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is zarfund a scam

Welcome to My Zarfund Review! 

If there’s one thing that’s making a noise online, especially when it comes to opportunities, it would cryptocurrency.

Zarfund Review Summary

Name: ZarFund


Founders: Hannes Jordaan

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: 0.03 - 2.38 Bitcoin For The Investment

zarfund logo

Quick Summary: ZarFund is another form of Cryptocurrency where people will make a quick profit from other people's investments. Using a member to member donation platform or gifting system though bitcoin, ZarFund then produces the funds used to pay the affiliates.

The cash flows within its network only. There are no actual retail sales involved. No outside money will be made. Instead, you make money by selling an actual affiliate membership through recruitment. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Some of us might not hear about it yet but basically, it’s like cash used to pay or purchase products or services online. While there's a future in it, some programs are using it as a disguise for their real agenda and that is to scam people. 

So before you sign up with any program, such as the ones we’re going to talk about in this review, it’s best to learn more about it first. 

In this post, we will talk about Zarfund to know whether this opportunity is worth your time and money or not.

what is zarfund about

What Is ZarFund About? 

ZarFund is also another form of cryptocurrency. 

ZarFund is another form of cryptocurrency that runs through an affiliate membership program. It’s almost the same as Forcount and Cryptotab Browser

The company’s domain was privately registered on July 27, 2016, by Hannes Jordaan as the founder and CEO.  

ZarFund utilizes the power of gifting systems or also known as the “member to member” donation - platform, by requiring a certain amount of bitcoin to each affiliate. The amount required will serve as a “gift/donation” to the person who enrolled them in the program. So clearly there is no product nor retail sales made.  

The members will gain profit by marketing and selling the ZarFunds “affiliates membership program” to another prospect investor. Hence, there is no outside money involved, but funds are only made within the affiliates that are already a part of ZarFund’s affiliate membership program.  

When the required amount was set, the member is now eligible to start earning gifting payment to other ZarFund members. Monthly ROI's are received and funded among members through the use of a 2 x 5 matrix system.  

The matrix system works by placing one single affiliate at the tip-top. Then, below another 2 spots will be opened.  

When the spots are filled, four new spots will open. Once the four spots have been loaded, another eight spots will open, until 62 positions have been completely filled with the subsequent affiliates. 

When the whole matrix system was complete via direct and indirect recruitment, the affiliates were now required to give 0.03 bitcoin to their recruiter who enrolled them to join ZarFund. There are five different levels within the matrix.  

Affiliates are positioned depending on the amount of the bitcoin they gifted to their initial recruiter. For instance, the level 3 position asked the member to compulsory gift-up 0.1 bitcoin each, every month to their recruiting affiliate. In return, monthly they will also get 0.1 bitcoin from a total of other eight affiliates.  

In order to increase your potential gift earnings to the whole matrix you are part of, you can invest up to 2.38 bitcoin each month. The more bitcoin you shell out, the higher the chances you will get bigger commissions.  

ZarFund Product Line 

ZarFund offers an “affiliate membership program” and uses a gifting system through the use of bitcoin to gain profit from each affiliate. No direct retail sales were made, but instead, a minimum of 0.03 bitcoin is required monthly for each member, up to a maximum of 2.38 bitcoin as an investment. The more bitcoin you invest the higher the commissions you will take within the matrix you are in. 

Is ZarFund A Scam? 

ZarFund is definitely a scam. Funds and commissions are made among each member. The members will only gain profit by selling the ZarFunds “affiliates membership program” to another prospect investor.  

It claims that members receive commissions through a direct member to member donation platform but we know that’s not how it works.  

Affiliates could only earn money from each ZarFund member. Thus, when a new affiliate comes in, which is automatically placed at the bottom of the matrix and decided to stop funding their upline, the entire matrix system will fall apart, a domino effect will take place.  

So, any ZarFund member that hasn't received their so-called “return of investment”(ROI’s) will now end up getting nothing. They lose the whole investment deal. And, because bitcoin was used, there is no other way you can make refunds. 

Is ZarFund A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

ZarFund is an example of a Ponzi scheme. Profits are made through the incoming funds contributed by the subsequent affiliates. The cash flows within the network, no outside money were received.  

No actual product has been sold out to the public, but instead, the money will return through continuous funding from the newly recruited affiliates. When the newbies who are placed at the bottom of the chain will stop signing up and funding their upline, the whole matrix will fall apart. 

Hence, if you are new and haven’t yet enjoyed the full compensation from the gifting system, you will not get a chance to take your money back, you end up zero. Compared to other legit MLM companies, they use their product as leverage for the membership fee.  

So members will not go home empty-handed, even in some instances, the price of the product is not worth it to the payment they made. 

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ZarFund Compensation Plan

ZarFund compensation plans are received through a gifting system/donation - platform, which is organized through a 2 x 5 matrix system. Each affiliate is required to pay a certain amount of bitcoin to its initial recruiter. There is no clear compensation aside from these methods. 

zarfund compensation plan

How Much To Join ZarFund?

To be a part of the “ZarFund membership program” an affiliate is required to produce a bitcoin amounting to 0.03 up to the maximum amount of 2.38 bitcoin through a system called gift-up/direct donation platform from each member. The more bitcoin you invest, the more bitcoin that you will take from the affiliates within the matrix system. 



Cheaper Fees

The joining fee is quite cheap compared to other similar groups. I think that’s the only thing I like about ZarFund. 


Lack Of Transparency

The company has no reliable public information as the domain was registered in a private manner. The company’s website has little information about ZarFund and its founder. 

I’ve seen a red flag like this from scams so if I were you, I’ll skip this program right away. I mean, if the owners are not hiding anything, why are they not transparent with their identities. 

Ponzi Scheme In Disguise 

There is no guarantee for the return of investment. Affiliates will gain profit through the investment of other new affiliates. When the recruitment stops, the cash flow will also stop, and the whole matrix will fall apart. 

Other than being unstable, this is a telltale of a scam, a pyramid scheme, or a Ponzi scheme and I’m not going to waste my time on that.

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Training Tools/Support

No training tools or materials are provided nor mentioned. The main instruction is to just recruit to multiply and build the 62 positions. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In my conclusion, ZarFund is a clear example of a Ponzi scheme because the profits are produced from the hand of another investor through a recruitment process. Hence, there is no assurance that you will have a return of investment in the future.  

The 2 x 5 matrix handles the whole “ZarFund affiliate membership system” if the whole thing crumbles, a domino effect is expected to take place. The cash flows, commissions, and profits are only funded by affiliate members. Imagine if an affiliate failed to comply with the gift amount required to them, the next affiliates on top will not receive any profit, and it will go on and on until no funds are collected.  

So if you are lucky enough and the money you invested hasn’t come back yet, then you will lose the entire deal, and there is no way that you will recover your funds. Yes, the joining fee might be quite cheap and money is fast, but the chances of losing it are also within a blink of an eye.  

That being said, I would not recommend ZarFund as a good source of investment nor a great deal of business. Cryptocurrency is like a gamble, it requires you to take risks and either you make more or you go home empty-handed.  

On top of this, you should focus on the recruitment otherwise, your investment will go to waste. 

My verdict -- definitely not recommending this program to you!

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my ZarFund review.

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