Dino Gomez Funnel Consultant Society Review – Is This High Ticket Course Worth It?

Welcome to My Funnel Consultant Society Review!

A particular course called “Funnel Consultant Society” caught my attention so I asked the same questions that most of you have in mind.

Is Funnel Consultant Society a legit money making opportunity or is it just another online scam? 

Funnel Consultant Society Review Summary

Name: Funnel Consultant Society

Website:  www.funnelconsultantsociety.com

Founders:  Dino Gomez

Product Type:   Lead Generation Online Course

Price:  Hidden (Some People Have "Test Drive" For $497 But Normally Around $5,000) + Ongoing Monthly Costs 

Quick Summary:  Funnel Consultancy Society is an online course that helps people learn how to generate leads through Facebook advertisements. It’s legit but this course costs more than a thousand dollars. Is it legit though? What makes it different from similar programs?

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

What can this course offer me and why does it cost so much? 

Could it really help grow my business online?

If you are asking the same things, this must be your lucky day!

In this honest Funnel Consultant Society review, we will answer all these questions and more!

What Is Funnel Consultancy Society About?

Funnel Consultancy Society is a training program created by Dino Gomez that helps people learn how to do Facebook Advertisements and generate leads through it.

A lot of business owners are searching for ways on how they can market their products and services online and get leads for possible clients through it. 

So, if you are a person who does this kind of business and you want to level up your online presence, this might be a good one for you.

By the way, Dino Gomez is a long-time online marketer. And the thing that he’s teaching you is how exactly he had been using to generate these leads. By doing this, he found a way to share it with his fellow online marketers as well. 

Dino Gomez used to be a social media and SEO manager for a direct marketing company in San Diego, California. Not until he had come to realize that he had some skills that people would pay him some good money for and that's through running Facebook ads for small businesses. Thus, he created his own business called Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. which he still spearheads today. 

Their website is packed with tons of testimonials from Dino Gomez himself and the students of Funnel Consultant Society. Here’s one of the success stories posted on Dino Gomez’ youtube page.

Funnel Consultant Society Product Line

Being a training course, Funnel Consultant Society offers the following 6 training modules designed for you to start advertising on Facebook and generate your leads:

  1. Facebook fast track
  2. Targeting mastery
  3. Niche offers
  4. High converting funnels
  5. Campaign launch sequence
  6. Optimization hacks

And they offer more, including:

  • 40+ hours of step by step training (in video format)
  • Prospecting software
  • Agency acquisition funnel
  • Cheat sheets for campaigns
  • Case studies in different industries
  • Done-for-you niche funnels
  • Twice a week calls (screen share so coaches can take control of your computer)
  • Outsourcing module
  • Example of $10k/ day campaign
  • Private Facebook group
  • Email templates- done for you
  • Labs Mastermind Facebook group
  • Invited to annual and regional live meetups

Is Funnel Consultant Society A Scam?

We can’t totally conclude that the Funnel Consultant Society is a scam because it does provide a detailed training course. However, shelling out a few thousand dollars for it is quite impractical. 

They did put an effort in NOT letting anyone easily know how much it’s about, which is a drawback.

They even place in their webpage a tab that says FREE training but apparently, there are hidden costs to shoulder.

Talking about deception!

Is Funnel Consultant Society A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The “hidden costs” thing is a bit deceptive, right? 

But apparently, the training course offered by Funnel Consultant Society is a very detailed training course and very substantial, especially if you are someone who is into this kind of field. 

The training may be expensive but I've seen positive reviews about it except for the thought that it’s just really expensive. 

I don’t think it’s a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme. It’s a training course that you could make use of and not a business that's more into recruitment. 

Funnel Consultant Society Compensation Plan

Yes, Funnel Consultant Society can enable you to make online income with its training impartation. 

Yes, it is a legit training course that cannot only help you generate income but also train you to get leads.  

As mentioned, they have a bunch of success stories to prove that but since it is only a training course, income will still depend on the skills of the marketer.

Nonetheless, the course itself can really impart valuable skills for marketers that will help them everywhere especially in the age of online marketing and social media.

However, this is just a training course and NOT a direct opportunity to make money online.

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How Much To Join Funnel Consultant Society?

As mentioned, the price is hidden. 

You could even see a FREE training tab on their website but apparently, you have to pay for it. In the video, it states that they are offering the course for $497 for something that’s with a $15,000 "value for 200 people. But that’s not it! 

Apparently, Funnel Consultant Society will also have monthly costs as to run this type of business you will have other monthly expenses including:

  • ClickFunnels- $97/ month

  • Tracking software - i.e. ClickMagick $29/ month

  • Autoresponder (email software) - $15+/ month

  • Facebook Ads - At least $200 a month (but your clients should be paying you to run these... although there is a learning curve and it's likely you'll need to test some out)

So, it probably costs you about $342 monthly running to over a thousand dollars yearly.

Well, if you want to enroll in Funnel Consultant Society’s training program, you will have to book a call to see if you get "accepted" into their course.



Student Success Stories

From Dino Gomez’ youtube page to the Funnel Consultant Society’s website, it’s all jam-packed with success stories and testimonials from its students.

This is one way to motivate people to join, as success stories are a great way to advertise Funnel Consultant Society.

From Experienced Instructor

It’s great to learn from someone who already is successful and knows his craft.

As always, experience is the best teacher. So, it’s great that Funnel Consultant Society’s instructor is someone that is already experienced in the area because he has already tried it and can impart really helpful techniques and skills to you.

Support Community

It’s great that Funnel Consultant Society has an FB community that could help and support you. It’s also nice that they have a “1-1 coaching” twice a week. It’s great that they develop this mentorship plan to further enhance your skills. 


Hidden Monthly Costs

They may say that the training is free but apparently there are hidden costs to pay.

Also, these kinds of platforms are pretty costly. So, it’s not for everyone. You should be really into this and you should have the pocket to shell out a thousand dollars. 

FB Limited

Funnel Consultant Society teaches people how to run Facebook ads that get lots of leads quickly for small businesses. It’s great because Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. 

The problem is that Funnel Consultant Society utilizes only FB ads taught for leads. They could have also widened their prospects and extended to other booming social media platforms. 

Cheaper Alternatives

Imagine if there are a lot of Funnel Consultant Society students, imagine how many are your competitors. 

Since they’re also learning about these things, all of them are probably gonna be your contenders in winning on leads. So, it’s never gonna be easy. Your success will still depend on how well you do it plus how lucky you are.

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Training Tools/Support

This course provides substantial training for running successful FB ads and the generation of leads. It will walk you through step-by-step processes and offers a support team. 

They’re very transparent on their details on where to contact them. And they also have an FB community that will help you if you have queries and other concerns.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Funnel Consultant Society is a legit online course that can enable people to earn money and generate leads.

I could say that their content is commendable and can be of good

While platforms like this do deserve getting paid, I just don’t think that it’s reasonable to shell out a thousand dollars for a year. 

Well, it could pay off if you would be indeed successful in the end that you’ll gain your profits. 

So, it would still depend on the person. 

Not to mention the competition because it’s not only you who takes this course, so think of it that you’ll have a lot of competitors winning on leads. 

If you’re into this and if you have the money to do so, you could try so but personally I just don't think that it’s the best option out there. I believe there are way better opportunities.

What’s Next?

If you’re really serious about making money online, I’d like to introduce you to a better alternative that would not cost you a lot but would help you gain a lot. See my top recommended program

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  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my Funnel Consultant Society review!

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