide whether you should join or not but let us give you an alternative. It’s not that we’re against; in fact, there are good networking companies we can recommend.

However, let us present our top recommended program that will ensure you a safe business opportunity and guarantees you a booming income. 

Sign up now and enjoy the following perks:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Anyways, thank you for considering this review. I hope you as well consider the business opportunity I have referred to you. Have a great day!

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