Cash Sniper Review – Scam Or Legit Way To Earn $3K/Day?

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Welcome to My Cash Sniper Review!

ClickBank is one of the longest operating Internet retailers and although it has proven its legitimacy, it’s very rare to see high-quality programs that truly deliver. The sad thing, most, if not all, are overhyped, and these often include programs that are designed by well-known marketers. However, there are still legit and effective platforms that you can check out personally, such as ClickBank Superstar.

Cash Sniper Review Summary

Name: Cash Sniper


Founders: "Ray Pickard"

Product Type: Online Training Course (Affiliate Marketing And Amazon)

Price: $9 + Upsells

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Quick Summary: Cash Sniper is an online training program that claims to help you earn $3K+ today. Like other low-quality programs, it makes it seem like making a massive amount of cash is easy, and that you doesn’t need to be an expert.

Using their autopilot, you can just leave the system and expect it to earn cash but that’s not the case. Find out all the RED FLAGS exposed in this program by reading my honest Cash Sniper review.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Nonetheless, it’s too early to assume so the best way to find out is to check honest feedback. And probably, that’s why you are here -- to learn more about Cash Sniper.

Is Cash Sniper a scam or a legit system that will help you make $3K today?

What is this product about and how can you make money from it?

If you’ve got questions, don’t worry, I got the answers.

Check out my full Cash Sniper review to know more about this Clickbank product.

can you make $3k today with cash sniper

What Is Cash Sniper About?

Typical ClickBank product.

Full of overhyped messages. Voice-overed sales video with fake testimonials and exaggerated claims. Fake scarcity. And little to no details about what you will be doing.

But what is Cash Sniper really about?

Apparently, this system has done “all the heavy lifting” for you and you can earn $3,500 commissions starting today, even if you don’t know what you’ll be doing in the first place. Like other low-quality ClickBank products I’ve reviewed, such as:

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it talks about how easy it is to make money and a lot of people have done it using their program before you.

cash sniper fake claims

According to their sales page, you can make a massive amount using an autopilot system. It even included testimonials from a few people “who have used it”. However, I don’t believe any of what they are saying, and you’ll find out why in a bit.

How Cash Sniper Works?

Basically, Cash Sniper is an online training program that provides short, almost outdated videos and PDFs about affiliate marketing.

Before anything else, affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, and many marketers have used this business model to earn a regular, extra, and/or even a passive income. However, unlike what Cash Sniper claims, you cannot make money from it in an instant.

Like other legal business, online or offline, it takes time to see a result, and no matter how revolutionary or advanced the program is, there’s no easy way to make a massive amount immediately with affiliate marketing. In fact, you need to wait for at least 3 months or more before you see the money rolling into your account. Even if you’re using done-for-you systems or autopilots, you can’t guarantee that you will make money in an instant.

In fact, it can even be an issue. If you’re using a DFY system, you might have a problem in the future. For one, what if the site or program you’re using crashed, then that means your business will be affected negatively, too. Second, since these templates were already made, you won’t be able to tweak or personalize it according to your desire.

Going back to affiliate marketing, despite being legitimate and one of the best ways to earn online, this will not always be the case if you joined the wrong program.

If you’d like to start your online business and sign up with the best affiliate marketing program that’s not only transparent but also, will provide value to you, then I invite you to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Cash Sniper A Scam?

Cash Sniper is not a scam, in a sense that you will receive a product that you have paid for. In simple terms, no one is going to run away with your money.

However, if you perceive scam as something that doesn’t deliver to its promises, that’s when we got a problem.

First of all, there’s no denying the fact that the website is full of overhyped messages. Claims that most people know, especially those who have been marketing for a long time, are far from reality.

When you purchase Cash Sniper, you’ll have to go through the basic, useless training and you’ll have to set up your website, create content, generate traffic, and hope for conversions -- and these won’t happen in just 24 hours.

Second, the owner, Ray Pickard, could not even give his real identity so how can you trust this program. How would you know if Cash Sniper is a scam or not? There’s nothing much about himself. No social media accounts to follow or contact details provided. He has even used a voice-over to conceal his real voice, perhaps even his accent, and these should be more than enough to tell you that you should back away from this product.

Third, fake testimonials. I have always been skeptical about this kind of reviews from low-quality products because I know, they are nothing but a fake, and guess what I found:

cash sniper bald man fake review
cash sniper fake review

This man is just one of the three people who have shared their experience with Cash Sniper and how it’s supposedly helps them earn a massive amount. You see, these people are paid to do this, to work as a spokesperson, to read a script and lie about how effective and promising the product is. So before you sign up, it’s really worth taking time to know more about the program and reading this Cash Sniper review is a good choice.


Cash Sniper costs $9, which is a small amount, and it even has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. That means if you think the product is not effective, not satisfying, or not right for you, you can ask for a refund within 2 months.

cash sniper price

Some people may even be lured easily not only because of the very affordable amount but also, the fake scarcity used. On their sales page, you’ll see messages such as “limited spots” and “you will lose your position” after a few minutes, but don’t be fooled. If you refresh the tab or you visit the site again tonight, the next day, or even the next month, you can see the same messages again.

cash sniper fake scarcity

Also, as expected, there are high-ticket upsells that you should ignore at all costs, including:

Upsell 1: Cash Sniper Secret Method $197 / Downsell: $147
Upsell 2: Cash Sniper X $177

Meanwhile, if you choose not to purchase the program but share your email address with them, they will bombard you with newsletters and offers about same low-quality products, and if that’s not something you like, be careful about sharing your contact details.

In addition, they “may share your data with their coaching partners” who will offer you similar useless products.

cash sniper purchase agreement

Call me unfair but I’m not a big fan of products that displays overhyped messages, fake owners, fake testimonials, and other suspicious details. I’ll be more than happy to share the things I don’t like instead.

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Fake Testimonials From Fiverr Actors

Cash Sniper has used actors who, without a doubt, have never used their product anyways. These are scripted and that alone is enough to tell me that I cannot trust the program.

Fake Scarcity Tactics

If you’re not used to this, you might be forced to purchase the program without having any second thoughts, which is pretty risky. Even with their money back guarantee, you cannot bring back the time you’ve wasted on Cash Sniper, in case you think it’s a low-quality product that don’t deliver anything at all.

Fake Owner

Ray Pickard has never shared anything about him so more or less, we don’t know anything. What if there’s a problem or you want to raise a concern? How are you going to reach him when you’re not even sure if Ray Pickard is a real person?

False Claims About Making Money

Considering the training and all the method you need to do, you can’t make $3,500 today. Even if you finished all the training and you set up every single thing that needs to be set up, you cannot make money anytime soon because that’s NOT how affiliate marketing works.

You need to spend time, enhance your skills, create good traffic, and work on your website for a couple of hours or more and wait for a few months to make massive commissions.

Low-Quality Training

Cash Sniper has provided very basic training that is either outdated or useless. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, you’d rather spend time reading and watching training materials and videos online, which, by the way, are offered for free.

Or you can join our #1 suggested platform online instead! It’s the online platform that I’ve been using for quite some time now and I love how the value that’s being shared in their free training.

This is why it’s my top recommended program and if you get a chance to discover it on your own, I bet you would like it, too.

High-Ticket Upsells

Cash Sniper has only two upsells but both are high-ticket. In total, it’s worth almost $400 and that’s not a small amount. If I were you, I would ignore these add-ons without any second thoughts.

Tired of Wasting Time on Low Quality Programs?

I'm so grateful that I was able to find THIS PROGRAM which helped me to finally start making money online!

Who Is It For?

Cash Sniper has a lot of things to be suspicious about, so I cannot really recommend it. However, if you want to take advantage of their basic training and money back guarantee, you can still use this source to learn more about affiliate marketing, how it works, what you need to do to make it work, etc

But then again, you can get all these details for free online or by joining my top recommended program.

Training Tools/Support

Cash Sniper provides a training tool, in the form of eBooks, that talks about making money through affiliate marketing and Amazon. It also covers topics about how to set up your WordPress website, squeeze pages, solo ads, Facebook ads, using YouTube videos to market your affiliate website, etc.

Also, I’d like to share this: did you know that one of Cash Sniper’s eBook is about 40-pages long. So, considering that you need to read this first, how can you make $3,500 today?

If you want to learn more about Cash Sniper, you can watch the video below:

Final Opinion/Verdict

In my own humble opinion, I don’t like Cash Sniper at all and I can’t recommend it to anyone, not even for beginners because surely, you will get overwhelmed with a lot of topics involved. There are a lot of things that this product has never told you, which you’ll only find out after purchasing. It’s misleading and it’s used a lot of fake scarcity techniques and bold claims.

What's Next?

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you have to remember one thing: HARD WORK PAYS OFF. It takes more than just using an autopilot system because to make this business model work, you have to spend time and effort. Don’t worry, my top recommended program is here to guide you.

now and enjoy these perks:

  • Proven strategy to work smart and earn a lot (literally)
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Best possible support including your own training coach
  • Lots of training resources
  • My personal help
  • And so much more!

I hope I have enlightened you with my Cash Sniper review and should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

Thank you!

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