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wifi wealth system review

Welcome to my Wifi Wealth System Review!

With all of the online business hypes and the MLM opportunities that keep on spurring people, it’s not a surprise that if you have an email regarding an opportunity to earn money through a free marketing system.  

Perhaps, that might have been from the Wifi Wealth System.

Wifi Wealth System Review Summary

Name: Wifi Wealth System


Founders: Anji Long Martin

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free To Sign Up + $25 For Ebates + $39.90 For MCA + $19 For Aweber Every Month

wifi wealth system logo

Quick Summary: Wifi Wealth System is a free marketing system that introduces its users to 3 income streams. Basically, it’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity that pays you for selling the products and recruiting people for more commissions.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

It may sound interesting, especially since signing up is free but before you join, be sure to read this entire Wifi Wealth System review first.

In this post, you will learn whether it’s a legit money making website or not. If yes, how does it work? How much money will you make? What are its pros and cons? 

Find all the answers you need and more in this unbiased review.

What Is Wifi Wealth System About? 

Wifi Wealth System is a multi-level marketing company that lets you promote three (3) income streams, namely Ebates, Motor Club of America (MCA), and Aweber.

It works like this: first, it encourages its people to become affiliates or members and promote the same system to other people. This means that their downline should also market the program and recruit other people and so on.

The system was advertised for free, saying that all you need is wifi and a dream; however, to be qualified for the commissions, you have to purchase or subscribe for different platforms. That being said, you can sign up without paying for anything but if you expect to make money using this platform, you have to invest capital, and we’ll discuss more of that below.

Ben Martin and Anji Long of Wifi welath system

Wifi Wealth System is owned by the husband and wife team-up of Ben Martin and Anji Long.

Wifi Wealth System Product Line 

As mentioned, Wifi Wealth System promotes three income streams/services and these are as follow:

  1. Ebates - is a site that pays out folks every time they use the site for shopping need
  2. MCA - is a site that offers to all motorists across the USA with roadside assistance and other travel benefit
  3. Aweber- is an email autoresponder service that enables an earning opportunity

How To Make Money With Wifi Wealth System? 

To join in Wifi Wealth System’s income opportunity, you’ll need to sign up as an affiliate and have your unique links for the products stated above. Again, you have to purchase these platforms first before you can earn commissions. 

You also have to pay out a big amount of money for sending targeted visitors to your page using Solo Ads, which usually costs $100.  

If done right, Solo Ads can be profitable but if you don’t have the skills and expertise on how to use it, you may end up wasting a lot of money without getting results. 

Basically, your commissions are dependent on the services subscribed by your recruit: 

  • Ebates - For every person you referred to that spends $25 on Ebates, you will get a $25 referral fee.
  • MCA - For every person that buys the Total Security package from MCA, you will earn $80.
  • Aweber - You will earn 30% commission on all your referrals and this will depend on the cost on what package they’ll purchase 

And also, you’ll get $1.50 from Wifi Wealth System for every person that uses your link to sign up with them or for each new member you recruit into the system. 

To learn more about Wifi Wealth System, you can watch the video below: 

Is Wifi Wealth System A Scam?

Wifi Wealth System is not a scam.  

The opportunity is legit because the system can allow you to earn an income through various affiliate programs. However, the “FREE Signup” is misleading since some people may think that they can start earning without paying for anything.

However, there’s a price to pay and we’ll gladly discuss that below. 

Also, since it also falls under the business model of affiliate marketing, wherein you need people to click your unique links, you have to know that it won’t be easy. You need to generate traffic to your website so people can see it. 

Now, creating a website can be an issue if you don’t have enough computer skills; generating traffic is another problem if you’re a complete newbie. 

If you want to make money by promoting products and services without recruitment, I suggest that you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate instead. 


Registration is free but to start making money, you’ll have to spend money on the following companies: 

  • Ebates- $25 
  • MCA - $39.90 plus $19.95 monthly 
  • Aweber- $19/monthly 

You'll also have to pay for using Solo Ads which will cost you $100.

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Well, for me there’s not much to like about the Wifi Wealth System. However, I do commend them for having a “done-it-for-you” system that enables affiliates to earn money from multiple income streams.   


It’s Actually Not Free!

The website may advertise that joining Wifi Wealth System is free, even their slogan states that all you need is a wifi connection and a dream.  

Well, yes literally registration is for free but to be able to make dollars, you still have to monetarily invest. You’ll have to spend money on the following income streams, Ebates- $25, MCA - $39.90 plus $19.95 monthly, or $19/monthly for Aweber.  

And on top of that, you’ll also have to spend money on solo Ads that will cost you $100. If you total all of the expenses, it’s indeed quite a lot of money. So in return, you’ll have to heap up several recruits and let them spend as well as the following companies mentioned.

Focused On Recruitment

Since it will be expensive to join and to match up with your expenses, you’ll need to recruit more people to buy into the system and let them purchase as well. And that isn’t a great starting point for rookies. 

So for new ones who don’t have experience in online marketing and MLMs, things may get pretty hard. 

Likened to “PYRAMID SCHEME” affiliations

As you know, it’s not free to join into the income opportunity for you'll need to invest in Ebates, MCA & Aweber. 

And one of the income streams, an MLM, Motor Club America (MCA) is coined as a Pyramid Scheme.   

Though we can’t conclude that it is one. However, I’ve also found out that such companies also have missing income disclosure statements. So with such records, how will you market such programs? 

Vague Training And Support

The training inside the member's area is pretty vague. Although, it's a do it all for your system. Things may get complicated since you're also dealing with other companies. So with such, I believe an in-depth training is a must. So if they can’t provide it for you, how will you be equipped?

Risky Business

When it comes to solo ads, if done right, they can be profitable but if otherwise, it can be really risky. Having said that, in cases where you’ll pick up bad vendors, solo Ads can work out expensive! Solo Ads are indeed not cheap. With such, you can lose money if commissions are less than your advertising costs. 


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Who Is It For?

It is an income opportunity intended for those who are adept with MLMs and digital marketing including email marketing. It is for those who would want to earn big but should also have wifi and a dream. Since this opportunity is not totally free, affiliates should have as well enough monetary capital. 

Training Tools/Support

Being part of the team, you will have a member’s log-in to their website which will give you access to materials and resources you’ll need in this opportunity. However, their training inside the member’s area is pretty vague. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, we could conclude that the Wifi Wealth System is not a scam. However, though it somehow offers a legit way of earning, we still don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, it may not be always sustainable because success will depend on the person. So for a rookie with no experience and inept with strategies for such opportunities, chances of succeeding in such business are hazy. There’s definitely a lot that you’ll need to figure out as a beginner.  

As we know, there's a couple of these free systems claiming that affiliate commissions are simple and swift even for rookies to make. But such platforms like Wifi Wealth System come with risks!  

There’s no such thing as easy money because everything should be worked out through. And also, joining and running such systems like Wifi Wealth System may cost you a lot of money if you don’t know how to handle it well.  

And lastly, the Wifi Wealth system was created to be a money-maker and no more. Yes, it may promise income and an easy way of promotion but where's the value? There's even no personal product.  

For us, a business can be even more meaningful and can grow more successfully if it is driven by passion. It would be nice if Wifi Wealth System would also incorporate it with them, for it seems like that it’s nothing more than just a promoting system that exists to just generate money. Where are the excitement and purpose there?  

So, if we were you, we would not buy into this program.

What’s Next?

Want a substantial and income-generating job? 

If yes, then feel free to join our top-recommended platform. We won’t guarantee instant income and success but we are certain that the tools and support you need will be provided, such as:

  • One-on-one coaching
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  • And many more!

Thank you for going through this Wifi Wealth System review! I hope it was helpful. 

If you have clarifications, comments, and questions, please feel free to write it below. You can also join our mailing list for more product reviews like this. 

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