Is UserTesting A Scam? Legit Get-Paid-To Website Or A Sham? [Comments From Real Users]

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Welcome to My UserTesting Review!

Gone are the days when you need to dress up, endure an hour or so of traffic, and work with people face-to-face just to earn money; now, all you have to do is turn on your laptop (or even your mobile phone) and ensure a stable Internet connection. Indeed, everything’s a lot effortless nowadays.

UserTesting Review Summary

Name: UserTesting


Founders: Darrell Benatar and Dave Garr

Product Type: Get-Paid-To (GPT) Website

Price: $99/month for Pro

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Quick Summary: UserTesting is a Get Paid To (GPT) website that pays their users for their feedback after visiting an app or a website. Instead of typing the assessment, you will download an app which will record your screen and your voice as you speak out your opinion. Paying $3 to $10 per task, should you consider this site as your extra source of income? Is UserTesting a scam? 

Learn all the things you need to know in this honest UserTesting review.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

However, that also helped scammers find easier ways to scam online. One of the favorite tactics is to create a too good to be true online income opportunity. Aside from the false hopes, some victims suffer from identity theft and a lot more. 

So if you’re one of us who are continuously searching for ways to earn money over the Internet (hopefully a passive online income), congratulations! You are doing a great job for checking out reviews first before dipping your toe in the water. After all, it seems like there are only two ways to know if the program or job really works: one is to try it out yourself and two, to seek feedback from other people who have tried it.

Some of the well-known money-making opportunities are survey sites and GPT (Get Paid To) sites; however, despite its popularity, most of these companies are nothing but fake. By most I mean, there are still some websites who are true their promise.

The question is — is UserTesting one of them?

UserTesting.Com Scam, Answered!

Doing research, I found out that you can UserTesting for free. You just need to download their app that allows you to paid tasks. So I signed up using my email, clicked the verification link sent to it, and download the app required.

As you go along, short clips will be presented to give you a glimpse of what UserTesting is about and how you can increase your chance to get approved.

What makes UserTesting more appealing than survey and GPT sites is that it only requires a few questions to know whether you’re qualified or not. I know, I know. Most paid survey sites suck because all they do is ask and ask more than a dozen of questions only to find out that you’re not eligible.

If you’ve tried Vindale Research and other survey sites, you know what I’m talking about.

With UserTesting, you’ll know if you’re approved to do the task in just a few seconds.

But is it worth it? Does it really pay $10 as promised?

The answer is yes!

UserTesting is not a scam, apparently, and does pay on time. But of course, there are tons of negative feedback that you should still be aware of and that we will discuss in a bit. For now, let’s get to know UserTesting even more.

What Is UserTesting About?

UserTesting is a usability testing website or a Get Paid To (GPT) website that pays people for their feedback after testing the user experience of their projects. This means you are going to visit websites and/or app, complete tasks, while sharing what you are seeing, what you are doing, and your overall experience. Think of a vlogger but instead of holding a product and/or showing your face, you are recording your voice and your screen (using the downloaded app). 

The site $10 dollars (via PayPal) for a 20-minute video. However, this depends on the available tasks; you may get $3 for a shorter video or more than $10 for a longer one. 

Signing up is free so if you want an almost risk-free opportunity, UserTesting is worth a try. But for me, I cannot recommend this site 100% because there’s a higher chance that you won’t get anything for the effort and time you’ve spent (which we will discuss more later). Yes, this UserTesting.Com review will confirm that it is not a scam but also, it will tell you that this can’t help you to earn a huge amount nor a passive income.

usertesting review

Who Can Join UserTesting?

Anyone who’s 18 years old and above and lives in a region where PayPal payments are accepted are free to join. However, you need to take a test first and share your opinion out loud. The recorded session will be used to determine if you’re qualified to be a tester or not. Other requirements include a laptop or desktop, a microphone, an internet connection, a webcam, and a PayPal account.

You may also use your tablet or mobile phones for mobile tests. When it comes to legitimacy, UserTesting is not yet accredited by the Better Business Bureau until now; however, there’s really a chance to earn money. By chance, it means the income may depend on the user’s rating and demography. Nonetheless, it is not a scam and there are proofs and testimonials from different people who have used this platform to earn money online.

Quick History About How UserTesting Started

If you’re a blogger or you have an online business, more or less you know the importance of getting people’s feedback when it comes to your website. Does it work accordingly? Are there broken links? What areas need improvement?

Dave Garr, the other brain behind UserTesting has had the same thoughts — thus this GPT website is born. He wanna know if there are some things he cannot see and he needed feedback from other people. From this idea, he and Darrell Benatar established UserTesting to provide companies with honest reviews for their products and services.

Established in 2007, UserTesting.Com has helped over 30,000 companies and most of which are big-time brands.

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Joining UserTesting is free of charge and signing up is fairly easy. You don’t need to pay for anything but you need to have the right tools ready to get you started, which means that if you only have a laptop, you need purchase a few things such as a microphone to help you with the recording.

As for the pay, you can receive $3 up to $60 dollars depending on the length of the test which you can receive 7 days after the task. Tests are first come, first serve basis which means there’s no guarantee that you can always earn from testing their products.

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It Is Legit

The fact that it pays and it’s not a scam is enough for me to like it. Yes, you can find negative reviews every now and then (and this goes to all online opportunities) but at least, UserTesting does prove that they are one of the few companies you can rely on if you need a side hustle.

usertesting positive review

Receive Payment After 7 Days

Most survey sites will set a specific threshold which may be too high considering the poor amount they pay you. For instance, Vindale Research requires you to have at least $50 before you can withdraw the amount — and most of the times, you’ll be getting a cent or two for answering a survey.


Limited Income

Aside from the limited amount of testers who can take the test, your earning or eligibility to take a task depends may depend on your demographics. You cannot expect to earn a good amount every day unless you’re qualified, which, I guess, is a norm with most survey and GPT sites.

Waste Of Time

I don’t know about you but for me, even if I have a regular source of income, it’s worth looking for a side hustle that will value your time and effort. Since your eligibility mostly depends on your location or other factors, it’s like you’re waiting for nothing. $10 for 20 minutes is a good rate but think about this: if you can spend this much time on something else that won’t care about your age, status, or demographics and give you a very decent amount, why not spend it there? Right? Like this affiliate marketing I am with — I have a regular job and I think that having a little more money is not enough, so I settle for a side hustle, for now, that pays me a great amount. 

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Who Is It For?

UserTesting is not only beneficial for you and for me and for everyone else looking for a side hustle but also for those who are developing their websites and/or apps.

For online business owners, they can seek help from UserTesting and its Testers find out any issues that need to be addressed, if their websites are easy to navigate and user-friendly or if it’s too complicated, or if the aesthetics are good or not. Basically, everything that they might have missed.

As for you, you can sign up if you are good at giving reviews, have attention to details, and you can speak English fluently. UserTesting does not promise a get rich quick scheme but you can earn $10 for a 20 minutes video. While this is not bad at all, you should know that you cannot always get a task. Tests are available to a limited number of people and if you’re not lucky enough, you may end the month with little to no earning at all.

If you’re looking for a way to earn a bigger amount of cash(possibly a source of passive income) and you believe in hard work, the best online opportunity I can recommend is affiliate marketing. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and I could tell that it’s working very well for me compared to other paid survey sites, GPT sites, and other online opportunities.

Training Tools/Support

UserTesting does not provide much training tools but it does have a very detailed video tutorial on how Testers should do it and how they can become better in reviewing websites, apps, or whatever task is available. Also, almost all the necessary instructions are stated clearly right from the signing up to taking the test itself.

As for their customer service, UserTesting has provided good ways to reach them for your concerns or complaints. You can contact them using the contact form on their website, via phone call, or email. You can also follow their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Final Opinion/Verdict

I have nothing against UserTesting. Again, the fact that it is legit is enough for me to tell that it’s okay to join this website. However, you simply can’t earn a lot from this. If you want to have a regular source of cash or at least something that would pay for your utility bills or groceries, this is not worth considering.

The income opportunity is very limited and it won’t be long until you realize that you are wasting your time.

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As always, thank you for reading our UserTesting review and if you have comments or questions, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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