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Have you ever wondered about the possibility of earning money online? 

Even at the comfort of your own home, having a stable internet connection and a bunch of spare time to kill, you can sign up for doing several tasks in exchange for earning money. 

But before you join such platforms, you need to straighten the facts about it in order to know how it works and to ensure a legit earning method even if it's not that high in nature. 

PTCShare Review Summary

Name: PTCShare


Founders:  Unknown

Product Type:   Paid-To-Click Website

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:   PTCShare is a PTC (paid-to-click) site where you can earn by watching ads, taking surveys, and a whole lot more. 

As a sort of compensation, you'll be rewarded by earning money from every completed task. However, is it valuable and credible enough to give you sustainable earnings, or it would only be a good cover for a small side income?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

It might be one of the convenient ways to accumulate money, yet, it still needs patience and determination to successfully maneuver this kind of site.

Nevertheless, I am going to review PTCShare. Keep reading and be fed up with the information so you can judge yourself whether this site is worth joining for or not. Just be reminded to make conscious decisions to avoid unnecessary outcomes, so decide wisely and smartly!

What Is PTCShare About?

PTCShare as the name itself is a PTC (paid-to-click) website that allows you to earn money only by watching ads and doing simple and easy tasks. 

This site accumulates profits by accepting advertisers' requests to conduct marketing strategies through ads to promote their products and services. In return, PTCShare compensates its members for every ad they've watched and every activity they complete. 

It's not a surprise that the earning potential here is too low since PTC Sites are expected to be a low rewarding site.

It has been established just at the beginning of the year 2019, which makes it a young starting site that continuously strives to garner its members' trust. Unfortunately, there was no information about its founder, which is a red flag.

PTCShare rewards its participants with a specific monetary value for every completed task. 

Requesting for a payout to your preferred payment processor available on the site is only available as long as you've met the minimum amount of withdrawal.

So, who is eligible to join? 

Given that most PTC sites are available worldwide, PTCShare is likewise open to anyone wherever they live and whatever their nationality is. 

But, only those 16 years old and above are allowed to register since it's necessary to avail of a payout. It is, however, limited to one account per household. 

They have a convenient registration process and you only need to complete their registration form and agree to their rules. After which, you need to wait for the emailed confirmation which you will then open and click the link so you can confirm your account.

Upon successfully signing up for the website, you will also receive 100 BAPs as a bonus. It’s a good way to start. 

It’s almost the same as Twickerz, Ad-Doge.Com, and You Cubez

PTCShare Products Line

There are several earning opportunities and it includes the following:

Paid Offers

You can earn rewards by completing offers like registering to a website, playing a browser-based game, participating in contests and raffles, and a lot more.

But to be precise, PTCShare doesn’t have its own paid offers. They will only route you to other sites that provide paid offers.

Even though it assures you that it has a bunch of paid offers available, the number of available offers from this site and the feasible rewards are not high compared to other paying sites. You need to have patience in order to earn a worthy sum of money.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys offered by PTCShare that could earn you rewards likewise come from other sites. To access the available paid surveys, just click the Cash Offers tab on the dashboard and click the Surveys sub-tab on one of the offer walls there. 

After which, you'll see the list of available paid surveys. It will then redirect you to the page where the survey is found.

You also get to determine how a survey will earn you and other important factors to consider such as age to avail the survey.

Normally, before you can proceed to the actual survey, you will have to answer several qualifying questions first. This is to determine if you match the target demographic. 

Fortunately, they will instantly notify you in case you won't qualify in order not to waste your time to complete the survey that won't earn you.

It's a matter of patience before you can find the survey that will match you.

Paid Ads

It is the main source of earning here. Just click the Paid Ads tab on the top of the dashboard in order to be directed to the paid ads section. To view the ads and earn the rewards, click the View Paid Ad button in the middle.

Meanwhile, you need Bonus Ad Points (BAP) to view ads. BAP serves as currency to view ads and do other things on PTCShare.

You need to accumulate BAPs by clicking activation ads before you can view the offered ads. By doing so, you'll earn BAPs, so you can watch more paid ads.

Take note that there is only 8 activations available daily and each will only reward you with 5 BAP. 

So, you'll earn a maximum of 40 BAPs. But if you want to have more BAPs, you can buy their ad pack that contains 2360 BAPs. Therefore, you need to spend just to view more paid ads and that's a bad thing since you're here to earn but not to spend. Besides, doing the daily activation ads daily is a better option than spending your own money.

Click Grid

PTCShare also offers the click grid contest. It is a form of contest where you get to win a prize by opening a specific grid of an image.

A new page will pop up displaying an ad you will need to view, once you click on a grid. The grid will then be opened after viewing the ad and you'll see whether you win a prize or not.

You have 20 chances to open a grid daily. Upon using all your chances, you can only open a grid by spending BAPs. There's a total of 100 grids on the image, giving you only a 20% chance to win a prize.

The highest prize is up to $10 or 100,000 BAPs. However, refrain from spending your BAPs since you can earn only a limited amount of them for free.

Referral Program

They also have a referral program that you can share with others and earn rewards in return.

You can earn a 7% commission for every ad purchase that your referral does. In addition, you can also earn a 3% commission for the income they earn from viewing paid ads.

Take note that viewing paid ads is limited per day and the rewards are too low. So don't expect high earnings, unless your referrals spend a lot of money to buy ad packs. Unfortunately, earning a significant amount of money means spending a substantial amount as well that actually defeats the purpose of this site.

Is PTCShare A Scam?

No. PTCShare is a legitimate website. They even served around 300,000 members. No fraudulent site won't reach that substantial number of members.

They are also gaining profit and it implies that they could pay their members for clicking the adverts since they have money.

Even if it started operating not too long ago in 2019, they strive to earn the trust of their members by absolutely paying them. In fact, PTCShare has paid out around $500,000 to its members. 

Proof of payments can be seen on different resources online. Only those PTC companies that don't even process payments at all are the real PTC scams, but it's not the case with PTCShare. 

PTCshare is a 100% real, genuine and legal platform to earn money, but it has very limited earning potential. After all, PTC sites are not meant to make you big bucks, but at least they should pay you a decent side gig.

PTCShare Compensation Plan

For every viewed ad and other completed tasks, you will be rewarded with money. This money will be credited to your account balance. You can then withdraw the balance from your account. 

Withdrawing your money from any available payment processor of PTCShare is pretty straightforward. Just choose the payment option and click cashout. Then input the amount you wish to withdraw. 

They offer several payment methods to its members such as the following:

  • Payeer
  • Perfect Money 
  • Cryptocurrencies

The cashouts are processed within 7 days based on their website. They do have a 14-day cashout limit, so if you cash out with one payment processor, you will be unable to withdraw with any other but that processor for the next 14 days.

Unfortunately, there are no details on their website regarding the payment threshold you need to reach before you can request a payout. 

Maybe this will depend on your preferred payment method.

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How Much To Join PTCShare?

You will not pay for anything to join PTCShare. It is free.



Bonus Ad Points Upon Signing Up

Upon your successful registration, you'll immediately earn 100 BAP's which is a good way to start.

Also, there's no need to pay for anything. It is a hundred percent free to join the site.

Globally Available

Anyone across the world can be able to join PTCShare as long as they have a stable internet connection and devices to use. 

Several Earning Opportunities

PTCShare offers several earning opportunities that could give you rewards like paid surveys, paid offers, paid ads, click grid, and referral programs.

Convenient Payment Option

There are various payment processors where you can choose from like Payeer, Perfect Money, and Cryptocurrencies.


Low Earning Potential

Regardless of several earning opportunities being offered, you'll find a hard time before you can earn a substantial income due to the low earning potentials of different tasks.


In spite of several earning opportunities, the fact that it only offers a low earning potential makes sense that it can potentially take a long while before you reach your target amount.

Complicated Website Design

The website looks overcrowded and confusing. It, therefore, makes it complicated for new members. The website design isn't user-friendly.

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Who Is It For?

PTCShare is a worldwide privilege for everyone, regardless of what country they reside in or what their nationality is. It is ideal for those who seek something beneficial to do online in spite of the low earning potential. Besides, it's better than getting nothing at all.

Those people who are stuck at home and most likely to spend their time online can sign up as a member. Especially, those who are looking for an extra income can consider this one and see to it if it matches what they're looking for or not.

Training Tools/Support

PTCShare has a FAQ section, however, it cannot cater to all the concerns of its members.

But the good thing is that they provide a contact form so you can reach them if you have unsolved problems.

Likewise, they have social media pages, mainly, they have a Facebook page which you can also message in case you have questions. So if you're in rush, it's ideal to reach them through it since they typically reply within a day.

Overall, they have a limited avenue for support, simply because they're just starting a website but they strive to provide decent assistance.

Final Opinion/Verdict

PTCShare is a legitimate website that offers an easy way to earn money online by doing simple tasks. In spite of convenient earning opportunities, it likewise has its own disadvantages that need to be thoroughly considered.

Being a PTC Site in nature, it's not expected to earn high rewards. It will potentially take an ample amount of time before you can attain substantial earnings. 

You need to spend more in order to receive more. Also, an unspecified minimum threshold is NOT a good thing since you're not aware of the particular target value that you need to reach which makes the payment system a bit complicated.

To sum it all up, I don't recommend joining PTCShare. There are many great options that could support your living. In fact, you can check out the top survey sites in your country instead. 

These are proven and tested to accumulate decent earnings.

What's Next?

There are alternative methods of earning money online but it requires a lot of patience and effort. The process is not always simple and convenient. Therefore it is a must to be wise enough to pursue what you think that best suits yourself and your needs. 

You need to look for the right assistance to mold you into becoming better and because of that, we offer a top-recommended program that can guide you towards your goals!

Sign up now and have access to the following:

  • One-on-one coaching
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  • Webinars and training resources
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my PTCShare review. If you have questions or opinions, I'm pleased to hear from you in the comment section below.

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