Is MWR Life A Scam? Save Or Lose Money On This MLM Platform?

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Welcome to My MWR Life Review!

Perhaps, you’ve heard of this brand a few years ago and now, you’re thinking about signing up. But first thing first -- do a background check!

MWR Life Review Summary

Name: MWR Life


Founders: Yoni Ashurov

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $99 For The Initial Fee + $30 Every Month

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Quick Summary: MWR Life is a multi-level marketing company that offers discounts on various essentials, such as travel and car repairs. It’s been in the business industry for a few years and is known for being legit. However, there are some drawbacks to watch out.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Not only will this help you learn more about the brand, but it’s also one way to avoid scams. After all, these fraudsters are not planning to quit anytime soon.  

So, whether you’re curious about how it works, its pros and cons, or whether MWR Life is legit or a scam, this honest review will answer your questions.

What Is MWR Life About?

According to its website, MWR Life “provides a global platform for individuals to create the lifestyle of their dreams, travel the world, and make wishes real.” 

It looks like an exciting website because of the attracting photos and videos from its members but is it really a great opportunity just like how it’s marketed? Is this the right program for you? How much money can you make from joining this platform? 

To know the answers to these questions, let’s talk about the basics first. 

Founded by Jay Tuerk and Yoni Ashurov in 2013, it’s initially named as My Warranty Rewards before it rebranded in 2015 as MWR Life.

founder of mwr life Yoni Ashurov

It follows the business model of multi-level marketing (MLM), thus selling products and recruitment are required. However, unlike usual networking companies, they offer services as a source of their members’ retail commissions. 

Basically, what they offer are warranty plans, prepaid phone plans, and even financial services, such as debt management and credit consultation under another brand called MWR Financial. 

MWR Life Product Line 

Basically, what MWR Life offers are discounts on various essentials, such as legal, car repairs, insurances, travel, and more. It works almost the same as Team National

MWR Life does not have physical products and what it offers instead are packages that can help members save money. These membership packages are paid every month and these are as follows: 

  • Electronic Protection
  • Lifestyle Advantage
  • Lifestyle Protection
  • Vehicle Repair Assistance 

Just to make it clear, while networking companies are mostly based on traditional products, legit ones are selling digital items or services, too, just like MWR Life.

what is mwr life about

Yes, the brand and its services are legit; however, it’s objective. 

If you’re frequently using these products or services, this might be a good deal but if not, then maybe you’re paying more because of the membership fees than saving money from the discounts. 

Just to give you a heads up, the membership fees vary from $29.97- $49.97 every month. 

The best thing to do before signing up with them is to determine your expenses first to know if the packages are worth it or not.

Is MWR Life A Scam?

MWR Life is not a scam. 

It’s a legit MLM company that has a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Despite being NOT accredited with the agency, it has 4 out of 5 stars rating. It comes with a few complaints though, such as the members being provided with misleading details and its refund policy. 

There are positive reviews, too and I’ll share some these below: 

mwr life reviews

Other than these, I don’t see alarming complaints or red flags, unlike the ones we find in scams or low-quality programs, such as Freebay and FBS

Just to give you an idea, most scams or low-quality programs have similar characteristics, such as:

  • Not disclosing the name of their founder/s or any of the people behind the brand.
  • No other ways to reach customer support than email.
  • Expensive membership fees.
  • No products are sold for retail commissions.
  • Recruitment is overhyped.

Is MWR Life A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

No, MWR Life is not a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme.  

Yes, you will be required to invite another person to join the program but unlike scams, you are not directly compensated for doing so. 

It also has legit services you can make money from as a member; however, it can be challenging to sell membership packages like what MWR Life offers. Nonetheless, it’s not a Ponzi scheme. 

Another thing is the legitimacy. Networking, as a business model, is legit while pyramid schemes are illegal in many states and countries. There’s a chance to make money from joining MLMs because usually, there are two or more options to earn an income. 

With Ponzi schemes, the only way to make money is by recruiting people. This makes the business model unstable because if the recruitment stops, so is the profit.

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MWR Life Compensation Plan

There are more than two ways to earn with MWR Life; in fact, there are eleven. 

For example, you’ll get $25 for every new sign up and a monthly residual commission worth $.50 after your recruit’s first month. 

You can also earn commissions from your qualified resellers or downlines. 

Like usual MLM companies, the higher your rank is, the bigger the commission you get so the goal is to sell more membership packages and invite more people to join the platform so you can have a higher rank. 

I’ll share a quick outline of the rank below:

  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Area Manager
  • District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • National Manager

To learn more about MWR Life’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join MWR Life?

To join MWR Life, you have to pay $99 for the initial fee and $30 every month after your first.

The monthly fee is not required; however, you can’t earn commissions unless you settle this every month. So more or less, you’ll pay $430 for the entire year of membership at MWR Life. 

Is it worth it? I don’t think so.



Legit MLM Company 

I don’t really like anything about MWR Life except the fact that it’s legit. It’s good to know that it doesn’t participate in any fraudulent activities unlike many Ponzi schemes disguising as MLM companies online. 


Opportunity Is Overhyped 

The homepage itself showcases the luxury lifestyle and of course, many people will be attracted to it. This makes it easier for MWR Life to acquire new members, which is good for them.  

However, if you’re the member, this might not be a good thing because you’re only focused on the claims. There’s a huge chance that you don’t know what you’re going into before joining the program. 

Joining an MLM does not offer easy money; any legit opportunities don’t offer get-rich-quick schemes, by the way. However, networking companies are more challenging because you have to focus on recruiting people and selling expensive membership fees or products. 

If you’re a newbie or even a seasoned marketer, do you think it’s that easy to obtain mansions or have a lavish lifestyle just by signing up with the program? 

I’m not saying that you won’t make money with MWR Life or any MLM companies. What I’m saying is that if you’re interested in joining one, you should not only look at one side of the coin rather, you should get to know how it works first so you can decide if it’s worth your time or not. 


While the complaints are not as alarming as the ones I’ve seen from other brands before, you can’t just ignore the feedback from its members. 

For example, one person complained about the misleading details regarding their travel services. The best thing to do before signing up with any of their packages is to read the fine print before attaching your signature. 

Another complaint is about the refund. Apparently, no refund has been issued to the member even if he/she’s cancelled his/her membership before 30 days.


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Training Tools/Support

Like most MLM companies, members have a chance to enhance their skills in sales and marketing through training documents and their very own MWR Life app.

Final Opinion/Verdict

It’s good to know that MWR Life is legit and the services they offer may be worth it if you’re someone who frequently travels, needs car repair, etc. 

However, I won’t recommend it, especially due to the situation nowadays. Instead of saving money, there’s a chance that you are spending more.  

Also, if you’re planning to be a member, I don’t think the fee is worth it. Again, you’re going to spend at least $400 a year and since it’s not easy to sell their services and recruit people into this platform, it would be challenging to get your investment back.

What's Next?

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I hope that this MWR Life review has enlightened you and if you have questions or comments please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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