Is Elepreneurs A Scam? MLM Within An MLM?

is elevacity a scam

Welcome to My Elepreneurs Review! 

Despite the negative stigma, multi-level marketing (MLM) is still one of the most popular options when someone wants to start a business or make money online. It’s still a legit business model though with a decent opportunity.

Elepreneurs Review Summary

Name: Elepreneurs


Founders: Robert Oblon

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49 For The Monthly Fee + $249 To $99 For The Enrollment Packs + $40 For The Monthly Autoship

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Quick Summary: Elepreneurs is a network marketing company that promotes another MLM opportunity, Elevacity. It’s legit but there are a couple of drawbacks, such as the lawsuits and complaints.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

That being said, there’s still a chance to earn an income by participating in networking companies; however, you have to choose the right brand. 

In this post, we’ll talk about Elepreneurs, an MLM within an MLM to know whether it’s a good opportunity for you or not.

What Is Elepreneurs About?

An MLM within an MLM? What does this even mean? 

Well, Elepreneurs is a network marketing company that promotes another networking brand called Elevacity

We did a review about this brand in the past and just to give you a brief description of what it’s about, Elevacity is an MLM that promotes health and wellness products, such as supplements, weight-loss coffee, and energy-boosting products. 

Based in Texas, USA, the business was founded by Robert Oblon, who has pretty extensive experience in the networking industry. 

elepreneurs founder robert oblon

Before Elevacity, he was involved with World Ventures and Travopoly. 

While it’s good that Oblon knows about handling MLMs, it’s a drawback to know that it has received a lawsuit and his name has been tagged into pyramid schemes, such as World Ventures.  

Even Elevacity has received a case and tons of complaints against their product and the opportunity itself. 

Considering this, I will think twice before I join the program to avoid getting into trouble. Better yet, I’ll skip this platform and look for a better alternative instead. 

As for Elepreneurs, since it’s handled by the same founder to promote the mentioned MLM, I don’t see any reason why you should join it unless you’re a fan of their products. 

Elepreneurs Product Line 

The good news is that they do offer tangible and quality essentials. 

As a health and wellness brand, their products are designed to nourish the body, remove toxins, and improve well-being. 

According to Elevacity, their products have no fillers and additives and are made of natural ingredients. They also claim that part of their sales is donated to charities around the world. 

A source confirmed that the brand has contributed a total of $100,000 for their chosen charity.  

Anyway, as for their essentials, they offer D.O.S.E., which includes nutritional beverages and coffee. 

They also offer skincare essentials, such as eye gels, serum, and mud masks.  

The question is: does it work? 

If you will check online, there are tons of positive reviews about their product, specifically the Elevate Smart Coffee. 

elevacity smart coffee positive review

Some say that it works well on suppressing appetite and increasing energy. There are negative reviews though but I believe that just like other products, the result varies per user.

Is Elepreneurs A Scam?

So far, Elevacity and Elepreneurs have proven its legitimacy. There’s no monkey business going on despite the complaints and lawsuit.  

It has tangible products and positive reviews outweighed the negative ones. 

Its main company, Elevacity has a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) however, it has a B- rating. It has tons of complaints so despite being legitimate, it’s best to look for another option instead.

elevacity bbb review

Is Elepreneurs A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Elepreneur is an MLM, which is a legit business model. 

It offers two main ways to make money and although it involves recruitment, it’s different from a pyramid scheme. For the benefit of the doubt, a network marketing company has tangible products to sell and may ask you to build a team. 

However, you won’t be compensated directly for inviting a new person instead, you will earn from the sales that your team makes. 

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, uses the “investment” of your new recruit to pay you. It’s unstable and downright illegal.  

A Ponzi scheme, on the other hand, promises a huge return on investment. 

elevacity dose products

So far, Elepreneurs is not like this however, because of its monthly autoship, it has a danger of becoming one. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), pyramid schemes have this so-called “inventory loading” where they force members “to buy more products than they could ever sell.”

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Elepreneurs Compensation Plan

There are three main ways to make money with Elevacity.  

The first one is to sell the products. As a member, you have access to wholesale prices, which allow you to sell their essentials based on the suggested retail price. The difference between the two prices is your profit. 

More or less, you’ll get a 10% to 30% commission from retail sales. 

The other way is to build a team and encourage them to make a sale.  

As you increase your rank, your commission and bonuses get higher so really, the goal here is to reach a higher level. However, this means, purchasing tons of products and recruiting as many people as you can. 

Also, since you earn commission from the sales that your downline makes, you need to train and encourage them to do the same. 

So yes, MLM is a challenging and expensive business and it’s not for everyone.  

To learn more about Elepreneurs compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Elepreneurs?

To become a member of Elepreneurs, you have to pay $49 for the annual fee. You also have to avail of the Enrollment Packs to earn commissions. 

You can choose from these packs: 

  • Happy - $249
  • Happier - $499
  • Happiest - $999 

Other than this, you have to pay $40 for the monthly auto shipment of the products.



Legit MLM With Quality Products 

One thing I like about Elepreneurs is the positive feedback about their products. It appears that many people like the results of their coffee and other essentials, which show the quality of their work. 

But then, it’s subjective. Results vary per user and there’s no guarantee that it will work exactly as how it’s marketed. 

Charitable Acts 

It’s also good to know that Elepreneurs and Elevacity consider helping various charities and causes, like the one mentioned above. 


Low-Income Potential 

An income disclosure statement has been issued on Elepreneurs’ website last and according to it, the average earnings of active distributors (Elepreneur level) is around $21.69 a month. That’s barely enough to buy dinner.  

Meanwhile, if you reach a higher rank, let’s say the Bronze level, the average earning is $428.87 and that is if you are active. This means tons of selling overpriced products and recruitment. Still, not enough to be considered as a regular income. 

Not FDA Approved

First of all, FDA does not really approve essentials that are marketed as “dietary supplements,” and this goes to all essentials from other brands. However, it would still be good to know if Elevacity’s products were tested or backed up just to know if it’s really safe or effective to consume. 

Lawsuit And Complaints 

Since Elepreneurs is still under Elevacity, they are still involved with the lawsuits. 

In case you didn’t know, Pruvit filed a case against Elevacity for promoting a coffee that directly competes with their products. 

Other than that, its founder, Oblon, was sued by WorldVentures, his previous MLM. 

There’s too much drama and not to mention, the complaints against them from BBB can’t be ignored. One user said that the pricing is deceptive, which can be a red flag.

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Training Tools/Support

Elepreneurs offers training and supports online. They hold events every week to provide information about their products and marketing strategies. There are also videos and virtual meetings for their members.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Elepreneurs is a legit MLM that promotes another MLM, Elevacity. The good thing about this is that it’s not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme in disguise. They offer tangible products that receive good feedback from users and there’s an opportunity to make real money here. 

The downside is the business model itself. MLM is challenging, especially for beginners. Not only will you spend a hefty amount on membership and the products, but you also have to recruit people. If you haven’t done this before, I have to warn you. Such tactics can ruin relationships and as far as Jon M. Taylor’s study is concerned, it can also wreck finances. 

Apparently, only 1% of the distributors become successful in MLM schemes. 

So unless you can vouch for their products and you are highly skilled in marketing and sales, then I suggest that you skip this platform.

What's Next?

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I hope my Elepreneurs review has helped you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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