Is Touchstone Crystal A Scam? Swarovski-Related Networking That Recruits Through House Parties?

is touchstone crystal a scam

Welcome to My Touchstone Crystal Review!

Swarovski is one of the most popular brands in the world, especially for those who are into the finest things in life. It’s known to be a sophisticated line of jewelry and when it comes to high-quality jewelry, it isn’t always accessible for all.

Touchstone Crystal By SwarovskiReview Summary 

Name: Touchstone Crystal By Swarovski


Founders: Swarovski Group

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $139 To $299 For The Business Kits

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Quick Summary: Touchstone Crystal is a multi-level marketing company that markets and sells affordable accessories from the famous jewelry line -- Swarovski. They offer a variety of products including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and many others.

Just like most networking companies, joining Touchstone Crystal involves throwing host parties that they recommend, should be done every week. That would be quite a hassle.

Is it worth your time or is it just another scam that will put you and your money at risk?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

But apparently, Swarovski broke the distinction and has found a way to make these products affordable and has even incorporated an income opportunity with it. As a result, new multi-level marketing (MLM) named Touchstone Crystal has been born.

Sounds exciting, especially since it involves earning an extra income online but what’s the truth about this program? How does it work? Is Touchstone Crystal even legit in the first place?

What Is Touchstone Crystal About?

Touchstone Crystal is an e-commerce multi-level marketing (MLM) company under the Swarovski umbrella. 

As most people know, Swarovski is a very famous and high-end jewelry company as they've been in the business for more than a century, perhaps about 130 years. It was founded way back in 1891 by Daniel Swarovski, with his vision to create “a diamond for everyone”. 

He invented the electric machine that cut more accurately than ever before, marking the beginning of a new era for crystal. Later on, Swarovski entered the fashion-jewelry market in the United States in 1977.

It was in 2009 when Touchstone Crystal was launched as a way for regular people to sell their products as distributors, making Swarovski's jewelry line available for the direct selling market, all thanks to Swarovski’s North American president, Dan Cohen, who is also the great-great-grandson of the founder of Swarovski.

touchstone crystal products

Touchstone Crystal is based in Rhode Island. Its concept is simple -- a unique jewelry party to share with family and friends. This is why distributors are encouraged to host parties to sell jewelry and promote the opportunity.

Touchstone Crystal Product Line

This is almost the same as Keep Collective and Sabika Jewelry.

Product-wise, Touchstone Crystal products are top of the line. Touchstone Crystal offers various jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and so on. There’s also a bridal collection designed specifically for weddings.

what is touchstone crystal about

One of the famous products is the birthstone collection, an affordable way to collect meaningful jewelry with a precious birthstone. 

With regards to product pricing, they have items that cost below $50 and $100 but most of the products are above $100.

Is Touchstone Crystal A Scam?

No, Touchstone Crystal is not a scam. 

Being under the Swarovski umbrella that’s been already existing for a century is a good sign that the brand has good support. 

Its MLM version, Touchstone Crystal, has also been running for a decade now and it may not be a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company but they do hold an A+ rating.

Take note, however, that BBB is not a basis whether a brand is legit or not but it’s a good source to know about the company as it provides ratings and reviews.

Touchstone Crystal is a real business with real products. It also holds a good reputation as there were no lawsuits mentioned online at the time of this writing.

Is Touchstone Crystal A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Though Touchstone Crystal encourages recruitment, it is not a pyramid scheme. It’s a legit networking company that offers more than one way to make money, such as through retail sales and recruitment commissions.

Pyramid schemes take place when recruitment becomes the only way to make money but in Touchstone Crystal’s opportunity, there are legit products where you can earn from. Also, the fact that it’s from a well-known brand called Swarovski eliminates the doubt that it’s a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

So in short, recruitment is not the only means of getting remunerated, as you even can sell their products without recruiting. Plus you only get paid when your recruit makes a sale so there's really not much of a pyramid structure going on here.

To add more, it doesn’t promise high rates of return. Yes, most MLMs incentivize recruitment and so as in Touchstone but it comes as a way of motivation. They encourage recruitment but don’t necessarily impose it. 

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Touchstone Crystal Compensation Plan

Unlike most MLMs that come with complicated compensation plans, Touchstone Crystal Compensation Plan comes in handy and pretty simple. Basically, there are 2 ways to make money and it’s by:

  • Retail Sales - Every sale you make will earn you 25% to 40%.
  • Recruitment - You earn 9% on all sales of the people you DIRECTLY recruit. Unlike other MLM's you don't make money from people that your recruits recruit. 

Other than recruiting, you’ll also have to think of hosting those HOUSE PARTIES. On average, their Hosts receive nearly $200 in FREE jewels.

So, here's the chart that shows how much you are compensated depending on the number of parties you throw and how many direct recruits you have:

As a Touchstone Crystal Consultant, you are entitled to the following Sparkling Incentives & Rewards:

  • Six sets of colorful bracelet stacks
  • Jewelry Discounts - Generous jewelry discounts
  • Swarovski Watch, Slake Bracelet, and Treasure Box
  • Monthly Incentives - From free jewelry and fun swag to beautiful Swarovski products, you can earn amazing incentives
  • All-Expenses-Paid Vacations - Earn free trips for you and a guest through consistent sales and sponsoring. 
  • Car Incentive - BMW convertible paid for by Touchstone Crystal

To learn more about Touchstone Crystal, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Touchstone Crystal?

Being an MLM opportunity, Touchstone Crystal offers an affiliate program and addresses its affiliates as consultants. And to become a Touchstone Crystal consultant, one should purchase one of the two Business Starter Kits which are as follows:

  • The Basic Starter Kit - ($139) includes over $600 in jewelry and business supplies. 
  • The Enhanced Starter Kit - ($299) includes almost $900 in jewelry and business supplies. 

On top of that affiliates should also pay for the personalized website, which costs $9.95 a month.



High-Quality Beautiful Products

Being under an established brand Swarovski, Touchstone Crystal products were made with high-quality materials. I also like the thought that they’ve made this brand for the elite now accessible to all people at a lesser price. 

No Lawsuits

As discussed above, there were no lawsuits about the company that can’t be found online which is a good thing. It’s a great record for a business operating for a decade. It adds credibility to the company. 


Low Success Rate

It’s not to instantly debunk MLM opportunities but realistically speaking, most of which have low-income potential and low success rate.

Unfortunately, Touchstone Crystal is not an exemption.

Product-wise it’s good but when it comes to the business opportunity, it has low-income potential. And to make $1400 per month you'd have to throw two parties a week which is unrealistic for just about everyone. Which comes to my next CONS…

House Party Hassle

As a consultant, you have to throw two parties a week, which is unrealistic and quite a hassle. It may be a good method to sell but it would not apply to most people, especially to those who are not really socially-inclined.

Also, considering the situation during this pandemic, I don’t think this is a good idea.

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Training Tools/Support

As a consultant, you receive your own website, business tools, and training, and complete support from Touchstone Crystal’s dedicated team as your business success is our #1 priority as they claim. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, I could say that Touchstone Crystal is a legitimate MLM opportunity that can give a fairly decent income but should only be considered as a source of extra cash.

Yes, it is a business opportunity intended for those who are jewelry enthusiasts but considering how it works -- the selling and recruitment, it’s best for those who have experience in marketing or networking, to be precise.

Well, I commend Touchstone Crystal for their simple straightforward compensation plan. It’s indeed a legit business selling tangible retail products and I love their products as I have always adored Swarovski works. 

Product-wise, it’s great! However, as a business opportunity, it's still an MLM that is encouraging recruitment with low-income potential and success rate. It’s also a saturated niche so you would have to work hard plus you’ll also have to face the challenges of doing house parties. 

It’s not that I am not recommending this to you but it’s good if you would think twice and consider other options, especially if it’s just your first time to venture into multi-level marketing.

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Thank you for reading our Touchstone Crystal! 

Hope it has helped you come to a wise decision. If yes, comment on what you've decided and if you have additional inquiries, comments, and suggestions, please have the liberty to place it in the comment box below.  

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