Is MMM A Scam? Watch Out For This 90s Ponzi Scheme Back To Life

is mmm global a scam

Welcome to My MMM Global Review! 

The truth is, it’s easy to look for an opportunity that will help you make money online; the challenging part is to find the legit one. 

The internet is filled with these so-called “life-changing opportunities” with 100% return of investment, such as this website that we’re going to talk about. 

MMM Global Review Summary

Name: MMM Global


Founders: Sergei Mavrodi

Product Type: Ponzi Scheme

Price: Minimum Of $10 For The Investment


Quick Summary: Controversial Ponzi in the 90’s that’s scammed more than 5 million people in Russia. The catch is to invest money to get a huge return per month. It sounds good but the truth about this program will shock you.

Its founder already received a lawsuit against him and the company has been closed but now, it’s back to operation, continuing to scam millions of people all over Asia. Read the entire MMM Global review to know more.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

MMM Global Global -- or MMM Global for short -- is a seemingly good program that’s all about “helping each other.” It’s been shut down before but now, it looks like it’s up and running again. Perhaps, some of your friends may have even invited you to join but before you sign up, be sure to read the entire review first. 

Is MMM Global a scam or a legit program? How does it really work? Why has it been shut down in the first place? 

These and other questions were answered in our honest MMM Global review.

What Is MMM Global About?

If you’re an avid reader here at Best Lifetime Income, you probably know how to spot a scam easily. 

Usually, it’s the “too good to be true promises”, such as a 100% guaranteed return. Often, it can be the way their website is set up -- little to no details on how it works, its founders, or its contact details.  

As for MMM Global, it has both of these red flags. Other than the bold claims, its website barely explains what it’s really about. There are tons of words that made no sense.  

There’s even a part where Sergei Mavrodi, its founder, asks aspiring members to not believe all the news thrown against him. However, a quick Google search will reveal who and what he is. 

what is mmm all about

But before anything else, let’s discuss what MMM Global is about. 

MMM Global was founded in 1989 by a Russian fraudster, Sergei Mavrodi. It’s a Ponzi scheme that’s illegal in many countries and states. It may pose like a multi-level marketing company, which is a legit business model, by the way, but it’s far from that. 

mmm founder sergei mavrodi

About 5 to 10 million people were scammed by the company and the unfortunate part is that most of its members know that it’s a Ponzi scheme; however, they still chose to join in the hope of earning. 

It all started as a computer-importing cooperative; however, in 1992, the brand started to have financial difficulties after it was accused of tax evasion

Later that year, the founders created MMM Global-Invest, a voucher investment fund and in 1995, it rebranded to “Russ-Invest” to set itself apart from their old scheme. 

In 1994, the Ponzi scheme was launched, claiming to give up to 3,000% in return. Other than the enticing offer of ROI, MMM Global also used characters on its TV ads, such as Lyonya Golubkov on one of its ads.  

Its aggressive advertisements also include providing free trips in Moscow. 

Due to its marketing efforts, MMM Global was able to attract tons of investors, contributing to its success. Its founder, Mavrodi, reportedly has millions of dollars enough to fill a room. 

It’s not surprising though as this kind of business attracts people easily. Imagine, all you have to do is put money and wait for it to grow. It’s a dream but we all know what a dream is -- it’s not real. 

Nonetheless, despite all the red flags, people seem to take interest in it and because of this, several companies have considered this scheme. Forcount, YoCoin, and Saivian to name some. 

A lot of dramas happen in between, such as Mavrodi being arrested, its members blaming the government for their losses, the founder creating his own political party, and him running for the presidency. 

In 1997, MMM Global declared bankruptcy and after opening the case against him, Mavrodi was arrested. 

In 2007, Mavrodi was sentenced to four and a half years for fraud.  

If you think that it ends there, then you’re wrong. In 2011, the brand came back to life, and now, it’s serving not only Russia but other countries in Asia as well, such as the Philippines, India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and more. 

MMM Global Global, which is its current name, has used several website domains, such as .org and .world but it’s still the same old Ponzi scheme that scammed and will scam people so you better watch out! 

MMM Global Product Line 

MMM Global does not offer any products nor digital services; what it only has is the investment and mind you, it’s far from the real investment that banks and legit financial establishments offer. 

So, if you’re interested in stocks and other investment products, it’s best to consult a legit financial advisor rather than trust the schemes we often see online. 

Is MMM Global A Scam?


mmm global scam review

It’s been proven tons of times but sadly, people are falling for it.  

MMM Global has no products or services to make money from and the business model itself is unstable. 

You invest in what? The company alone so you can generate an income? The truth is, you put money into it, recruit people, and expect your recruits to do the same.  

You can NOT recruit all the time and if this happens, your investment will go down the drain. Worst, if you can’t recruit at all! 

It’s almost 2021 and hopefully, by now, we all know the difference between a Ponzi scheme or scam and a legit money-making program. 

Hint: It doesn’t offer quick returns and recruitment as its sole source of income.

Is MMM Global A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Yes, it is.  

In case you’re not familiar with a Ponzi scheme, here’s a quick explanation.  

A Ponzi scheme is a fraud and although there are no laws against it in some places, it is illegal in many states and countries. 

It often offers quick, huge returns to entice investors but since it has no products or services to offer and make money from, the investment that the first investor gets is from his/her recruit. 

It relies heavily on recruitment and investment, making it unstable. Also, even if the scheme still has money, most owners choose to run away, leaving their investors unpaid. 

It’s a scam that doesn’t deserve time and money. 

To learn more about Ponzi schemes, you can watch the video below:

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MMM Global Compensation Plan

As per its new website, the investor will earn 30% per month or 1% per day.  

It also comes with a couple of incentives, such as the referral bonus and matching bonus.

How Much To Join MMM Global?

To join the MMM Global, the minimum investment is around $10. 

A piece of advice, even if it’s just a small amount, don’t waste time on this scam.  

It’s been proven to be a fraud and there are millions of victims in Russia alone; don’t let yourself become one.



Ponzi Scheme 

First of all, there’s nothing to like about MMM Global. Everything about it is off.  

From the aggressive marketing to bold claims, even down to its founders and history, this brand is a Ponzi scheme that doesn't even bother to use a disguise. 

It scammed millions of people, has been shut down, re-opened, and now, it still has the guts to operate in other countries outside Russia. 

Making money is not easy; it takes time and effort and to see it go to waste is too painful. Be wise. Don’t get too excited about a seemingly good program and never ignore red flags. 

Controversial Founder 

Mavrodi has been involved in too many dramas and perhaps, his running for the presidency is one of my favorites. I mean, founders of similar schemes often choose to hide their identity because obviously, we know why.  

However, it’s not the case for Sergei. He seems to have strong confidence and a thick face to be able to do that. He’s fooled a lot of people, stole their money, and now, his brand is still up and running again. 

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Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, joining MMM Global is a terrible idea. It may have gone through a lot but these all happened for a reason.  

The company and its founders have scammed a lot of people and perhaps, they don’t have any hesitations to do it again and again. It’s a dangerous opportunity to get involved with. Who knows? Maybe your money is not the only thing you’re going to lose but you're reputation, too. 

No matter how big the return of investment is (or so they say), avoid this program at all costs!

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Thank you for reading our MMM Global review. 

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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