Is Python Trades A Scam? Ponzi Scheme In Disguise?

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Welcome to My Python Signals Review!

For the last two weeks, we’ve been able to uncover several cryptocurrency platforms that disguise as multi-level marketing (MLM). We may not be able to prevent everyone from joining the program and end up getting scammed but it feels good to know that somehow, we are doing our part in raising awareness.

Python Signals Review Summary

Name: Python Signals


Founders: Marius Landman, Gavin Victor, and Enakirerhi Ejoywoke

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $150 To $2,000 For The Recurring Subscriptions

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Quick Summary: Python Signals is a networking company that promotes cryptocurrency. It has an expensive membership fee that you need to re-purchase after a few weeks or months. This company has too many red flags so be sure to read the entire review to learn more.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

This goes not only to crypto-MLM opportunities but to all make money platforms that pose as legit programs to earn cash online.

In this post, we’ll talk about a platform called Python Signals and mind you, it’s no different from the first cryptocurrency pyramid schemes we’ve reviewed in the past, such as Forsage and Dagcoin.

So sit back, relax, and learn why you should not trust this program!

What Is Python Signals About?

Python Signals is a cryptocurrency opportunity that follows a multi-level marketing structure. In case you’re not sure what a cryptocurrency is, here’s a simple explanation based on my understanding.

A cryptocurrency is an alternative form of payment you can use to purchase, bid, or perform financial transactions. It’s like the typical cash or credit card, only digital. In simpler terms, it’s digital money.

Technically, it is legit and can be used for virtual transactions but you have to know that first, it’s not supported by the government, as per Federal Trades Commission (FTC) and second, scammers often use this because the transaction cannot be reversed.

That being said, let’s dig deeper into this platform.

Unlike usual crypto-MLM companies though, Python Signals managed to be transparent with their founders. The problem, however, is that the owners of the program have been involved with Ponzi schemes. One was even called a downright scam.

python signals founders Marius Landman, Gavin Victor, and Enakirerhi Ejoywoke

Marius Landman, for instance, is a self-proclaimed expert in cryptocurrency who’s known for tweeting price predictions and deleting them once proved wrong, as most reviews about him suggest. When you look for his name online, you’ll find several posts tagging him as a scammer.

marius landman scam

Gavin Victor, on the other hand, has been a part of several Ponzi schemes, such as BitConnect, Davor Coin, and USI Tech. In a Python Signals Webinar last 2019, he mentioned that he worked in the said companies above with Enakirerhi.

Meanwhile, Enakirerhi Ejoywoke has been involved with RealSearch and Partners, where he was the CEO and a Nigerian scheme called Agrostorm as the Chief Marketing Officer.

Considering this, would you still consider joining this program? While Python Signals is a new program, there’s a big chance for these founders to repeat the old habit of scamming people and if I were you, I’d rather spend my time on something that’s not only profitable but also legal.

Python Signals Product Line

Like typical cryptocurrency opportunities and scams, Python Signals has no tangible products or valuable services to offer. This means that you cannot make money by selling anything other than their membership program.

Meaning, you have to become a member first, pay a hefty amount, recruit people, and expect them to do the same so you can make money from them (for a short time). I mean, like other pyramid schemes, the business model is unstable.

python signals

The only way for the company to earn a profit is by inviting people to join the platform so this means that if no one buys into the program anymore, you have to say goodbye to the amount you’ve invested.

How To Make Money With Python Signals?

Legit multi-level marketing often has two basic ways to make money: selling and recruiting.

That means they either have a tangible product to sell, such as weight loss essentials or essential oils, a valuable service to offer, like mentorship, or both. There’s also the need to invite people but unlike a Ponzi scheme, distributors will not get compensated directly unless their downline makes a sale.

As for Python Signals, the only way to make money is by recruiting people to join the platform. You will get commissions directly for doing so. I will not bore you with the details of their compensation plan, I think it’s useless anyway but in case you are interested, you can watch the video below:

Is Python Signals A Scam?

The answer is obvious -- it is.

Yes, some people may be earning NOW but just look at the red flags. It’s waving right in front of everybody’s face.

But for the benefit of the doubt, here are some of the warning signs that you should never ignore:

Founders Are Scammers Or Have Been Involved With Several Ponzi Schemes

They say “Once is enough, two is too much, three is dangerous.” 

Python Signals combined some of the most dangerous people who have scammed a lot. For me, that’s more than enough reason to stay away from the program.

Business Model Is Not Stable

Starting a business or just being a part of it is hard. You cannot make money in an instant so if any program claims that they can help you with this, you should know that this is already a red flag.

As with Python Signals, it looks like it’s easy to earn cash because all you have to do is invest a certain amount and invite people so you can get more money. If only it’s that easy.

Now, no recruit means no cash so unless you’re good at recruiting (scamming) people, there’s no way for you to make a real income.

Also, just in case you didn’t know, Ponzi schemes are illegal and it can shut down anytime.

No Income Potential

Considering the things mentioned above, there’s no way to earn a decent income out of this platform. It’s not like the legit way to invest money in stocks or mutual funds, it’s not even a business.

You are basically just buying into a program and expect someone to do the same so you can somehow make money.


To become a member of Python Signals, you have to avail their recurring subscription:

  • Gold - $150 for a 90-day subscription
  • Platinum - $250 for a 180-day subscription
  • Galaxy - $500 for a 12-month subscription
  • Diamond - $950 for a 24-month subscription
  • Lifetime Galaxy - $2,000 to get a one-time subscription

Here comes the fun part, at least for the founders: the higher the price of your subscription, the bigger the income you’ll get. For those who are vulnerable, they might focus on the supposed income they’ll get without realizing that it’s not really an opportunity to make money but to lose it.

Again, the business model is unstable so if you cannot recruit anyone, there’s no way for you to get your money back. Also, there are no products and services to be promoted so if you’re planning to join Python Signals, you might as well say goodbye to your hard-earned cash.

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Who Is It For?

I don’t recommend this to anyone. This is obviously a waste of your time. If you want to invest your cash and just wait for it to grow, maybe you can study stocks or talk to a legit financial consultant or a bank establishment.

If you want to make money by recruiting people, do it legally. You can join legit MLM companies that will provide retail and recruitment commissions.

Otherwise, find legit money-making opportunities that will help you make money online, and you can consider our top-recommended program.

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Final Opinion/Verdict

It’s already 2020 and it’s sad to know that many people are still falling for these kinds of programs. Even though there’s no such thing as easy money or quick cash unless you win a lottery, there are still those who prefer to invest their hard-earned cash with this.

Python Signals, like other scams, might look attractive, especially to those who won’t spend time learning about the program first. As for you, you are lucky because you chose to read reviews rather than dive into the platform without knowing anything about it.

Now that you’ve learned about the founders and how the program really works, I hope that this will serve as a basis in the future and avoid similar platforms.

What’s Next?

MLM alone is risky, let alone programs disguising as one. There’s a recruitment and huge investment involved and whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned marketer, this is a hassle.

If you’re not comfortable with these things, we have a better solution.

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Thank you for reading my Python Signals review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

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