Is Vantel Pearls A Scam? What You Need To Know Before Signing Up For The Program

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Welcome to My Vantel Pearls Review!

We all do like receiving gifts and most of us women are fascinated with jewelry. Pearls are also one of a kind and if incorporated in a jewelry piece, even make it more wonderful.

That’s the product of this multi-level marketing company and what I also like about their jewelry pieces is that their pearls come in different colors. 

Vantel Pearls Review Summary

Name: Vantel Pearls


Founders: Joan Hartel Cabral

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing 

Price: $99-$149 For Starter Kits

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Quick Summary: Vantel Pearls is a direct-selling multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells freshwater cultured oyster pearls as a piece of fashionable jewelry.

These pearls are also available in other colors. This company also hosts pearl parties and events showcasing their products. As a consultant in this company, you earn through commissions from your sales and it increases as your company rank goes higher.

They have generous company incentives to consultants who are doing well in the business which includes traveling abroad but on the other hand, you have to achieve high sales and reach their monthly quota which is really of a high standard.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

You could go to monotone colors that would suit women of advanced aged or go color and bright for the young ones. This product is perfect to wear or be given as a gift. 

But if you were to become a distributor of this product, how much will you earn from this program? 

Would this MLM opportunity really give you lucrative income? 

Well, you’ll find out EVERYTHING you need to know in this unbiased Vantel Pearls review.

What Is Vantel Pearls?

Vantel pearls is a multi-level marketing company that is solely dedicated to distributing jewelry pieces with freshwater cultured pearls (oyster jewelry) to direct sellers. But how did the company started?

Their founder and CEO, Joan Hartel Cabral shared her humble beginnings on their company website and I quote: “My story begins in 1987 on a trip to Hawaii where I first saw Oysters containing colorful Pearls being opened before my eyes. I brought the business idea back to Massachusetts and opened a small seaside store on the island of Martha's Vineyard.

Looking for the flexibility to raise a family while running a business, I started Vantel Pearls Parties. Our success is a dream come true.” She wanted to share the vision and opportunity to direct sellers and so she started the company by importing oysters that are grown for pearls from Japan and the South Pacific and are made to this fine line of oyster jewelry and so the company was established.

Founded in 1985, the company is now about more or less 32 years in the business of supplying oyster jewelry and is still based in Massachusetts, USA.

Vantel Pearls are also renowned for their events, for they typically host pearl parties which is one of their marketing strategies. In these parties, they showcase their products (pearls).

Vantel Pearls Product Line

As discussed above, this MLM company is only distributing oyster jewelry. They have a variety of jewelry designs with pearls on it. And these pearls come in a different color.

vantel pearls product line

But there was a scandal from former members and consultants saying that the pearls are dyed. They said that the President/CEO has been purchasing dyed pearls that were transferred to Akoya shells to make them look real. So, is it true that they are fake? Well, you will know if you could get a hold of one of their pearls. You’ll know if you’ll see one. 

The company has been rated B by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and some major complaints were about the products and the bad customer service. 

How To Make Money In Vantel Pearls?

You can earn in this MLM company by becoming a member. So first, you have to visit their site, sign up their membership form and purchase their starter kits which are about $99 - $149. The kit includes the oyster jewelry, other business tools, and resources needed to run your business. Members are also required to deposit $100 for the products that will be supplied on them on consignment but it also withdrawable when you think of not opting to pursue the business. 

Starting to be a member will not guarantee you to become a consultant. Being a member places you to be in probation and your promotion of becoming a consultant depends on the outcome of your sales. Each member is given a standard to have a sales quota of $500 for the first month.

Now, that’s big! Not only that you are bombarded with high sales requirement but you are also obliged to host a pearl party within the 35 days allotted for you, to prove your skills and worth in the company. Indeed, that’s a lot of pressure. 

As a member of this MLM company, you will earn 25% from each product that you have sold and in the long run as your rank also increases, you will have a 2-8% residual income. You will also have benefits, discounts that are about 40%, awards, recognitions and big incentives such as having a getaway and travel abroad once your rank gets higher.

Talking about ranks, see rank requirements and other compensation plans in this MLM company on the link provided.

To learn more about Vantel Pearls, you can watch the video below: 

Is Vantel Pearls A Scam?

No, it’s not a Scam. Vantel Pearls is a legitimate MLM company selling and distributing tangible products. You could hold, touch, use and sell these oyster jewelry that they supply. You can also earn these products depending on your sales and leveling rank.

It has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile which makes it legit and also the company has been established a long time ago and is still on the run for more or less 32 years, so who would say that it’s a scam? Well, there are just some issues that it can be a fake “real-looking” oyster pearl. But it is still rated B by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Starting up with Vantel Pearls requires the member to purchase the starter kits which are about $99-$149. The 99$ starter kit is worth $550, giving you the profit of 5 times of what you have paid for. Meanwhile, the $149 Pro Kit worth $790, gives you a profit of 5 times or more than what you have paid for.

vantel pearls business opportunity

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Travel Incentive For Top-Sellers

You will not only enjoy free getaway but it is also an opportunity to innovate your skills as they will impart training and let you join conferences to enhance capabilities.

Hosting Party

Hosting Pearl Parties is a brilliant idea to maximize product promotion but is giving quite a pressure to the hosting rookie member but can also give him/her a chance to excel and progress in skills.

High Return Of Investment (ROI)

Not only that you get big discounts as a member but you can have higher profit once you have sold the products you have purchased in your starter kits and that will give you about 5 times or more the price of what you have invested.


High Standards Of Sales Quota 

Yes it would be promoting competitiveness to members but the sales quota required is too high. For a newbie, you have to earn $500 of sales in the first month. Even member of different ranks has a required quota and worst is that you can’t get your residual commissions once you can’t hit your quota. Now that’s a big WIN-LOSS situation, the company WINs for they still get the profits from the sales and you LOSS because you can’t have your commission. Well, that’s probably one of the reasons, the company is still on the run until today.

Products Are Hard To Sell 

Unlike other precious gems, pearls are not that of a hit on the market including the fact that Vantel Pearls are really expensive. Although pearls are unique and elegant, it’s not for all, thus giving it a limited customer base.

Negative Product Reviews 

There are complaints with regards to the products, if not fake-looking, customers receive broken pearls. Since oyster jewelry is the sole product, it would be nice that the best quality of products is given to the customers. It’s what they have paid for.

Poor Customer Service

There are not only complaints with regards to the product but also with service-related complaints. Most of the time these problems and issues are not catered well; left unresolved or the customers were responded rudely. The company tends to overlook their responsibility towards the customer and is more concerned with making higher sales and profit.

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Who Is It For?

It is a business opportunity intended for those who have skills in sales and for those who are starting a business. And also it is for those who want higher profits but is also hardworking and competitive for the sales quota is high. It is also for those who have the passion for pearl (oyster) jewelry which women are the majority.

Training Tools/Support

Starting up with this company provides you with the business tools and resources needed to run your business which is part of your purchased starter kit. It has also host parties that will maximize your capabilities and expand your product marketing.

They also have travel incentives and opportunities that would allow members to join business conferences that will further enhance their skills. Their compensation plan and ranking system also motivate their members to really work hard and be competitive to reach target sales and to put up with company standards.

Final Opinion/Verdict

To cap it off, Vantel Pearls is a legitimate MLM company. Yes, it’s a company that gives generous incentives to its best performing consultants or members. They also have hosting parties that will help promote and endorse the products.

The company could also give big discounts and higher profits if the member has great sales and standing in the company rank BUT it would be very risky to step into this business if you don’t have the guts and skills in sales. It would also be very difficult to reach your quota (which is really big) since the pearls may not that be a “hit” in the market compared to diamonds and gems.

The product is also very expensive to buy for the customers so it will really take great skills for the direct-seller to level-up the sales. They have also many complaints with regards to the quality of their products as well as their service which is for me, a big NO, NO in a business since you should really serve your clients well and provide the best quality of products to them because their testimony is also a big factor in promoting your sales.

People come back because of the great experience they had. So how would they come back if they have already encountered an unresolved problem and a rude treatment? Indeed, Customer service is a must in any business or institution. Companies and sellers shouldn’t only think about the profit or benefits they will get but also think of the welfare and satisfaction of their customers. 

In conclusion, Vantel pearls is not a scam. It’s up to you if you want to join or not. But If I were you, I would really not join. Yes, I would not recommend you take this MLM opportunity. Instead, opt to take other jobs that could be really beneficial for you. Joining MLM companies can really put you to a lot of risks, pressures, and challenges. 

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 And thanks for taking the time reading this review! I hope I had answered your queries and have given clarity to what you are about to decide. Let me know your thoughts and comments about this review. Thank you!

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