What is JewelScent? Overpriced MLM But Is It Worth Your Time?

is JewelScent a scam

Welcome to My JewelScent Review! 

Maybe you’re here because someone referred you to JewelScent or you’d just simply want to find out more about it. Well, it appears to be a legit MLM but what’s the real deal with this opportunity? 

JewelScent Review Summary 

Name: JewelScent

Website: www.jewelscent.com

Founders: Sara Nga Nguyen

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $89 For The Monthly Membership Fee +$49 To $149 Consultant Kit + $500 Worth Of Personal Sales Volume Every Month

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Quick Summary: JewelScent is an e-commerce company that markets jewelry candles, scented wax melts, and bath bombs. It appears to be a legit opportunity that enables those who would join as a JewelScent Rep to earn from their MLM opportunity.

However, it’s pretty expensive when it comes to the required minimum personal sales for their distributors and their products itself. Another drawback is the low income potential that JewelScent has for its members.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Indeed, it becomes a dilemma every time you decide to join an opportunity because of the conflicting reviews offline and online. So rest assured that this JewelScent review is based on a careful assessment to help you know whether this company is worth a shot or not. 

In this post, we will talk about what JewelScent is about, how it works, its compensation plan, pros and cons, and more. I’d also share an alternative you can consider if you want to make money online.

What Is JewelScent About?

JewelScent is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets and sells scented candles, bath bombs, and scented wax melts with jewelry inside. It’s almost the same as the previous opportunity we’ve reviewed -- Jewelry In Candles.  

In 2013, Nguyen decided to build on her entrepreneurial roots after resting for 3 years to raise her 2 kids. She merged her love for fragrance with her family's jewelry business. Thus, the birth of JewelScent on a sunny July morning in 2013.

founder of jewelscent Sara Nga Nguyen

Based in California, USA, JewelScent was launched by Sara together with Catherine Lee and Derin Oyekan as an eCommerce selling candles with hidden jewelry inside. After a year, the company adopted the direct sales or MLM platform.

JewelScent Product Line 

JewelScent offers a variety of candles with surprise jewelry inside, and products like this are appealing because people tend to buy their products with less concern about the quality but because of the hidden jewels inside.

what is jewelscent about

Each item contains a piece of hidden jewelry, like bracelets and rings valued between $20 – $7,500. 

For instance, you bought a candle worth $25 and you have the chance to get $20-worth of jewelry or if you're lucky, you might receive something worth $7,500! 

There’s an Appraise Selection on their website if you would want to check on the value of the jewelry you’ve got.

Here’s a quick outline of their products:

  • Candles
  • Bath Bombs
  • Bath & Body
  • Home Fragrance
  • Personal Care

Is JewelScent A Scam?

JewelScent is not a scam. It appears to be a legitimate company with a legit MLM opportunity. It presents a business with a great product line and a decent compensation plan that you could earn from as a JewelScent Rep (their term for their distributors). 

However, it’s not a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and it also has a D- rating. While BBB is not a basis for whether a company is a scam or not, it’s a good source to learn more about the brand, and knowing that it has a poor rating is a drawback.

Apparently, the brand failed to respond to the 6 complaints filed against their business. 

Being an MLM, it’s not going to be easy. It’s not for all. Success can be hazy as well because of the low-income potential and low success rates of such MLM opportunities. So, not recommending you to this program! 

Is JewelScent A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

We may generalize MLMs as a pyramid scheme because of the recruitment hype but JewelScent is a legit one.  

Just to be clear, networking companies and Ponzi schemes are different; MLM is a legal business model while a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme is not. 

JewelScent is not a pyramid scheme as it comes with a legitimate opportunity and tangible products that lets you earn from retail commissions. You may also gain bigger incentives as you build your team of downlines who do the same.  

Yes, recruitment is encouraged but it is not the only way to earn money here. So, it is not a pyramid scheme. 

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JewelScent Compensation Plan

As a Consultant or a JewelScent Rep, your $8.99 monthly membership fee allows you to shop delightful products and earn a 30% weekly rebate on every purchase submitted in addition to earning a 30% personal sales commissions on all customers’ online purchases. 

  • Personal Purchases - Include all orders that you place through your Rep account, 1:1 sales, table sales, Home Shows, Events, all of which count towards your Personal Qualifying Volume and earns you a 30% Rebate returned to you every week on Thursday.
  • Personal Commission - Personal Sales Commission (30%) is credited to your account’s E-Wallet every Thursday. Once the commissions are available in your E-wallet, you can either choose to apply them on personal purchases at checkout OR save them for a weekly withdrawal request, which can be requested through your account’s E-Wallet. 
  • Personal Sales Volume (PSV) - Personal Sales Volume includes all sales you have personally sold to customers. This will count all sales generated through your website link, earning you a 30% personal sales commission.
  • Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) - Personal Qualifying Volume is the accumulative Qualifying Volume of your Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and Personal Purchases. This can also be referred to as “Level 0”. For example, if you sell $100 of JewelScent products, you have earned 100 PQV. If you sell $100 of JewelScent product and personally purchase $50 of JewelScent product, you have earned $150 PQV.
  • Downline Commission - This is processed on the 10th of every month. They are calculated after the calendar month-end when qualifying volume is locked. To unlock Downline Commissions, a Rep must have at least $100 in Personal Sales every month. JewelScent currently offers Downline Commissions up to four (4) levels deep.:
    • Level 1 = 10%
    • Level 2 = 5%
    • Level 3 = 3%
    • Level 4 = 2%
  • Commissionable Volume (CV)- The Commissionable Volume is 70% of the Qualifying Volume (QV) generated by downline Reps within your Team. Downline commissions are calculated based on CV. Personal commission is calculated based on QV.
  • Affiliate Ranks - There are also different ranks in JewelScent’s compensation plan and your earnings as a rep will depend on your current rank. 

*All commissions are available to cash out through a 3rd party platform called PayPal. And the PayPal account’s email address must match the email address on JewelScent’s Rep account. 

To learn more about JewelScent, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join JewelScent?

The cost to join JewelScent depends on the Consultant Kit you will purchase:

  • Virtual Kit - $49
  • Silver Kit- $79
  • Gold Kit- $149 

The Silver and Gold consultant kits contain scent products and marketing materials for you to launch and promote your JewelScent business. 

Besides the kits, you must maintain an active and qualified status to make money with JewelScent. JewelScent requires all consultants to register as a VIP customer. You’ll also have to pay the $8.99 monthly membership fee. Consultants must submit at least $500 PSV (Personal Sales Volume) each month to qualify for team commissions.



Eco Friendly And Therapeutic

Not only do you get to freshen up your home with your favorite fragrances and aromas but you also can have an earning opportunity. JewelScent presents with a great product line. Their candles are made of soy wax, which makes it eco-friendly and also therapeutic.  


Difficult To Market 

Compared to other MLM niches, JewelScent’s niche is pretty much not in demand.  

Reality speaking, it’s not a popular niche since not many people would want or need such scented candles or their other fragrant products. They’d probably opt to spend their hard-earned money on health products rather than buying scented products or even if they do, there are cheaper alternatives online. 

So, it’s gonna be a challenge selling JewelScent products, taking also into consideration that their products are expensive. The least-cost I’ve seen is around $800+ and it would even go up to over $1,000. So, other than the enthusiast, those who are rich and financially capable are the only ones who’ll most likely buy JewelScent products.  

D- Rating In BBB

JewelScent got a rating of D- in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) due to certain customer complaints that were not even responded to. But upon checking on the reviews, I have seen that most customers have great ratings and they loved the products.  

Another website also shows that most reviews are great. Well, I could say that product-wise, they are great but when it comes to the opportunity they offer, you have to think twice about it before signing up. 

Low Income Potential

For someone who wants to earn big, JewelScent may not be the best opportunity for you. It may be good as a side income but not for a living.  

JewelScent is an MLM and most people who join this kind of platform do not make any money at all. Well, for you to increase your sales, you have to work hard, double, or even triple times your regular sales.

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Training Tools/Support

As a JewelScent Rep, you’ll have access to the company’s back-office along with other necessary materials and resources you’ll need in your JewelScent business. They also provide video sessions and training. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

JewelScent may come as a legit MLM company and it is not a scam but it’s still an MLM that would basically draw you to recruit to gain bigger commissions and bonuses. Another drawback is that the niche it has been operating is not that popular compared to others plus the fact that its products are pretty expensive.

Also, the price of their essentials is expensive and it’s easy to find cheaper alternatives online.

Considering all these, it’s gonna be difficult for you to market their products. While there are tons of good reviews about their candles, bath bombs, and other essentials, it’s better to skip this platform and spend your time on something else.

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I hope this post is clear to you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below. 

Thank you for reading my JewelScent Review!

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