What Is DubLi Network? What Makes This MLM Company Different?

dubli network review

Welcome to my DubLi Network Review!

With the cascading launching of different kinds of business opportunities online, you are probably offered various job opportunities and perhaps you’re still deciding which one to take. 

Of course, the priority is to know if it’s legit or not. People are creative in setting up businesses, from those with physical products from beauty to food, there are even mobile applications that also promise coupons and discounts, online shopping platforms that offer cash back opportunities and many more.

Dubli Network Review Summary

Name: Dubli Network

Website: www.dublinetwork.com

Founders: Michael Hansen

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $99 For The Business Package + $39 For The Annual Business License Renewal Fee + $495 To $2475 For Optional Packages

dubli network logo

Quick Summary: DubLi Network is an e-commerce multi-level marketing opportunity with a bit of a twist. Originally started as an auction site, the brand is now operating as a cashback site with an MLM platform.

There’s no actual product marketed and what is promoted here are discounts, savings, and an opportunity to gain cashback from buying among the big-name retailers in the industry. Thereby, enabling affiliates to make some money even on work from basis.

Being an MLM, it also rewards affiliates as they recruit people to join too.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

With that, we will now be discussing an online business platform called DubLi Network. It offers cashbacks and a chance to earn money through its multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. 

It may have started as an online auction site (which I could say, started as a peculiar online business) and then resorted to MLM with the touch of utilizing cashbacks. Let’s learn more about it in this honest DubLi Network review!

What Is DubLi Network About?

DubLi Network is a global marketing company. It came by with a bit of twist as compared with other multi-level marketing opportunities as it was originally launched way back in 2003 and first started to be an auction site. 

It was centered around reverse auctions or penny auctions. These auctions are websites where you pay for individual bids instead of physically bidding on items. 

It was in 2014 when they decided to shift with a different approach in the business as they placed focus on cashback deals. DubLi Network probably decided to get out of the reverse auctions due to legal issues.

DubLi Network was founded by a billionaire, Michael Hansen -- who is as well the president and CEO of the company. 

michael hansen of dubli network

Michael Hansen was recruited by LEGO in his early days. He expanded the company into the space products, which developed into the Star Wars products.

In 1996, Hansen shifted his career toward a successful franchise of Mexican restaurants. But after 3 years, he sold the franchise to pursue the Network Marketing industry. Hansen has also received a prestigious CEO Of The Year Award in 2017.

As their site claims, DubLi Network offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to build a career or second-income business by generating earnings from the millions of products and services that people buy online every day. 

Being an MLM, their business strategy focuses on rewarding people for their marketing efforts through a referral-based income program. As they claim, DubLi Network has become the largest direct-selling e-commerce company in the world, offering 15 different languages on their website.

How DubLi Network Works?

DubLi Network provides customers with online shopping, entertainment, and travel packages. All customers that join receive Cashback each time they shop on the website. Like most cashback sites, that’s how DubLi Network works too. It enables an opportunity to earn or gain money back on the purchases made at partner shops.

It’s like other cashback platforms, like BeFrugal but with additional income opportunities.

DubLi Network Product Line

Basically, there’s no actual product and what is marketed here are discounts, savings, and an opportunity to gain cash back from buying among their partner retailers. And most especially they offer an opportunity to make money and that is by selling memberships. Being an MLM, recruitment is still the name of the game!

How To Make Money With DubLi Network?

Independent Business Associates in DubLi Network have a global opportunity to earn an income thru cashbacks, commissions from personal customers, and also being an MLM in nature, they can earn income through building a team of downlines. 

They offer a wide variety of online shopping and travel possibilities to global customers and pays out an incredible 25% commission to Business Associates on personal customers and from 5% up to 27.5% in organizational commissions.

Basically, as an Independent Business Associate in DubLi Network, you’ll gain commission through the following:

  • When your customers purchase the Shopping Mall
  • When your customers book Travel
  • When your customers purchase one of DubLi’s value-rich Customer Membership packages (Premium and V.I.P.)
  • Organization Commissions from your down line’s customer’s Shopping Mall and Travel purchases
  • Overrides on Business and Membership Packages
  • Qualifying promotional incentives
  • DubLi Partner Programs sponsored
how to make money with dubli network

8 ways to earn:

  1. Personal Customer Cash Back Commission 20% - 30%
  2. Personal Customer Commission on all purchased annual VIP Memberships on DubLi.com 20%*
  3. Organizational Customer Commission 5% - 27.5%
  4. Fast Start Bonus 10% on personal enrollment packages
  5. Team Cycle Bonus 10%
  6. Team Matching Bonuses 5% - 10% (First Level & Generational)
  7. BSP Rewards Partner Program
  8. Special Incentives and Promotions
  9. Learn more about DubLi Network by watching the video below:

Is Dubli Network A Scam?

DubLi network appears to be legit and is not a scam. It has a fairly decent compensation plan and it does provide services. It’s also been operating as a cashback and MLM business since 2016. 

However, it is still a business with an MLM platform, so it will take time to generate income by recruiting. 

Also, it doesn’t have a Better Bureau Business profile and there have been quite a handful of complaints that they don’t get their cashback. So, definitely not recommend this one to you. 

what dubli network is about


Being an MLM, DubLi Network offers an affiliate program. And to get started as an independent business associate, you just have to go to their site and register, fill up some important demographics as well as the name of the sponsor who referred you to join. 

After that, you’ll have to purchase a Business Package worth $99. 

This provides a Business License so you have access to your own DubLi Network back office with marketing materials, tools, and training modules and the right to earn commission on the commissionable Cash Back earned by the customers that you refer to shop on the DubLi.com platform.

You are also required to pay an annual Business License renewal fee of $39 on the date of your anniversary as a member.

You can also upgrade your package to:

Team Member (TM) Package ( $495) 

This is an optional purchase; however, if you wish to build your own sales team and earn organizational commissions, you are required to purchase either the TM, Special TM, or PPA enrollment package.

Includes 12 (10 + 2 Free) annual Global VIP Rewards Membership Vouchers to send to potential and/or current customers to expand your customer base and enhance your customer interactions. 

All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase (plus 30 days for redemption on DubLi.com). 

Partner Program Accelerator (PPA) Package ($2475)

This offers new Business Associates a variety of tools to hit the ground running in building their DubLi Network business from the start.

It combines the best features of the Business Package, Membership Packages, and Partner Program into one streamlined bundle and includes the following:

  • 1 x Business License 
  • 60 (50 + 10 Free) annual Global VIP Rewards Membership Vouchers 
  • 1 x BSP Rewards Partner Program Certification Training Course 
  • Up to 50% Discount on Partner Program Vouchers 
  • 10% Organizational Commission 
  • Access to DubLi Customer Landing Pages
  • All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase (plus 30 days for redemption on DubLi.com) and it can be sent to potential and/or current customers to expand customer base and enhance customer interactions. 

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Nice Concept

I like the concept of this program. While availing services offered by DubLi Network such as online shopping, entertainment, and travel packages, you’re able to stretch your expenses by receiving cashback on purchases you made, which makes it a pretty rewarding deal. 

You could also gain from purchases of personal customers and even have a chance to maximize income through recruitment/ organization commissions. 


Numerous Complaints

DubLi Network has been operating as a cashback site for roughly 6 years and with that time being, there are rumors about the cashback not getting paid out. It may or may not be true but complaints keep on sprouting. So if people are not happy with such service and have quite a handful of negative reviews, it’s already enough reason not to pursue such kind of business. 

Recruitment Required

This is not to disdain MLM opportunities, but the truth that most MLM opportunities require recruitment is a bit of a disadvantage. It will be sort of a hassle and it’s not a platform for all. Because you should be good at recruiting and persuading people. And also, it will take time to generate income through recruitment.

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Who Is It For?

It’s intended for those who are looking for an opportunity to earn money online and for those interested in cashback. It’s also for those who are good at recruitment and MLMs. 

Training Tools/Support

Joining as an independent business associate and purchasing the business package, you’ll be provided access to your own DubLi Network back office along with marketing materials, tools, and training modules needed in your business. 

They also have customer support available. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

I admit, at first, DubLi Network may seem like an interesting company with a nice and enticing concept. 

Upon further investigation, we could say that it appears to be legit and is not a scam. But seeing negative reviews from people, the offer seems questionable. However, I give it the benefit of the doubt that it’s not a scam as it comes with a compensation plan and valuable services, unlike the usual scams we see online. 

Plus, its founder, Michael Hansen, is a real person with a good reputation in the business industry. He’s even received a prestigious award for being a great CEO.

Nonetheless, it’s good to consider the reviews from other people to know if it’s the right opportunity for you or not.

What's Next?

When it comes to making money, it’s easy to fall for a program that promises quick results. However, it’s not like and it will never be. 

Generating an income that will help you reach your financial goal takes time and improvement so if you’re looking for a legit way to make money online, I suggest that you sign up with our top-recommended program.

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  • Training resources
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I hope this DubLi Network review has helped you come up with a decision. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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