Is Modicare A Scam? An Indian MLM Company – Best Or Bad Opportunity?

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Welcome to My Modicare Review! 

In this post, we will talk about a health and wellness company that’s been around for almost 3 decades. 

Modicare Review Summary

Name: Modicare


Founders: Samir Modi

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Modicare is the first Indian-owned multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets a variety of products, mainly for health and wellness but they also have for skincare, personal care, cosmetics, home care, agriculture, watches, accessories, tech, and others.

It’s free to join but being an MLM, you’ll have to buy products to sell to start with your earning opportunity. You’ll also have to recruit and build your team to gain bigger commissions and bonuses. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: Yes/No

Modicare, the first Indian multi-level marketing company, promotes a variety of products that members can make money from. As a networking brand, it also lets you earn through recruitment and bonuses but will this help achieve financial freedom? 

Moreover, is it worth your time considering that the health and wellness niche is already saturated by different brands? 

Find out everything you need to know in this unbiased Modicare review!

What Is Modicare About?

Modicare is the first Indian networking company. It is owned by Modi Enterprises, which is a 2.8 billion dollar conglomerate in India. The company is headquartered in New Delhi.  

In 1996, Modicare was founded and is still currently headed by Samir Modi, the grandson of Gujarmal Modi who is the founder of Modi Enterprises. 

Samir Modi started with his business career in 1992, working through Modi Enterprises’ tobacco interests. He participated in launching various initiatives for the Modi Group, including Modicare, Colorbar Cosmetics, and Twenty Four Seven convenience stores. 

modicare samir modi

After various stints in the Modi Group’s businesses, he launched the network-marketing arm of Modicare in 1996. The venture began with 12 products and 300 distributors.  

In 2003, he took over the cosmetics business in Modicare, launching Colorbar Cosmetics for the domestic Indian market in 2004. He is also an executive director of Godfrey Phillips India and a director of Indofil Industries Ltd.  

Modicare offers a wide range of products and it also offers a business opportunity by selling its products and by recruiting people. Today the company claims to have 40 centers across the country that supplies products to over 2,700 cities.  

Modicare Product Line 

Modicare markets a range of products transversing personal care, skincare, cosmetics, health and wellness, home care, agriculture, watches, accessories, tech, and many more. But generally, ModiCare’s products are designed more for in-house use.

modicare product line

The company has indeed many products and these are the categories:

  • Health and Wellness - Well, EnviroGlobe
  • Skin Care - Fruit of the Earth, Schloka
  • Colors - Urban Color, Prowhite
  • Personal Care - Essensual, Salon, Freedom, Fresh Moments, Softwash, Velocity, Baby Spa
  • Home Care - Duz All, Washmate, Beyond Blue, One Der Drop, Sparkle, Steri Clean, AutoWash
  • Foods and Beverages - Fruit of the Earth, Soul Flavors, Soul Pops
  • Jewelry/Amoli - Diva, Maharani, Turkish
  • Agriculture - Active 80, ACTIVMAX, ACTIVZYME 

Product-wise, I’ve seen a couple of satisfied Modicare consumer reviews saying it’s of good quality but of course, there are also complaints that it’s not safe, containing harmful chemicals. 

Here are some feedback showing fair results:

modicare product review

Perhaps, the quality of their products have saved them from going down because when you check their MLM opportunity, you will see tons of negative feedback:

modicare mlm review

Is Modicare A Scam?

Modicare has been in the business since the 90s. 

With more than 2 decades of operation, it’s basically a long-standing established company, so it’s definitely not a scam. It comes with a legit business opportunity, real products, and a compensation plan.  

Above all, it operates legally in India as an MLM company. However, with many of its members complaining about its compensation plan, I don’t think it’s worth your time.

Is Modicare A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Modicare comes with retailable products and it’s not a scam. 

Though there are some issues with its compensation plan, it’s not a Ponzi scheme in disguise. It comes with a legit opportunity and real products where you can earn money from. However, you will still be encouraged to invite people so you can build your team and earn bonuses from it. 

Nonetheless, it’s not a pyramid since recruitment is not the only source of income and also, you are not directly compensated for recruiting a person to join your team rather, you will only earn from the sales they make. 

Also, pyramid schemes usually have unreasonably expensive membership fees but for Modicare, membership is free and you’ll only have to buy the products to start earning. Meanwhile, other MLMs will require you to shoulder other fees, such as maintenance fees, annual fees, etc.

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Modicare Compensation Plan

Modicare pays out depending on sales volume generated by retail customer purchases, affiliate purchases, and their downline’s purchases. Commission payments are points-based bonuses paid via a unilevel team level generation.

  • Retail Commissions - ModiCare pays up to 20% commissions on retail customer product orders. These are paid out as the difference between the wholesale cost and retail price of products ordered.

Being an MLM, ModiCare has 14 Affiliate Ranks, namely:

  1. Consultant 
  2. Senior Consultant 
  3. Associate Supervisor 
  4. Deputy Supervisor 
  5. Supervisor 
  6. Director 
  7. Senior Director 
  8. Executive Director 
  9. Senior Executive Director 
  10. Platinum Director 
  11. Presidential Director 
  12. Crown Diamond Director 
  13. Royal Black Diamond Director 
  14. Global Black Diamond Director  
  • Accumulated Performance Bonus - Pays on sales volume generated by a ModiCare affiliate and their personally recruited affiliates (PGBV). The Accumulated Performance Bonus is first calculated by tallying up PV generated by an affiliate and their personally recruited affiliates.
  • Director Bonus - Taken from 14% of the company-wide sales volume monthly. This is paid via a unilevel compensation structure. Once the Director Bonus pool point balance has been tallied up for all qualified affiliates, ModiCare splits the 14% set aside sales volume and pays it out. It differs from month to month.
  • Leadership Productivity Bonus - Taken from 15% of the company-wide sales volume monthly.
  • Outbound Travel Fund - Taken from 3% of the company-wide sales volume monthly. It is used to contribute towards company-organized travel incentives and only the Senior Director and higher ranked affiliates are qualified for a share.
  • Dream Vehicle Fund - Taken from 5% of the company-wide sales volume monthly and it’s put towards the purchase of a vehicle pre-approved by ModiCare such as new cars with a value of at least Rs. 50,000. Only Senior Executive Director and higher ranked affiliates are qualified. 
  • Dream Home Fund - Taken from the 3% of the company-wide sales volume monthly and it’s put towards the purchase of a home. Only Presidential Directors and higher ranked affiliates qualify for this.

To learn more about Modicare, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Modicare?

Joining as a Modicare consultant is free. 

Yes, there’s no membership fee, annual fees, or website fees to pay for. There are no upfront investments. However, if you want to earn and to qualify for residual commissions, you’ll have to purchase at least 300PBV worth of products. 

You could also recruit and build your team of downlines who also do the same thing if you want to earn bigger commissions or bonuses, which of course comes with qualifications. 



Variety Of Products 

Modicare comes with a great variety of products to choose from, spanning health care to personal care, accessories, and even agricultural stuff. They’ve really got a lot of products on the list. Personally as a consumer, it’s good to choose from a wide variety of products.  

Established Company For More Than 20 Years 

The brand Modicare has been around for more than 2 decades and that’s already a pretty good record. It’s owned by a real person by the name of Samir Modi who is from a family of business tycoons. And also, Modicare is apparently the first owned Indian MLM. 


Unpopular In The International Market 

Most Modicare reviews and info, even the current videos found on YouTube, are in Hindi. So, it’s hard to figure out how this business could work on a global scale. 

Apparently, it's specifically designed to target Hindi-speaking markets so if you’re planning to join this and you’re not familiar with the language, it would be a challenge. 

Lacks Transparency 

No doubt that Modicare is one of the best MLMs in India but one of its drawbacks is that some vital information is lacking on its website, such as information about the ingredients of its products as well as the income disclosure statement.  

They say it has a branch office in Nepal but no international branch offices are mentioned on its website. Yes, they offer some data but they are not fully transparent. 

Low Income Potential 

There isn’t an actual income disclosure statement that shows how much exactly Modicare consultants are earning. If they are earning well, then why is the company not transparent about it? Also, I’ve seen a couple of complaints, especially from consultants who are not compensated well. 

It can be good as a side income but not for a living. There are definitely better opportunities than Modicare. 

Opt To Recruit 

While you could earn from retail sales, you’ll only gain bigger income and profits if you advance in ranks by recruiting people who do the same- good in sales and recruitment. So, just like most MLMs, you’ll opt to recruit if you would want to achieve more. 

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Training Tools/Support

Being a Modicare consultant enables you to have discounts of up to 20% on their products. You'll also have access to the back office, Modicare seminars, programs, and events.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Modicare has been a long-standing business to be considered a scam. It’s been running for 24 years, so it’s definitely a legitimate MLM company.

It has profitable products and other ways to make money from, such as building a team and hitting milestones but then, MLMs are challenging. 

It may be free to join but remember, you have to purchase products to earn income. Considering that the market is already saturated with similar products, it would be a challenge for you to sell this. On top of that, you have to know how to recruit people so you can earn more bonuses and incentives.

Not to debunk such opportunities but most of the time, it’s bound to fail especially at the end of the affiliate. Yes, you may earn but it’s good as side income that would just be enough and even wouldn’t be enough for a living. 

And let’s not forget about the brand being limited to Hindi market so if you’re outside India, it would be really difficult to be successful with this.

My verdict is that I don’t recommend this one and it’s best to skip this platform and look for better MLM companies or other alternatives instead.

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Anyway, thank you for reading my Modicare Review! If you have any comments, testimonials, and queries, please have the liberty to share it below.

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