Is NuMedia A Scam? Illegal Cable Streaming Provider With A Legit MLM Opportunity?

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Welcome to My NuMedia Review!

As we know there are many online business opportunities and oftentimes they incorporate it with a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) scheme. 

And there are various kinds of niches flooding the business scene that offers an MLM opportunity, from health care, cosmetics and now we will be discussing a pretty unique MLM, the cable streaming provider, NuMedia.

Numedia Review Summary

Name: Numedia


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $149 To $1200 For Promoter Packages + $29.95-49.95 For Service Payments

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Quick Summary:  NuMedia is a streaming media company incorporated with a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) business plan. However, it’s said to operate illegally and that the previously associated company has issues on piracy. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

The idea of having access to tons of movies and TV shows plus the opportunity to earn while doing so is pretty enticing, right? As their tagline says, “NuMedia Doesn't Cost... It Pays!”. 

But is NuMedia a legitimate business opportunity? With such famous online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Viu, would this be a catch? Would this be a great opportunity to earn a lucrative income? We’ll discuss more in this review!

What Is NuMedia About?

NuMedia Global is one of those streaming media companies and what makes it unique is that it offers a multi-level marketing opportunity.

As a background of its history. NuMedia started with another company called 247 SmartLife which provided TVizion. However, the US Television provider, Dish Network sued and filed a lawsuit against NuMedia and its founder Ferras Jim Pshehalouk. Dish on April 27, 2018, stated that TVizion was infringing copyrights, so the owner responded by shutting the website operations. 

The members of 247 SmartLife had been told that TVizion was acquired by another company called NuMedia. Ferras Jim Pshehalouk announced to its members on May 11 (a month after being sued) that this acquisition cost $220 million.

Thus the birth of NuMedia. 

It’s not that long when it entered the MLM scene for its domain was just registered in 2018. Yet, with the current world’s demand for transparency, NuMedia still doesn’t provide much information about its real background details. There was even no mentioned owner of the company.

And they are not as well transparent as to where it’s based and when it was founded.  

NuMedia Product Line

NuMedia being a streaming media MLM, provides streaming TV services that come in the form of an app that you’ll install on your device. The app is available for SMART TV, tablets, Smartphones and computers.

what is numedia about

This is what you can expect from the streaming service:

  • NuMedia 1500 plus HDTV channels
  • All premium movie channels
  • Huge International Selections
  • Includes Spanish Channels
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Play on all devices
  • Monthly Service 

First it's a 15 Day Free Trial Account. No billing or payment will be charged for 2 weeks but if you'll refer 5 customers, the service will be then FREE. 

The setup’s as well passably easy since you’ll just have to install it on your device and then enter the activation code to start watching.

Here are their subscription packages and their monthly cost:

  • NuMedia USA Package - $49.95 mo

Get NuMedia entertainment in USA & Canada with all your favorite live HDTV channels and thousands of Movies and TV Series on Demand. 

  • NuMedia USA Package plus 7UPTV Global Media - $69.95 mo

Get NuMedia for your USA & Canada media content and 7UPTV for huge global entertainment options. Having both systems allows you to share and refer with everyone all over the world and earn huge residual income. 

And by the way, here are some of the channels included:

  • Live HDTV
  • All Sports Channels (Golf Channel, NBA TV, MLB Network)
  • Premium Movie Channels
  • Children's Channels
  • International Channels
  • News Channels (CNN, Fox News)
  • And many more!

How To Make Money With NuMedia? 

As they claim NuMedia can give the TRUE INFINITY PAY THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Becoming a 1, 2 or 3 STAR Level Promoter includes huge benefits to build a solid income base that can turn into realizing your lifelong dream of financial independence.

numedia subscription packages

Being an MLM, you are required to recruit more people to join the platform. 

Here’s an outline of their compensation plan:

  • Personal Referral Bonus
  • 30 Day Quick Start Bonuses
  • Monthly Residual Promoter Bonuses

To learn more about NuMedia’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is NuMedia A Scam?

We can’t totally say that NuMedia is a SCAM. Given the fact that they offer a legitimate MLM opportunity. However, the problem is their product or what they offer.

NuMedia promotes an illegal product via its streaming service, thumping out other legitimate commercial cable providers. No matter how fairly decent their compensation plan, if they do promote illegal products, it’s still useless because it will still be fraudulent.

Given its history, this program might end up getting sued or worse, shut down for good.


You start by joining in their MLM program and that is by being what they call a NuMedia PROMOTER. And here are the following costs of joining that you’ll choose from:

STAR Promoter- $149 


  • Get $180 credit toward voucher activations ($49.95 & $29.95 packages)
  • Earn $50, $150, $400 on all STAR Promoter Packages
  • Earn an extra 20% on all your voucher sales and residual from your personally referred each month
  • Earn additional monthly team residual bonuses down to 7 levels with compression 

STAR Promoter- $499

For serious business builders who wish to jump start their business from the 1st day. 


  • Get $600 credit toward voucher activations ($49.95 & $29.95 packages)
  • Earn $50, $150, $400 on all STAR Promoter Packages
  • Earn an extra 25% on all your voucher sales and residual from your personally referred each month
  • Earn additional monthly team residual bonuses down to 7 levels with compression 

STAR Promoter- $1200

Ideal "upgrade package" for building your NuMedia teams on the global stage. 


  • Get $1,500 credit toward voucher activations ($49.95 & $29.95 packages)
  • Earn $50, $150, $400 on all STAR Promoter Packages
  • Earn an extra 30% on all your voucher sales and residual from your personally referred members each month
  • Earn additional monthly team residual bonuses down to 7 levels with compression 

*Promoter Credits: When you become a 1, 2 or 3 STAR Promoter, you get Promoter Activation Credits ($49.95 & $29.95) to sign up members in your downline and earn extra income from an initial sign up and monthly auto payments from all your team members or customers in your organization. 

IMPORTANT: You can now use your own voucher activation credits toward your own monthly service payments ($49.95 or $29.95)

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The idea of being able to watch for free or with discounts and a chance to earn at the same time is pretty promising. However, there is not much to like about what this company could give.


Too Much Focus On Recruitment

Just like most MLMs, this company offers incentives with the motivation to recruit more people to join. 

Being good in recruitment will give you more income through your residual and recruitment commissions in this type of scheme. And one thing that worries me is the thought that they promote an illegal product because it will definitely place them on the red flag of being a pyramid scheme. 

Previous Mother Company’s Bad Reputation

As mentioned above, NuMedia started out with another company called 247 SmartLife but due to issues like infringing copyrights, they were sued by a US Television provider, Dish Network and so the owner Ferras Jim Pshehalouk responded by shutting the website operations. 

With such records, how sure are you that they will not as well close in the future? Possibly, history will repeat itself, right?

Chances Of Closing

Yes, there could be definite chances of closing because NuMedia offers an illegal product or TV services that beat out other commercial cable providers. And that makes it illegal. So it will not be long before they get shut down by the regulatory committees. 

We can’t even find proof that what they stream is accredited or certified. Will you have to wait and be part of a company being sued or shut down in the future? Better back off now!

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Who Is It For?

It’s probably intended for those who are skilled in MLM opportunities since recruitment is a must. It’s also for those who are fond of watching media streamings such as movies, shows etc. 

Training Tools/Support

Having a NuMedia account allows you to download and play your media on 4 devices. And as a NuMedia promoter, you will have access to the back office. You’ll have a virtual office and access to other tools and materials you’ll need for your NuMedia business. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

We can’t provide proof that NuMedia is a scam. But it looks like NuMedia was generated to keep its mother company, 247 SmartLife afloat. 

It’s probably a facade to keep the scam alive.

And also, operating in ways such as offering an illegal product is already fraudulent. Though they offer a legitimate compensation plan that promises you remunerative income, it would still be risky because first and foremost their product is unlawful. 

Yes, the idea of being able to stream shows or movies for free or with discounts and a chance to earn at the same time is pretty rewarding. However, if what you offer is illegal, it is still useless. You’ll probably won’t have sound sleep at night because probable chances of the company being sued and shutdown for good is a possibility.

And also being an MLM itself, you’ll have to recruit and recruit. NuMedia offers incentives with the motivation to recruit more people to join for it will be the basis of you earning big. 

However, one major concern is that they promote an illegal product here. So it will as well place you on the verge of trouble because you’re the one promoting. Marketing such as illegal products and with so much focus on recruitment also places them as a Pyramid Scheme. 

Definitely, so many red flags with this business opportunity, so if I were you, better back off now. Skip this platform!

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my NuMedia review! I hope it has given you insights that would be valuable in your future business decisions. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it down below. Also, you can join our mailing list for the exclusive product reviews, ways of making money online, and other updates.

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