Ecom Cash Code Review – Can Tee Vee’s Secret Code Help You Earn $1,000/Day?

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Over the years of making money online, I realized two things: 1.) it is possible to earn at the comforts of your home, and 2.) it’s not as easy as it sounds.

That’s why whenever I see programs claiming that you don’t need experience and skills to earn, I know right then that it’s nothing but a scam.

Ecom Cash Code Review Summary

Name: Ecom Cash Code


Founders:  Teo Vanyo

Product Type: 

Price:  $97 For The One-Time Fee + $1,997 For The Upsell

Quick Summary: Ecom Cash Code is a program that claims to help you earn $1,000 a day just by plugging in a secret code. Sounds exciting, right?

However, what’s the truth about this program? What are the paid actors for? And why do many people believe that it’s a scam?

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Making money online is no different from earning cash outside. Even if you’re not skilled, you need to spend time or money to get a result. There’s no such thing as a “secret'' or “hack” and if it’s easy, it’s not meant to last.

That’s why when I came across a platform called Ecom Cash Code, I knew that it’s a program you cannot trust but of course, I can’t justify my hunch unless I do research.

So if you’re interested in what it’s about and if you can really earn through “an easy online side-income,” then read my full Ecom Cash Code review.

What Is Ecom Cash Code About?

The site can’t be reached now but basically, Ecom Cash Code is a typical online program with bold claims. 

It says that it has a “dirty little secret about money-making no-one wants you to know.” I’ve seen programs like this before and I tell you, it only sounds interesting but you can easily see that it’s not worth your time.

More or less, it’s like these low-quality programs or scams I’ve reviewed in the past:

Going back, Ecom Cash Code was founded by Teo Vee who has little to no presence online. That alone is a red flag.

The program claims to help you earn a thousand dollars a day using a secret code.

On its website, you won’t get any details about how it works other than a form asking about your name, email address, and contact number,

The video on its site claims that Teo earned $213 overnight, $6,822 in one week, and $114,500 after a month, which is pretty impossible, and here’s why.

Ecom Cash Code supposedly works just by finding the right website and plugging in the ultra secret code. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is supposed to happen but obviously, it’s nothing but a scam.

What makes it more sketchy is that the same format can be found on different websites, such as and

Maybe it’s owned by the same people with the same intention -- to extort money from vulnerable individuals.

Ecom Cash Code Product Line

There are no tangible or digital products being sold here other than the “ultra secret code” you can plug in to earn a thousand dollars.

I don’t know if anyone else will fall for this but in case you still think there’s a chance to make money from it, think again.

How? They can’t even explain it properly on their website and if it’s true, why is the founder’s information nowhere to be found? 

I mean, if you know your product really helped you make money, are you not going to brag about it online and attract more people? 

Also, if the founder is making so much money, why did he not choose to invest in his website? It doesn’t look professionally designed at all and worst, it’s nowhere to be found.

Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam?

Calling a platform a scam is not easy but with all the red flags waving at Ecom Cash Code, I can confidently say that it’s NOT a program you can trust.

Teo Vanyo or “Tee Vee” is known online but not for the best reasons. It’s always attached to being a scammer or a con artist involved in many sketchy programs, such as Get The Discovery, Click N’ Flip, and The Ecom Club.

He claims to be the only one who possesses a code and for you to earn the same amount that he is earning, you have to pay him almost a hundred dollars.

Next, the fake testimonials.

When Ecom Cash Code’s website was still working, you can see several videos of paid actors saying that a program has helped them make money.

The funny thing is that these actors will never mention the name of the program, probably because the same content will be used on their other platforms.

Other than this, there are “experts” who are supposed to help you but in reality, these are people who will aggressively sell their add-ons and upgrades so they can get more money from you.

If these are not enough to scare you away and you still feel like falling for their program, well, good luck!

Money is hard to earn but it’s easy to lose, especially when you meet these kinds of people whose main goal is to deceive.

So, is Ecom Cash Code a scam?

I’ll let you answer that.

If you want to learn more about Ecom Cash Code, you can watch the video below:

How Does Ecom Cash Code Really Work?

Ecom Cash Code is linked to My Ecom Club, which is a dropshipping program.

Dropshipping itself is legit and you can be successful when you know how to do it online. However, it takes time, skills, and knowledge to get the best results.

Yes, you won’t purchase the products at all but still, you have to learn how to promote your business so you can get sales and increase your clients, and no, a plugin in a code won’t help.

How Much To Join Ecom Cash Code?

To make money with Ecom Cash Code, you have to pay $97 first and according to the order summary that they will provide you, its regular price is $597. Now, this looks like you’re able to get a massive discount but when you think of it, it has no value at all.

Once you fall into their trap, you will pay for more expensive fees just to move forward.

How much is it, you ask? Well, it’s just $1,997!

It has no refund, even if they mentioned giving the money back so be very careful with this. It’s not easy to earn $100 nowadays, let alone $1,000 so for it to be wasted on a non-sense program is a disappointment.

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I don’t like anything about Ecom Cash Code. I don't think it wants to help people; I believe it’s there and it will continuously make similar programs scam more individuals online.


Extremely Low-Quality Program

If you want to earn money and you don’t want to do anything at all, paid surveys might be your option but never this kind of program.

For a program that obviously did not accomplish a lot, it uses bold claims to trick people, which is not good.

Unlike low-quality programs, such as paid surveys and Get-Paid-To (GPT) platforms, Ecom Cash Code won’t pay you anything. You will only pay and pay more without getting anything in return.

Paid Actors

Ecom Cash Code uses paid actors to act as the face of their program and to provide fake testimonials and that alone only shows how desperate and dangerous it is.

Tired of Wasting Time on Low Quality Programs?

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Training Tools/Support

Ecom Cash Code may offer minimal support but the “experts” that you’re supposed to have access with will not help you instead, they will make you believe that you need to purchase another upsell so you can earn more.

I got four words for you -- Don't. Fall. For. That.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Programs like Ecom Cash Code are what make making money online sound like a scam. Because of this, many people think that it’s impossible to earn online and that all platforms are nothing but a scheme devised to trick people.


While there are many scams out there, there are still legit platforms willing to offer value and a real opportunity to make money.

The key is to do extensive research so you will end up with the right one.

Now, if you need a platform that can help you exactly how to become successful online, just keep on reading.

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Thank you so much for reading my Ecom Cash Code review.

It feels like talking about something I’m passionate about -- making legit money and earning freedom.

If you have questions, I am more than willing to answer. Just leave them in the comment box below.


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