Is Nutricellix A Scam? MLM With DNA-Customized Supplements Uncovered!

is nutricellix a scam

Welcome to My Nutricellix Review!

Generic supplementation is quickly giving way to curated products that target a person's genetic structure, thus the rise of these DNA customized supplements. Guess MLMs distributing these kinds of supplements is not something new, as we have reviewed some companies like ÜFORORIA Science who do the same. 

Nutricellix Review Summary

Name: Nutricellix


Founders: Bo Short and Roni Short

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $59 For The Membership Fee

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Quick Summary: Nutricellix is another scientific multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche. This MLM company provides nutritional supplements with the stratagem of utilizing DNA testing to provide "DNA-personalized" supplements to its customers.

There’s a few MLMs with these kinds of gimmicks. However, there's really no proof of any additional benefits from these customized supplements. And being an MLM in nature, you’ll also go through most MLM issues. It’s of low success potential, so most likely, affiliates will lose money rather than making more of it. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: Yes/No

Well, DNA stuff is still quite fascinating but if companies who work in this kind of aspect still have no proof if it works with benefits, it would still be not worth it. Having said that, we will now be discussing this eCommerce company that also markets and sells DNA-customized supplements -- Nutricellix. 

Common questions you’ll have in mind as if it’s legit or a scam, what are the pros and cons of joining this business, the compensation plan, and more. That being said, sit back, relax, and read the entire Nutricellix review.

What Is Nutricellix About?

NutriCellix is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets and sells DNA-customized supplements. NutriCellix™ was founded in 2019 by a group of industry professionals and was created because of the apparent need for customized nutritional, wellness, and weight-management products, based on a person's unique body make-up. 

It was then in January 2020 when NutriCellix was officially launched by co-founders, husband and wife tandem of CEO Bo Short and President Roni Short. 

nutricellix founder CEO Bo Short and President Roni Short

Bo Short has quite a long history in the MLM industry. He started as an Amway (Quixtar) distributor in the late 1990s and then left the company in 2001 to launch Passport but that company didn’t do so well and the Passport folk merged into Oasis LifeSciences, which later on became Univera LifeSciences. 

After that, Short promoted Max International up until 2008. 

In 2009, he became a “pre-launch partner” with EIRO Energy, an energy drink company. After that, he probably had a five-year hiatus with the MLM scene but returned in 2014 as he joined Jeunesse. 

In 2018, he signed on as Nerium International’s Chief Sales Officer, which eventually brings him to 2019 and 2020 upon the launch of NutriCellix.

Apparently, NutriCellix is owned by Lacore Enterprises who apparently owns another DNA supplement MLM called UForia Science who is as well currently merging with Mavie, another MLM in the DNA supplement niche. 

So, how does it work? 

Their proprietary formulas are custom-designed in an exclusive certified lab to perfectly match a customer's unique DNA swap, from a test they send into a CLIA certified/ HIPAA certified lab, where customer’s privacy is claimed to be absolutely protected.

nutricellix product line

The formulas are then sent to the customer every month, creating a daily supplement regimen that helps them manage their weight and meet their overall wellness goals.

Nutricellix Product Line

NutriCellix markets a range of DNA-customized supplements mostly targeting weight loss. And it mainly talks about a "weight management system" which starts with a $100 DNA Analysis Kit.

As mentioned, Your swab is taken and brought to the lab and you in turn receive a weight management supplement based on your DNA as of the below:

  1. NutriCellix CORE- Retails at $129.95. It is a powerful nutritional supplement designed in unique AM and PM formulas, each created to work scientifically with your body’s own circadian rhythms. 
  2. NutriCellix PRIME- Retails at $129.95 and appears to include both AM and PM variants based on the unique variations inside a customer’s own genes. 
  3. NutriCellix PREVAIL - Once desired weight loss has been achieved, customers switch over to Prevail AM/PM for maintenance. It also retails at $129.95 and also comes in both AM and PM variants.

Other than DNA-based products, NutriCellix also markets the following:

  • Core AM/PM – Retails at $129.95. It’s a powerful nutritional supplement designed in unique AM and PM formulas. 
  • FIT shakes (chocolate and vanilla) – Retails at $59.95 a pouch (28 servings). It’s a powerful nutritional supplement also designed in unique AM and PM formulas. 
  • Surge – Retails at $49.95 for a box of thirty single-serve sachets. It’s a pre or post-workout supplement.

Is Nutricellix A Scam?

Nutricellix is like an identical twin of UForia Science, which is not a surprise because apparently both are owned by Lacore Enterprises. Just like UForia Science, Nutricellix appears to be legit, though it’s still relatively new and has a lot to prove in the market. 

However, it's hard to believe something scientifically claimed with no proof of additional benefits but as to conclude what we’ve dug about Nutricellix, it appears to be not a scam. 

It is a legitimate MLM company that markets and sells tangible supplements. They also offer a compensation plan you could earn from as an affiliate. But still, I would not recommend you to this as income potential is still low. 

Is Nutricellix A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

MLMs may oftentimes be mistaken to be a Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes but there are a couple of legit MLMs, and Nutricellix is one of those legitimate MLMs. 

It comes with physical products you could earn from as you market and sell them. It also comes with a compensation plan built on an MLM business model which you could also earn more as you advance in ranks. 

It also compensates members for recruiting people but then again, unlike scams, they do have quality products you can sell.

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Nutricellix Compensation Plan

Like most MLMs, Nutricellix’s compensation plan is standard. Basically, as an affiliate, you’ll earn through retail sales and residual commissions made from recruitment. 

NutriCellix’s compensation plan combines retail sales and unilevel based residual commissions. 

Additional earning opportunities include a Matching Bonus and company-wide sales volume pool round out.

Being an MLM, these are Affiliate Ranks in Nutricellix :

  1. Ambassador
  2. Executive Ambassador
  3. Opal
  4. Jade
  5. Pearl
  6. Sapphire
  7. Ruby
  8. Emerald
  9. Diamond
  10. Blue Diamond
  11. Black Diamond 
  12. Read Diamond
  13. Crown Diamond

Here’s a rundown of the Compensation Plan

  • Retail Commissions - These are paid out as the difference between the retail and wholesale prices of products ordered. This includes preferred customers on autoship. Note however that due to preferred customers paying less, residual sales volume is as well affected, reduced accordingly.
  • Residual commissions - NutriCellix pays residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure. A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them. NutriCellix caps payable unilevel team commissions at eight levels. These commissions are paid out on sales volume generated across these eight levels based on rank.
  • Matching Bonus- NutriCellix pays a Matching Bonus on residual commissions earned by downline affiliates. It is tracked through generations across the unilevel team. NutriCellix pays the Matching Bonus on up to five generations per unilevel team leg:
  • Pearls earn a 10% match on the first generation
  • Sapphires earn a 10% match on the first and second generations
  • Rubies earn a 10% match on the first and second generations and 5% on the third
  • Emeralds through to Red Diamonds earn 10% on the first and second generations and 5% on the third and fourth
  • Crown Diamonds earn 10% on the first and second generations and 5% on the third to fifth
  • Leadership Bonus Pool - NutriCellix takes an undisclosed percentage of monthly company-wide sales volume and places it into the Leadership Bonus Pool and affiliates qualify for shares in the pool based on rank:
  • Diamonds receive 1 share
  • Blue Diamonds receive 2 shares
  • Black Diamonds receive 3 shares
  • Red Diamonds receive 4 shares
  • Crown Diamonds receive 5 shares

To learn more about Nutricellix, you can watch the video below:

How Much to Join Nutricellix?

Joining as an affiliate in Nutricellix costs $59 for the membership fee alone. This doesn’t include any products yet but the good thing about it is that there’s no quota or required purchased or Personal Volume every month.



Not That Expensive To Join

Unlike other MLM opportunities that force you to buy bulk products monthly and pay high membership fees, it’ll only cost you $59 to start to run your MLM business with NutriCellix.

Compared to similar MLM companies, this is pretty cheap. 


Expensive Products

Nutricellix products are pretty intriguing knowing it’s DNA based but if you’re someone curious and aware of scientific stuff, you might get a bit skeptical.

It’s scientifically claimed to be DNA based, however, there’s no proof if it works. It would be hard to market as well because their products are pretty much expensive, from the kits to the supplements. 

Low Success Rate 

It’s not to directly debunk MLM opportunities but realistically speaking, most of the time success is a little hazy with these as most businesses built on such platforms end up their affiliates losing money. 

Taking into consideration that Nutricellix products are a difficult market, it would be hard making sales with products that are expensive and no proof though scientifically claimed. So, it would really be of low-income potential. Thereby, low success!

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Training Tools/Support

They claim to provide a unique and powerful business platform that gives affiliates a robust e-commerce website and tools to sell directly to consumers. The company also handles all of the shipping, inventory, customer service, and more. All affiliates have to do is share, following their professional training and guides. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In my own humble opinion, we can say that Nutricellix is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that provides tangible products and allows affiliates to earn from the compensation plan. 

However, it’s gonna be a difficult market as the products are expensive and it still has no scientific proof. It claims that it adds additional benefits however, we know that wellness is not only affected by a person’s DNA as other factors might influence it, too such as environment and emotional status.

It’s surreal but perhaps, it’s another form of propaganda to draw more buyers because it’s peculiar and intriguing. 

I can’t directly tell you NOT to join this program but if you want to reduce the hassle of recruiting and selling challenging products, then I suggest that you skip this platform.

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I hope you learned something from my Nutricellix review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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