What Is ORU Marketplace? Is It A Legit Way To Pay And Get Paid Or Just Another Scam?

oru marketplace review

Welcome to My ORU Marketplace Review!

With today’s generation where most things are done online, it’s not a surprise if you have seen a payment platform you could use online and have the convenience of paying bills or payments to peers with just your smartphones, such as the famous PayPal.

Now that’s one convenient way to avoid the hassle of falling in line in banks or whatsoever. 

ORU Marketplace Review Summary

Name: ORU Marketplace

Website: www.orumarketplace.com

Founders: Nick VandenBrekel

Product Type: Online Payment Platform

Price: $20.94 For The First Month Of Membership + $5.95 For The Monthly Subscription

ORU Marketplace logo

Quick Summary: ORU Marketplace is an enterprise software or system that provides users with the opportunity for one-stop global sharing. Basically, it also comes with an app that you could install in your iOS or Android device. 

It offers travel, communication, social sharing, trade and business, financial support, and health care services. Subscribing and joining as a member, you will be given a Visa Black debit card that can be used globally to make purchases both online and offline. 

It also rewards members who share or endorse the company with others, though the company says that this ORU is not a networking program. But in reality, they have an affiliate program you could join from and it is based on a multi-level marketing structure. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this review, we will talk about software or system that lets you do that. ORU Marketplace -- a platform that lets you pay and get paid, is making a buzz online not only because of the convenience offered but also because of the income opportunity.

But before you sign up with the program, be sure to read the entire ORU Marketplace review first to know if it’s worth your time or not.

What Is ORU Marketplace About? 

ORU Marketplace stands for “One Race United” -- an enterprise software that provides users with the opportunity for one-stop global sharing. It’s also a payment processing site that works like PayPal. 

It’s a sub-company of Azteya Limited and is based in the Grand Cayman in George Town. It also has a headquarters in Florida, United States. It initially launched on or before January 2017.

ORU Marketplace was founded and programmed by Nick VandenBrekel, which is also the said architect of the network. Not only adept in information technology but Nick VandenBrekel has also a vast knowledge and experience in the financial field. 

The brand is an online system that comes with a mobile application you can use in smartphones. ORU app is available for download on Android and iOS devices. 

fThe site and the app allow you to send and receive funds into your account. You can also transfer funds or even pay for goods and services at your convenience and it doesn’t have any payment limits, unlike other online payment sites. 

what is oru marketplace about

Members can also make payments to other members in the network without a paying fee. Instead of dealing with actual banks, members can go through their payment system, which is run by PayQuicker and Metabank. 

As its name suggests, it’s a marketplace where members can list the services they provide, goods that they are selling, and their business in the platform. 

Being an enterprise software, you can advertise and sell products and services on a worldwide network of buyers. It also offers services for travel, trade, and business, financial support, and health care. 

On top of that, ORU Marketplace offers an affiliate program that is based on a multi-level marketing platform. As you join as an affiliate and recruit others to join, you will be remunerated as well. 

Your recruits will be placed under you and become your downlines. Members can get a reciprocity income. ORU offers an innovative reciprocity income benefit that pays for members' participation each day the more they use their media platform, software, features, and invite others to join, the higher their participation score will be and the more they’ll get paid. 

If you’re looking for mobile applications like ORU Marketplace that can help you earn on your free time, you can check these apps:

Services Offered By ORU Marketplace

  • ORU Media - ORU TV, Broadcast, ScreenShare, Chat, E-learning, News, and more.
  • ORU Expo - Advertise and promote your products, services, and business.
  • ORU SOCIAL - Your internal social network between members. It’s your ORU social place where you could post on your timeline and share about your life.
  • ORU TRAVEL - A discount travel platform. The best deals on travel anytime, anywhere.
  • ORU Score - Get score points for your participation and get paid each day.
  • ORU Health - Gives you discounts on your prescriptions. It’s your own Rx savings card to lower your healthcare prescription costs. 
  • ORU Quantum - Opportunity for you to invest in the shares of the company. Unlock subscriber opportunities and grow value with Quantum.
  • Premium Lite and Subscription - Offering both premium and free LITE subscription. 
  • ORU Wallet - Access and withdraw your money. Use ORUPay to pay other subscribers.
  • ORU Mail - High-security encrypted mail services in one sophisticated mailbox.
oru marketplace services

How To Make Money With ORU Marketplace?

To begin, you have to register in Reciprocity Network for free or through a premium subscription. 

The company offers an affiliate program that they refer to as the “Membership Protocol Advocacy Program.” This lets any member share ORU with their friends and receives rewards for doing so.  

You simply just go to their online domain and fill in the registration form. Part of the form also asks if who referred you to ORU. So here the recruitment value takes place. There is no limit as to how wide your network can go and you are even allowed up to 10 levels down.

Despite the obvious, ORU Marketplace denies the part of them being an MLM. But if you look closely, commissions are paid when members recruit others to join the ORU marketplace affiliate membership since there are really no actual products. 

What you really market here is the affiliate membership and for people to use and market the services as well. You get rewarded if you recruit someone to join. They may term it as an ORU Protocol reward bonus. But this seems more of a commission given based on recruitments. 

These are ways to make money in ORU Marketplace: 

  • Recruitment Commissions - ORU Marketplace affiliates are paid $10 per affiliate they recruit. A residual $1 recruitment commission is paid on affiliates recruited by personally recruited affiliates (level 2).
  • Residual Commissions - ORU Marketplace pays residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure which places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on down a theoretically infinite number of levels.

As mentioned above, ORU Marketplace caps payable unilevel team levels at 10.

And these commissions are paid based on monthly fee payments made by directly and indirectly recruited unilevel team affiliates.

For each affiliate placed into the unilevel team that continues to pay their monthly $5.95 affiliate fee, a 25 cent monthly residual commission is paid out.

Learn more about ORU Marketplace by watching the video below:

Is ORU Marketplace A Scam?

ORU Marketplace seems to be legit rather than a scam. 

It’s a legitimate online payment platform just like PayPal or any other online payment site. Not only you could have the convenience to pay bills and access other services they offer but you could as well have an earning opportunity as you recruit people to join.


Joining ORU Marketplace will cost you $20.94 for the first month of membership and in succeeding months, you’ll have to pay $5.95 monthly to maintain your service subscription with ORU Marketplace. 

You will then be provided with a Visa Black debit card which can be used worldwide to make purchases both online and offline.

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Legit Online Payment Platform

Just like PayPal and other legitimate online payment sites, ORU Marketplace is legit. You could as well pay at your convenience and it's even free to transfer payments to co-members but there are other transaction fees associated with the debit card.


Shady Offers In The Market

Since it’s a marketplace, this opportunity also allows members to earn as they advertise offers. However, you really have to look carefully to find the best offers and those that can be trusted. There are a lot of shady offers in the market. So it would be better if they post legitimate offers in the market so that other members are guaranteed that they receive what they are paying for. 

No Refund

Once you pay a member in the marketplace the transaction is non-refundable and there is no cashback for this purchase. Once you transfer the funds to another member there is no way you can get a refund from ORU Marketplace. And there’s also no refund if the offer isn’t what was advertised. So, if you want to use the market to purchase an item, use so with caution. 

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Who Is It For?

ORU Marketplace is open for individuals who are 13 years old and over.

It’s for those who would like to utilize online payment platforms with ease and efficiency and at the same time, make money through recruitment and advertising offers.

Training Tools/Support

ORU Marketplace affiliate membership provides access to a Visa prepaid card, social network, travel discount portal, healthcare prescription discounts, and an advertising platform. There is also access to E-learning with the variety of services it offers. Contact and support are as well made available for all. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

ORU Marketplace seems to be a legit income opportunity. It is not a scam. Not only is it an online payment platform but it’s also a software that offers a variety of services from travel to prescription discounts and more. 

But still, I would not recommend this. It appears to be a multi-level marketing company but the fact that the company is heavily denying this is absurd. Also, its income opportunity is not for a full-time source. It may give some earnings but not for a living. So, it’s best not to resort to this unless you’re really using the app.

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Thank you for reading my ORU Marketplace review! If you have comments, suggestions, and testimonies, feel free to share below. 

Have a nice day!

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