Is SuperSage A Scam? A Ponzi Scheme Crypto MLM Exposed!

is supersage a scam review

Welcome to My SuperSage Review! 

There’s just a lot of crypto opportunities crowding over the business scene and this one we’re going to discuss right now comes with a decentralized smart contract and a networking opportunity. 

SuperSage Review Summary

Name:  SuperSage


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $14 For The Minimum Investment

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Quick Summary: SuperSage is a multi-level marketing company that comes with a decentralized crowdfunded matrix project; however, it’s apparently just another cryptocurrency investment scheme.

SuperSage utilizes their crypto (TRX) or TRON for investment.

It claims to operate on blockchain but the truth is that it’s not it! There are just a lot of red flags with this opportunity. There’s no product in here, so you’ll just basically recruit and recruit, making it a definite Ponzi and pyramid scheme.

Overall Rating: /10

Recommended: Yes/No

You can’t operate those two at the same time unless you have registered with the appropriate agencies and follow their guidelines.  

With that alone, clearly, this opportunity that SuperSage offers is fraudulent. In this review, we will uncover more details about this company that makes it a definite Ponzi and pyramid scheme.  

what is supersage about

We’ll also find out why it’s said to be a possible clone of the Pyramid Scheme -- Forsage.  

Pertinent details such as compensation plan, pros and cons, and more, we will be discussing in this SuperSage review!

What Is SuperSage About?

SuperSage claims to be multi-level marketing (MLM) that operates the “first-ever 100% decentralized web and smart contract”.  

As stipulated on their website, “A Smart Contract is a computer-programmed code containing a stringent set of criteria that must be satisfied before a transaction will be approved. Reconciliation of these transactions is performed by a global collection of computer 'nodes' that are volunteered for service by human and corporate entity 'miners' (the computer owners) who are members of the Tron Blockchain’s globally distributed network infrastructure.” 

To put it simply, it’s a decentralized crowdfunded matrix project that is automated, meaning, there’s no third-party involved in handling the funds and all payouts are automatically generated.  

It comes with a cryptocurrency scheme and uses the crypto (TRX) or TRON for investment.  

It’s almost the same as YoCoin, Platincoin, and Forcount

So how does it work, so once you invest in their crypto, it gets put into the blockchain. The blockchain then computes the earnings you’re supposed to generate and pays you automatically.  

is supersage a scam

SuperSage claims that it’s an MLM so it needs to be registered to a governing authority. However, the crypto-brand is not registered to any.  

There was also no founder or owner disclosed. As always, if the company is not openly transparent about its founder or owner, be doubtful of it already! It’s already a major red flag that they might be hiding something illegal behind it. 

About the website domain,, it appears to have been registered in July 2020 and done through a private registration and it’s probably based out in Panama, USA. 

SuperSage, from the name itself, sounds like the Pyramid Scheme MLM, Forsage, which apparently appears to be a possible clone of it.  

A quick check on Forsage would reveal that it works the same way as SuperSage, including the language they use. The websites are also alike, using animal logos and even the format of the information stated on the site.  

Also, both didn't disclose their owners or founders. 

supersage vs forsage

SuperSage Product Line 

SuperSage is one of those cryptoMLMs that don’t have retailable products or services. 

What is offered here is “investment ” through their so-called blockchain and having the smart contracts manage all the payouts. But then again, it’s more likely that the SuperSage affiliates are marketing the affiliate membership itself. 

Is SuperSage A Scam?

All the details that we’ve got points to SuperSage as a scam!  

From not being transparent about its owners or founder to the aspect of its business that doesn’t come with products or services offered, which implores that income comes solely dependent on the investment of recruited affiliates.  

This alone makes it sound like a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme than a legit network marketing company. 

There’s also a huge chance that it’s a reboot of the pyramid scheme, Forsage.  

It’s also not a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited business. It doesn’t have a profile to prove its legitimacy. It’s also not registered to any governing authority which makes it pretty illegal. Well, it’s just a matter of time when authorities shut down this SCAMful opportunity!

Is SuperSage A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

It appears that the only way of making money in SuperSage is through recruitment, which is evident in their compensation plan. 

There are no retail products to sell and the only thing affiliates promote is joining the program itself, thus, it’s a pyramid scheme. 

It’s also a Ponzi scheme because you’re making money off of people.

SuperSage operates under the assumption of investing and if there’s investment going on, they need to be registered with the governing authorities to carry out transactions but they are not registered to any. This means that they’re committing securities fraud. 

Both pyramid and Ponzi schemes are illegal and not sustainable and are bound to fail and collapse. 

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SuperSage Compensation Plan

As mentioned, signing up for the project requires a minimum of 500TRX investment. Once you’ve invested, you now become a part of the Partner Income system. You’re then put at the top of two pyramid structures called S3 and S4. 

And to make more money, you have to pay more TRX to unlock each “level”. 

Getting your investment back at that level, you’ll have to recruit new users into the project. In the S3 pyramid, you have to recruit 3 people per level while in the S4 pyramid you'll have to recruit 4 people per level. 

And once you’ve recruited 3 or 4 people, you earn TRX. You will then progress to the next level. You’ll unlock up to 28 available levels for users - 14 each, for S3 and S4. Well, we don’t know why it’s 14 for both when they’re split differently. 

You can see a diagram of S3 and S4 below: 

supersage review (1)

You can learn more about SuperSage by watching the video below:

How Much To Join SuperSage?

Joining SuperSage will cost a minimum investment of 500 TRON, which is about $14. Well, you could probably invest more than that but there’s no mention as to how much is the maximum investment. 



Honestly, there’s nothing really to like about this opportunity that SuperSage offers. After knowing it’s a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme, which is fraudulent, would you continue to join them?


No Founders Disclosed

SuperSage may have been transparent with other details but as we know, among the first things people would like to see in online money making opportunity is information. This includes the person/people running or owning the company, its location, contact details, etc., as these promote a sense of trust. 

who is the founder off supersage

It also allows other people to learn more about the experience and background of the company owner.  

As for SuperSage, it does not disclose any information about its owner or founder, which is already a major red flag. It’ll be hard to find someone to blame if things go wrong. 

They may claim that there are no leaders or admins. How is that possible? I believe it’s essential to have someone who takes the lead. A business with no leader is dangerous.  

Clone Of A Crypto-Pyramid Scheme

As mentioned, SuperSage operates like the Pyramid scheme, Forsage. 

We’ve reviewed this in the past and I would say that it is not good to be associated with this scam. Would you still join an opportunity that is said to be a clone of a Pyramid Scheme? Definitely not!  

But apparently, SuperSage is also a Pyramid Scheme. As there are no retailable products and what is offered here is the membership to the project itself. Thus, its sole focus is more on recruitment and it's apparently where the income comes from.  

Securities Fraud

As discussed, SuperSage runs more of an investment scheme that comes with a passive earning opportunity, and with that, they have to be registered with the governing authorities to operate legally. Unfortunately, they’re not registered to any.  

To be registered on selling “securities”, companies must prove their revenue sources and prove how they're paying their investors. So apparently, SuperSage is not open to expose any of its fraudulent operations. They’re committing securities fraud! And being involved with such will also give you a criminal liability.  

A Ponzi Scheme

SuperSage is a Ponzi scheme as the only way to make money in this program is through recruitment and as we know, the Ponzi scheme is illegal. Being involved with such would also endanger you with legalities.  

Remember, it’s already committing securities fraud. 

If you’re thinking that blockchain transactions can protect you from going to jail, you’re mistaken. Transactions are done in Tron or Ethereum and are pseudonymous, which means that these are done under a false name or alias. 

Yet, you can still be traced and if that happens, you can get sued. You’re only looking for income right but would you compromise it and risk going to jail to the extent? 


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Training Tools/Support

Basically being part of SuperSage’s project, you’ll have access to their back office along with materials and resources you’ll need in your crypto MLM venture.  

Contact support is also available and there are FAQs available on the website as well. You can learn to invite partners from them, go to school and pass their free training. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

SuperSage is a Ponzi and pyramid scheme. You’re only making money here when you bring in people to the program but when there’s no more to bring, it will collapse and fail.  

The people who run the program are the ones who are making more money. So, don’t be fooled by the scam that it is!  

SuperSage is still relatively new to the scene but it would only take a matter of time when regulating authorities find them and shut them down for good too. It may have been intended for those who are into cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and those who are adept with MLMs. But because it’s a scam, it’s good for no one!  

It’s just another cryptoMLM fraud, enticing you with the promise of income but in reality, would take up all your money. The worst is you won’t get your invested money back.  

So don’t waste a heaping amount of money for nothing. 

My verdict is a big NO for SuperSage. Skip this platform. There are way better ones. 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my SuperSage Review! If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to place them below. 

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