Is Relìv International A Scam? Legit Health And Wellness Product With A Shocking Lawsuit!

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Welcome to My Relìv International Review!

In this post, we’ll talk about a network marketing brand called Relìv International -- a brand that promotes hemp-based products. 

Relìv International Review Summary

Name: Relìv International


Founders: Robert and Sandy Montgomery

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $20 For The Enrollment Kit + $40 For The Annual Renewal Fee + $15 For The Business Website + At Least $150 Worth Of Products Every Month

Reliv International logo

Quick Summary: Relìv International is a multi-level marketing company that’s been in the health and wellness industry for more than 30 years. It’s legit; however, there are a few drawbacks, such as the low-income potential and a lawsuit against their essentials.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

With a lot of similar products in the market and a complicated business scheme, will this company help you generate a good income? What are its pros and cons? More importantly, is Relìv International a scam or a legit program?

Find everything you need to know in this unbiased Relìv International review!


We’re not affiliated with this review so rest assured that we’re not here to pitch about the products. As one of the most trusted review programs, our goal is to help you decide whether you should join this program or not by providing our neutral opinion about the brand.

What Is Relìv International About?

Relìv International is a typical multi-level marketing (MLM) company that promotes health and wellness products and an opportunity to make money online. It was founded by Robert and Sandy Montgomery in 1988 and has been one of the longest operating networking companies in the United States.

As of now, it’s been distributed in many countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Austria, France, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

When it comes to the products and business structure, it’s almost the same as Nature’s Sunshine, Zinzino, and EvolvHealth.

Relìv International Product Line

On their website, the first products you’ll see are their hemp-based essentials, such as the RLV Hemp + Melatonin, RLV Hemp Full Spectrum, and RLV Hemp Balm. 

reliv international core nutrition products

Now if you browse their website, you’ll see more products divided into five categories: 

Core Nutrition - These are the brand’s nutritional shakes that claim to have all the essential nutrients and herbs that your body needs. It comes in two flavors -- chocolate and vanilla -- in four variants, such as Classic, For Kids, With Soy, and With Whey.

Targeted Solutions - These are various essentials, such as supplements and meal replacement drinks, that claim to complement their Core Nutrition shakes. As the name suggests, it provides specific solutions for weight loss, heart health, performance, energy, and more.

RLV Hemp Extracts - These are their hemp-infused products and it comes in various forms, such as liquid and balm. It has different functions, such as supporting a healthy heart, relieving muscle pain, and improving sleep quality.

Science - This category doesn’t have any product rather it provides the necessary support for their essentials, such as their products being backed up by science.

Fit3 Program - This program offers products, videos, and guides to help their customers and distributors “make better choices one step at a time.”

We’ve not tried any of the products personally but it’s good to know that they offer varieties in their essentials; however, unlike other MLM brands, it’s not overwhelming because they only promote a good number of it. 

As for the product reviews, it has a fair share of negative and positive feedback. Some people claim that it worked as promised while others find their essentials inefficient. There’s also one comment about the brand being a pyramid scheme.

reliv international cbd products

We just want to clarify this one as many people are confused between an MLM and a pyramid scheme.

Multi-level marketing, which comes in different names, such as networking, network marketing, MLM, or referral selling, is a legit business model. It has two options offered to make money, such as by selling products and recruiting people to join the platform.

However, being a legit business, it won’t compensate its members by simply recruiting rather, they have to encourage their downline to make a sale so they can earn commissions and bonuses.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is not a sustainable business since the only way to make money is by paying a fee first and expecting another person to do the same. Therefore if you fail to invite people, you will not receive compensation. 

How To Make Money With Relìv International?

Just like other networking companies, there are two main ways to make money with Relìv International -- selling and recruiting.

As a member, you have access to their wholesale price so you can sell their meal replacement shakes and other essentials based on the suggested retail price (SRP). This lets you earn around 20% to 40% for every sale.

The other option, which often gives the bigger commission, is by recruiting people. As mentioned, you will not be directly compensated for inviting people. As an upline, you have to train and encourage your downline to make a sale so you and your team can earn commissions and bonuses. 

Below is a video you can watch to learn more about Relìv International’s compensation plan: 

Is Relìv International A Scam?

Relìv International has been in the industry since 1988 -- 32 years to be exact! It has expanded its business in more than five countries and until now, it’s known for delivering quality products, therefore, it’s legit.

If you rely on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you’ll be glad to know that it’s accredited since 2012 with an A+ rating.

However, like usual MLM companies, it’s been involved in a few scandals, such as the lawsuit against them. Apparently, their products contain lead, which is detrimental to human health. This case has been issued in 2013 but after a few years, there’s no progress about it.

Other than that, there’s the usual complaint about the expensive products and the opportunity itself. Apparently, some MLM distributors are aggressive when it comes to their recruitment. We won’t be surprised though since this normally happens in network marketing.


To become a member, you have to pay $20 for the Enrollment Kit; $40 for the Renewal Fee every year; $15 for the business website you can use to promote your products and make a sale.

You also need to maintain at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) every month to keep your account active and to be qualified for the commissions, which costs around $150.

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Legit MLM Program

There are a lot of MLM brands nowadays but most of them are either a scam or a low-quality program that shuts down in just a few years… or even months. With Relìv International, it’s good to know that it’s legit and it has been operating for a long time now.


Expensive Products

One of the top complaints against MLM is the price of their products, and Relìv International’s is not exempted. Their essentials are more expensive compared to the other brands and as a distributor, it would be challenging to market the brand knowing that there are cheaper alternatives online.

Low Income Potential

In their 2019’s Income Disclosure Statement, it says that it has made an average payment of $125 to its distributors. Whether you’re single or have a family, this is too small to survive. Therefore if you wish to join this brand, you should only consider it as an extra source of income and not the main one.

Lawsuit Against The Brand

While there’s no progress about the lawsuit filed against Relìv International claiming that their products contain lead, it’s not easy to just ignore it. After all, lead is a harmful component that may cause cancer.

We’re not sure about you but we won’t be at peace knowing that we are consuming an essential with a dangerous ingredient.

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Who Is It For?

Relìv International is ideal for those who have personally tried the brand or passionate about health and wellness. It’s also good for those who have experience with networking since it’s not easy to sell overpriced products and recruiting people to the program.

Training Tools/Support

On their website alone, there are training resources available that will help its members learn more about their products, the Relìv Mobile App, growing the business, overcoming rejections, etc.

Also, like typical MLM companies, some up lines offer training to their downline, too to help achieve more sales.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, it’s still a good opportunity that you can consider if you’re a skilled MLM distributor if you believe in their products, and if you’re willing to spend a huge amount of cash.

Relìv International’s one of the longest operating MLM companies and despite the controversy, it’s good to know that they have survived for a long time. They must be doing something good.

However, considering the Income Disclosure Statement, you should not expect a lot since there’s a chance that you will not be able to make a sale easily. Whether you’re planning to join or not, it’s always best to have a side hustle to achieve financial freedom!

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