What Is Vivri About? Another Expensive Health And Wellness MLM Uncovered!

is vivri a scam

Welcome to My Vivri Review! 

The health and wellness niche, as we know, is probably one of the biggest niches in the multi-level marketing (MLM) world.  

Apparently, each comes out with claims that they have the best health products and opportunities to help you achieve the income you desire. 

Vivri Review Summary

Name: Vivri

Website: www.vivri.site

Founders: Daniel Chavez Saul

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Price: $299.99 To $999.99 For The Business Packs

vivri logo

Quick Summary: Vivri is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche that sells nutritional powdered drinks, skincare essentials, and more.

Being an MLM, it also offers an affiliate program where you could earn commissions as you sell their products and by recruiting others to join the program. You know, more like recruitment-based incentives.

However, their products are expensive and therapeutic claims are not FDA verified!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

With all of the competition, would joining an opportunity that has not been that long in the industry be the best?  

what is vivri about

In this post, we’ll talk about an MLM opportunity called Vivri, a brand new MLM in a saturated niche. Is there a chance to make money here? 

Is Vivri legit in the first place? 

What makes it different from the other similar programs? 

Find out in this honest Vivri review.

What Is Vivri About?

Vivri is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche that is based in Texas, USA. Being an MLM, it offers an affiliate program, enabling one to make money by selling their products and building a team of downlines through recruitment. 

The Vivri program was launched somewhere around 2017 but apparently the website domain “www.vivri.site” was created in July 2018 and was last updated in September of 2020. 

The company was founded by Daniel Chavez Saul. We were unable to find any previous MLM experience or maybe it was just due to language barriers because apparently Daniel was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico.  

So, we could just assume that perhaps Vivri is Daniel’s first MLM venture and maybe the reason he could be running it pretty well is probably because of his professional credentials and experience in the finance industry.  

Daniel Chavez Saul graduated with a degree in Economics at Harvard University and earned his MBA from Stanford University, receiving recognition as Summa Cum Laude and as the “Most Outstanding Student Award”.  

Not only has he graduated from the best schools around the US but he also has years of professional development including his experiences in finance and real estate and more.  

vivri founder Daniel Chavez Saul

Daniel Chavez Saul previously worked as a Financial Analyst in New York with Goldman Sachs and a Consultant in the United States and India with McKinsey & Co. He is also a worldwide leader in Strategy Consulting and he is also an Associate in Mexico with Hines.  

Daniel was also a global leader in Real Estate Development.  

Vivri is a multinational Essential Nutrition Company as what they claim on their website. With Daniel's entrepreneurial experience, he created this company with the desire to make the world a better place by combining the best of science and nature.  

As said on their website, Vivri helps people achieve the best version of themselves -- inside out with Vivri and outside with SENS (their skincare brand).  

So, apparently, Vivri is also one of those science-based health and wellness MLMs that blends the best of science and nature with effective, practical, and clinically backed up systems into their products. 

Daniel Chavez Saul not only served as the founder of VIVRI but also of SENS and he currently serves as the CEO of both.  

Vivri is almost like Avisae, Thrive, and Vasayo

Vivri Product Line 

Vivri’s product line is nutritional supplements that are packed with vitamins, proteins, and other premium ingredients from powdered drink mix to chewable gummies and soups. And as mentioned they also have a skincare line with their SENS brand which offers products such as cleansers, eye cream, serum, hydrating oils, and creams. 

vivri product line

Vivri’s flagship product is called Shake Me!, which is a powdered drink that’s packed with 45 essential nutrients and is claimed to meet the highest international standards for high-quality food which is available in different flavors such as below.  

Well, the product description is quite impressive but we haven’t seen much comments about it, neither positive nor negative. There are no reports of people complaining about side effects and it’s a good thing.  

However, one thing I see that somehow places it at a disadvantage is the cost of their products, which is pretty expensive. The least-priced nutritional supplements, the Power Me and Cleanse Me cost around $499.95 while the others can go high as more than a thousand dollars. 

Basically, Vivri’s product line is typical of health and wellness MLM, it’s basically what you see in most legitimate MLMs. They incorporate science and use a combination of herbal and natural ingredients to ensure that you get the most out of their products.  

This is all great on paper but if it's without verification from FDA, it’s gonna be useless. They can still operate without FDA approval but they just can’t make any therapeutic claims. 

Unfortunately, they’ve received a warning from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), citing their products' claim can help with COVID-19 symptoms. But luckily, founder and CEO Daniel Chavez Saul intervened immediately just by changing the website’s footer. 

Is Vivri A Scam?

Well, Vivri appears to be a legit company and is not a scam. It presents to be a real business with real products. It also offers a way for people to earn money by selling their products and by recruiting others to join.  

It’s also been led by a founder who is professional and with high credentials. But with the almost 4 years it has been running, it’s not yet making a big buzz in the scene.  

Well, I guess it still has a lot to prove. 

It has a Better Bureau Business (BBB) profile but it’s not BBB accredited and unfortunately, it’s B- rated at BBB. 

Is Vivri A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Vivri is not a pyramid scheme but just like most MLMs that encourage recruitment, it can have the dangers to be one. However, it appears to be a real business with a compensation plan an affiliate can earn from.  

They have real products you could sell and earn from as an affiliate. Though your bigger income will indeed come from recruitment it’s not basically the sole source of income here.  

.Thereby, it’s not a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme.

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Vivri Compensation Plan

Just like most typical MLM companies, Vivri’s compensation plan offers the same compensation in which as an affiliate, you’ll basically earn through retail sales and recruitment.  

Being an MLM, it also has Affiliate Ranks. 

There are 10 ranks in Vivri's compensation plan and it allows you to enjoy higher commission percentages as you go up higher but of course rising to every rank corresponds to a qualification such as sales volume and recruited affiliates.  

Here are the following affiliate ranks in Vivri:

  • Consultant
  • Coach 
  • Entrepreneur
  • Advisor 
  • Ambassador 
  • Director’s Club 
  • President’s Club 
  • Founder’s Club
  • Diamond Heart Club 
  • Double Diamond Heart Club 

Retail Sales - The retail commission in Vivri is 30% and basically it’s just your retail profits as you get a 30% discount on wholesale of their products. 

Sponsoring Sales - You get a sponsoring sale every time someone you recruit wants to be a member like you. You earn 50% of any sponsoring sale you make. 

Residual Personal Sales - To qualify for this, you’ll have to purchase the Imperial Smart Start Kit costing $1,000. You'll earn 50% from the re-orders each month of your downline but only if you’ve paid $1,000 for the above-mentioned Imperial Smart Start Kit. 

Residual Monthly Sales Commissions - Basically, residual commissions are based on how much products your team sells and this follows a unilevel compensation structure, which accommodates direct and indirect recruitment.  

You’ll get 10% on the first 5 levels and 5% on the succeeding levels. 

Generation Bonus Commissions - This is based on your monthly residual income earned from your downline team and it is based on recurring product sales or monthly autoships. 

To learn more about Vivri, you can watch this video below:

How Much To Join Vivri?

To join as a Vivri consultant or what they term as a LIV (Leader in Vivri) and enjoy the benefits of their compensation plan, there are various packs that one can choose from to begin with the Vivri opportunity.  

Basically, each pack contains different products and here are the packs they offer: 

  • SENS Executive Kit - $299.99 
  • Vivri Executive Kit -$389.97 
  • Vivri Imperial Kit-$999 
  • SENS Duo Imperial Kit - $999.90 
  • SENS Imperial Kit - $999.99  

FYI: On top of the price, all packs come with additional costs such as tax, shipping, and handling.



Led By A Founder With Great Credentials

I could say one thing that awestruck me is the founder’s credentials and that led me to respect him. You know a founder represents a company and with Daniel Chavez Saul’s achievements and credentials, people would esteem him and probably trust him. 

Leadership Empowerment

It’s a great thing that in Vivri, members are empowered to be leaders and influence others as well. 


Expensive Products

The products and affiliate packs offered are pretty expensive. However, on the lighter note, it’s not a pay-to-win system. So you still enjoy the compensation plan equally with people who brought the more expensive packages than you.  

The downside is that it’s definitely hard to market such expensive products. It’ll even cost you more than a hundred bucks to get started.  

Crowded Niche

The health and wellness niche as mentioned is one of the most numerous. There are so many different brands and companies, there are even those who are already well-known and established.  

So, it’s gonna be difficult to market Vivri products not only because the products are expensive but also there is just a lot of competition in the market.  

FDA Warning Issued

No matter how wonderful the products are, if it’s not approved and verified by a regulating body like the FDA, it claims are gonna be worthless. As mentioned, on one of its therapeutic claims, the FDA warned Vivri. And for me, this is definitely not a good track record.  

Recruitment-Based Incentives Overpowers Sales Incentives

Just like most MLMs, recruitment is still the key. Since the incentives on recruitment are more appealing and bigger, affiliates would definitely tend to recruit and recruit.


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Training Tools/Support

As a LIV (Leader in Vivri), you will be given access to the back office as well as training. LIVs are encouraged to be leaders and help others become their best selves.  

You’ll be as well given support from a community committed to health and well-being and a community that empowers the entrepreneur side of you. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Vivri is a legit MLM and it’s not a scam. However, chances won’t be so good as it would be a struggle selling their expensive products in a niche crowded with competitors. So the success rate is extremely low. 

Also being a company that presents more compensation based on recruitment rather than sales, affiliates will most likely opt-in recruiting as it awaits bigger profits and benefits. So, still, recruitment is the key here, just like most MLMs are. 

There is nothing really special about Vivri. So for me, I’m not recommending you to this. Yes, it can give some income but it’s not the best and there are definitely way better ones.

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Thank you for reading my Vivri review!

If you have questions or you want to share your experience with Vivri, please feel free to drop it down below.

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