Is PureTrim A Scam? Legit Health Networking Or Pyramid?

is puretrim a scam

Welcome to My PureTrim Review! 

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies do not always have the best impression but still, it’s one of the most popular opportunities online. After all, the business model itself is legit; however, the issue comes often with their distributors and compensation plan. 

PureTrim Review Summary

Name: PureTrim


Founders: Mark Tahiliani

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29 For The Annual Fee + $400 For The Products + $199 Or $349 Every Month To Be Qualified For Commissions


Quick Summary: PureTrim is a multi-level marketing company that promotes health and wellness products, such as meal-replacement shake. While it has tangible essentials to sell, the main focus of the networking brand is to recruit people, thus making it look like a pyramid scheme.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Nonetheless, there are still low-quality programs or scams using this as a disguise so before you sign up with a seemingly good program, be sure to understand what it’s really about.

In this post, we’ll talk about a brand called PureTrim and whether it’s a legit networking company or a pyramid scheme. We’ll also discuss the compensation plan, its products, its pros and cons of joining the program, and more.

What is PureTrim About?

PureTrim is a health and wellness program founded in 2014. The Arizona-based website was founded by Mark Tahiliani or “Dr. Marc.” However, his name was never mentioned on their website and for MLM companies, this is odd. 

Often, networking companies are all about showing off and that includes its founders or CEOs riding luxury cars or holding a massive amount of cash. Somehow, it’s a good thing because you know who’s behind the brand. 

As for PureTrim, they chose not to disclose the name of its founder, and I can’t help but wonder why. Perhaps, it’s because its CEO, Tahiliani, is also the brain behind a pyramid scheme called BigSmart.

puretrim founder mark tahiliani

In 2001, a fraud allegation was issued against him and instead of defending himself, he chose to settle it. 

This alone is a red flag and pretty sure, PureTrim tried to be wise by covering who’s who in their brand. 

PureTrim Product Line 

There’s nothing unique or revolutionary about this health and wellness brand. The products are the typical beverages and supplements we found in similar programs, such as Zinzino, LifeVantage, and Relìv International

Some of their products include: 

  • Boost Tea
  • PureTrim Mediterranean Wellness Shakes
  • TrimBar
  • Joint Mist
  • Cardio 9
  • Experience
  • Daily Complete 

Basically, the goal of their essentials is to help you lose weight, support muscles and joints, improve mobility, and optimize overall health.

puretrim product line

Whether it’s working or not, there’s little to no reviews about it online and I just can’t trust the ones I found because most of the feedback probably comes from its distributors. Nonetheless, here’s a screenshot for your reference.

puretrim product review

Is PureTrim A Scam?

I won’t directly suggest that PureTrim is a scam but I’ve definitely seen several red flags, which for me, is more than enough to drive me away from this program. 

Some of these red flags include: 

  • Lawsuit Against PureTrim Owner

More or less, MLM companies receive lawsuits because of their bold claims or misleading marketing and somehow, it’s tolerable for me. However, if it involves fraudulent activities and stealing people’s money, that I won’t forgive. 

PureTrim’s founder, Mark, has been involved in a terrible lawsuit and it’s about his previous company, BigSmart. Apparently, it promised its investors “easy income” for their Internet shopping mall network. 

While it has products and posing as an MLM company, it’s structured like a pyramid scheme and as a result, he and Harry Tahiliani will pay “$5 million in consumer redress and post a $500,000 performance bond.” 

Other than this, they were prohibited from getting involved with pyramid schemes again. However, it seems like Mark never learned his lesson and he’s repeating this fraudulent activity.

  • Tagged As A Scam

There’s a fine line between a legit MLM company and a scam. Sure, they both require referrals but a pyramid scheme will compensate you directly just by inviting people; a networking company, on the other hand, will pay for your retail sales and the sales that you downline makes. 

A pyramid scheme has no products and even if they do, there are no retail sales. The only way to earn a commission from them is to recruit people -- and this is the case with PureTrim. 

Perhaps, this is why most people call it a scam. If you Google PureTrim, you’ll see tons of reviews calling it a pyramid scheme, and not only is this a red flag, it also makes this opportunity more challenging. 

Imagine, you’ll pay almost $200 every month only to have little to no recruits because people are wiser today. Most of the research the brand and products first and if they see a brand being linked to a scam, do you think they will trust the program you’re offering? 

  • Not Disclosing The Name Of The Founder

While we know Mark Tahiliani or Dr. Marc is the founder and CEO of PureTrim, they’ve never mentioned it on their website. 

Probably, it’s because they know that Tahiliani is a scammer and they don’t want people to know about it. Otherwise, how can they entice vulnerable individuals again, right? 

  • Commission Requirements

This is weird but before you qualify for commissions, you have to purchase their products regularly first.  

While their products may have potential, I don’t see why members have to pay a huge amount of cash and be a regular customer before becoming eligible for their compensation plan.

Is PureTrim A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

To understand this, we have to know what a pyramid scheme is first. 

What makes a Ponzi scheme different from a legit MLM company is these: 

  • There are no products and the only way to make money is through recruitment or
  • It has products but the compensation plan benefits only those who can invite people to join the platform. 

As for PureTrim, they have legit products but the commission barely goes to the retail sale. Rather, only those who can recruit people to receive commissions every month. 

So, I’ll leave this for you to judge. You can also watch the video below to learn how a pyramid scheme works:

PureTrim Compensation Plan

PureTrim is a typical MLM company that lets you increase your rank or level depending on your milestones.

As for them, there are 7 affiliate ranks and these are as follow: 

  • Executive Promoter
  • Direct Promoter
  • 1 Star Promoter
  • 2 Star Promoter
  • 3 Star Promoter
  • 4 Star Promoter
  • 5 Star Promoter
  • President's Club 

For every increase in rank, you will get a commission. It also affects the percentage you get from your retail sales and recruitment commissions. 

For instance, you’ll get $100 if your recruit qualifies for the Direct Promoter and a 10% commission if that Direct Promoter purchases products. 

You can also earn $150 to $1,500 a month, which you can use for car payments.

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How Much to Join PureTrim?

The costs you will shoulder when you want to become a member of PureTrim is pretty high. 

First, you need to pay $29 every year, and second, you have to purchase at least $400 worth of products to be qualified for the commissions. You also need to pay $199 every month if you have at least 3 retail clients enrolled for their autoshipment program. 

But if you have less than 3 retail customers, you have to pay $349 every month. 

Otherwise, you have to pay $399 to remain qualified for their commissions



Products Have Potential 

While the products are expensive and nothing unique, the reviews online are somehow promising. However, some of it comes from PureTrim distributors so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. 


Owner Was A Former Scammer 

Dr. Marc has been involved with a huge scam in the past and has been prohibited in joining pyramid schemes again and obviously, he is going against it. This is not a good sign and in case you’re wondering why it’s because 1.) he’s violating rules and 2.) there’s a chance for him to repeat his fraudulent activities in the past.

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Final Opinion /Verdict

PureTrim seems like a legit MLM company you can trust; however, when you look at it closely, there are too many red flags

While there are real products with good reviews, members should pay tons of money first to be qualified for commissions. Also, the percentage you get from retail sales is small and it depends on your rank, too.

The compensation plan focuses on growing your team or inviting people and this is a drawback as it resembles a pyramid scheme rather than a legit MLM program.

Let’s not forget the owner, whose name was forgotten to be placed on their website. The owner has been involved in a scam a few years ago and instead of defending himself or at least, clearing his involvement in a scam, he settled it instead.

Well, that’s more than enough red flags so the verdict is that I don’t recommend this to anyone.

What’s Next?

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I hope this PureTrim review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below’.

Thank you!

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