Is Income Shift Pro A Scam? [myEcon Training Platform] Legit But Misleading?

Income Shift Pro review

Welcome to My Income Shift Pro Review!

In this post, we will provide transparent feedback about a platform called Income Shift Pro to know if it’s worth your time or not. We’ll also discuss what it’s really about, how it works, its pros and cons, and most importantly, if it’s a scam or not.

Income Shift Pro Review Summary

Name: Income Shift Pro


Founders: Ivey Stokes

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing / Training Program

Price: $25 Every Month + Fees From myEcon Including $19.95 For One-Time Fee And $39.95 For The Monthly Fee

Income Shift Pro Logo

Quick Summary: Income Shift Pro is a legit training platform for myEcon members. It provides tools and features that will help them generate leads and communicate with them. However, there are some things you need to learn first before you sign up.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Rest assured that we’re not here to pitch you about it rather, give you an honest and helpful guide to help decide. Also, we’ll be sharing our top-recommended platform that includes the necessary tools and support you need when you want to make money online.

What Is Income Shift Pro About?

Income Shift Pro is a marketing system that promotes a free course online. But other than that, it’s designed to market a program called myEcon -- a financial services company that follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure.

Basically, you have to become a member of myEcon to be able to earn commissions and to have access to this program. Once you become a member, you also have to do the same -- promote the main product and recruit people to earn commissions.

To fully understand what Income Shift Pro is about, let’s discuss myEcon first.

As mentioned, it’s an MLM platform that offers financial services, like managing cash flows and tracking credit scores. It’s legit and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB); however, to be qualified for commissions, you have to sell the program and invite people to join the platform first.

This is a problem as most people have a bad impression of network marketing, particularly with recruitment.

As with Income Shift Pro, it offers free training for the members of myEcon to provide a simplified and efficient process of generating leads and sales.

More About Income Shift Pro

According to their website, the instructor will be Derek Jones, a project manager, lead architect, and founder of several companies.

Income Shift Pro Derek Jones

As for the system, it comes with a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales funnel, email responders, and voicemail broadcasting response. It also lets you send SMS, email messages, or voice blasts so you can reach your members and leads.

On their Homepage, you will see the Course Curriculum and we’ll share the photo below:

Basically, it comes with a 35-minute video that explains what myEcon is about and the opportunity it offers. 

It also includes a sales funnel and a way to track your referrals. That way, you get the right credit and score for your commissions. It also comes with a system that tracks where you got your leads and their statistics. 

As mentioned above, you can also communicate with them via text or by simply connecting to their social media. It’s also capable of sending email messages to your leads using a high level of encryption, keeping your messages and credentials secured.

It also comes with a webinar invite page that members can personalize and use when they want to let their leads know that they are going live on Facebook or YouTube.

The other features of Income Shift Pro include live chat, pop-ups, capture pages, third-party autoresponders, custom funnel creation software, and bridge page capabilities.

To learn more about Income Shift Pro, you can watch the video below:

How To Make Money With Income Shift Pro?

One way to make money with Income Shift Pro is through their affiliate program.

So for every person you successfully refer to the platform, you’ll earn $5 and it will be a recurring commission if your subscriber stays subscribed to the program.

The other way, of course, is through myEcon. Since you have to become a member of this MLM first, you have a chance to make money from their platform by selling their financial services and recruiting people to join the platform.

Is Income Shift Pro A Scam?

Income Shift Pro is not a scam. It’s somehow misleading though since on its website, it promotes itself as “free training.”

However, once you discover what it’s all about, you’ll learn that 1.) you have to become a member of myEcon first and that means spending a certain amount for its membership fee and 2.) you need to pay less than $30 every month to have access.

We believe it’s worth the price though. It’s not expensive considering the features it offers. However, it’s best to fully understand what Income Shift Pro and myEcon is about before signing up.

For one, it requires recruitment and if you’re not comfortable with that, maybe Income Shift Pro is not for you.

Don’t worry, if you want to have a comprehensive guide on how you can make money online, there are other alternatives to choose from.


To have full access to Income Shift Pro, you have to pay $25 a month. It’s not cheap but affordable enough, especially since it has a lot of features. But then, it’s only recommended for those who have joined myEcon; otherwise, the training and tools offered are useless.

So including the membership fee of myEcon, you have to pay $19.95 for the one-time setup fee and $39.95 for the monthly fee.

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Useful For myEcon Members

Remember, this platform only serves the members of myEcon so if you’re not part of this multi-level marketing program, then it will be useless.

Otherwise, you have access to a lot of training tools and features, such as the training videos, email autoresponder, text blasts, leads management system, campaign tracking, and even a free traffic rotator.

It also helps the members generate and contact their lead and team members easily so for us, it’s a one-stop-shop if you want to grow your myEcon business.


It Promotes An MLM Platform

Not that we think MLM as a scam or low-quality program, it’s just that it’s not for everybody. Often, it requires a huge capital to begin with and recruitment to earn commissions.

While it offers products and services to sell and make money from, you -- as the member -- should know how to invite people to join in the platform and encourage them to do the same so you can make money from overrides. 

It’s not only challenging, but it’s also annoying if you’re the one being invited. 

The good thing with Income Shift Pro is that it somehow makes the job of recruiting and talking to your leads easier; however, there’s little to no chance for you to make an income here. 

Misleading Details

It’s marketed as a free training with an impressive course curriculum but to gain access to its features, you have to pay several fees for the system and myEcon membership (if you’re not a member).

It’s basically an upsell to myEcon and if you just signed up without reading reviews or learning more about this platform first, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up losing money than earning it. 


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Who Is It For?

This is only recommended for those who have joined myEcon. That being said, you have to know the financial company first, which, by the way, is a multi-level marketing company. 

If you’re not fine with offering financial services and recruiting people, then this is not for you.

Training Tools/Support

Income Shift Pro offers free training for the members of myEcon. It also offers special training for the top earners of my Econ.

It’s beneficial but only for those who are affiliates of the said MLM program. Other than that, it has no use for those who are not planning to join the myEcon.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Income Shift Pro offers good training and tools to myEcon members; however, it would have been better if it has explained what it is about in the first place.

The website promotes free training so basically, some people will think that you don’t have to worry about paying for anything. Turns out, you’ll be shouldering a lot of costs.

Also, as a member, you have to recruit people to join the platform, and often, recruitment is associated with pyramid schemes or scam and although myEcon and Income Shift Pro are legit programs, you should still be careful in joining programs like this.

What’s Next?

Making money online is possible but to make more of it, you should be able to provide time, commitment, and the will to continuously learn.

It’s not easy but with the right program to support you, it can be less challenging. Lucky for us, we found the best platform that will help us earn an income online and you can, too!

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We hope our Income Shift Pro review has enlightened you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below and join our mailing list so you can find more product reviews and legit ways to make money online.

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