Is Yevo A Scam? [2021 Review] Shut Down Or Still Running?

is yevo a scam

Welcome to My Yevo Review! 

In today’s time, though physical jobs are available but have been limited due to the pandemic crisis, people nowadays opt for online money-making opportunities. 

Probably, that’s why you’re here, inquiring about a business opportunity called Yevo. This multi-level marketing (MLM) promotes nutritional meals and a way to make money but is it worth your time?

Yevo Review Summary

Name: Yevo (Yevo International)


Founders: Peter Castleman And Chip Marsland

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $50 For The Membership Fee + $224 To $540 For The Products

yevo logo

Quick Summary: Yevo is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche. It sells nutritional products, such as oatmeals or cereals. However, these products are quite overpriced, probably one of the reasons why the company has been shut down after operating for just a year.

As an affiliate, you sell products and recruit new people to join the program. You also have to maintain a monthly volume to qualify for income and commissions.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

While more and more people are becoming health-conscious, let’s not forget the fact that the health and wellness niche is saturated. In the MLM industry alone, there are tons of brands with similar products, such as LifeVantage, ARIIX, Herbalife, Riway, Nutricellix, and the list goes on.  

So what makes Yevo different? 

Let’s find out its pros and cons in this unbiased Yevo review.

what is yevo about

What Is Yevo About?

Yevo is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was pre-launched in 2015. Being an MLM, there are two ways to make money with this company and that’s by selling their products and by recruiting people to join the program as well. It’s an MLM that basically sells nutritional meals that are said to be quite overpriced. 

Yevo was founded by Chip Marsland and Peter Castleman. The domain appears to have been registered in 2014 and is based out in Utah, USA. However, checking on that website address right now would say that it’s expired. 

Even other associated website domains, such as and are also inaccessible -- because as mentioned, Yevo has already shut down. 

yevo founder Chip Marsland and peter castleman

Peter Castleman, the chairman and founder of Yevo International seemed to have gotten involved in a couple of MLMs since 2002. 

In the same year, Castleman was Managing Director of Whitney V. After the acquisition, he served as the Chairman of Herbalife up until his resignation in 2007, where he focused on other business activities.  

Apparently, he also went on to launch a “Chinese herbal company” that was later sold off to Nu Skin. 

While Castleman is on the MLM side of things, Chip Marsland, the Co-founder, Vice Chairman, and Chief Innovation Officer of Yevo, on the other hand, is on the scientific side. He has nearly 30 years of executive and scientific experience in the food, nutrition, and biotechnology industries.  

His specialty is protein science and he has created several new proteins. He has also founded multiple nutritious food companies and has developed products for top companies in the nutrition industry.  

Before Yevo’s operations cessation, it said that Nutrient Foods continue to fulfill auto ship orders and launch a direct to consumer company with a new packaging, a new name, and products that are available for anyone to purchase through a new website.  

It seems like Yevo’s affiliate and customer data has been sold to Nutrient Foods. However, researching Nutrient Foods over the internet will only leave you empty-handed. Apparently, there’s no more trace of Yevo or any of its products even from Nutrient Foods or other companies. 

Yevo Product Line 

Perhaps you’ve seen this somewhere.. that “Yevo is the new superfood that provides all 43 nutrients the body needs to function.  

No GMO, no gluten, 100% Organic and healthy.”  

Yes, as they claim, they have over 100 common foods that people enjoy often with the added foundational quality of providing 100% of the 43 Essential Nutrients the bodies need every day including macro and micro nutrients.  

Probably explains why the website domain is even named  

yevo product line

So, basically what Yevo offers are these nutritional meals, pre-packed dehydrated foods, like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and sausage, oatmeal, top ramen, soups, puddings, coffee, tea, and more.  

The good thing about their products is that they are easy to prepare, taste decent, and are low on calories which makes them a good snack for people who are into fitness and weight watch. However, most complaints said that their products are overpriced. The oatmeal costs $5, yes $5 can be fine but for only one serving of oatmeal?  

That’s too much!  

You can even buy a kilo of oats for less than $5 at a local supermarket.

Is Yevo A Scam?

Yevo has been a legitimate business. It marketed and sold tangible products and offers a fairly decent compensation plan just like most MLMs are. However, with nearly 2 years of operation, it had already shut down.  

Pre-launched in 2014, yet already closed in 2016?  

What went wrong?  

Articles said it was the lack of success of their MLM business model and probably because of their overpriced products. Well, taking into consideration that the company is said to be closed already means that it’s already not operational.  

So, if someone invites you to this opportunity right now. Then, it’s most probably a scam!

Is Yevo A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

We may generalize MLMs as a pyramid scheme because of the recruitment hype but Yevo has been a legit opportunity. 

It is not a Ponzi but it can have the dangers of being a pyramid scheme. It may come with a legit opportunity and products where you can earn through retail sales. However, you’ll also have to maintain a monthly volume to qualify for income and commissions. 

You may also gain bigger commissions and income as you build your team of downlines who do the same. Yes, though recruitment is not solely the means to earn money here you’ll not only double-time earning from retails but as well work hard on chain recruitments. 

Well, we could probably say that it’s one of the issues why the company has closed. There was a lack of success. And it seemed like affiliates lose more than earning.

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Yevo Compensation Plan

Just like most MLMs, compensation is basically through retail commissions and recruitment commissions. Apparently, commissions are paid residually via a unilevel compensation structure, with performance and rank-based bonuses. 

Being an MLM, Yevo comes with Affiliate Ranks:Bronze 1 

  • Bronze 2 
  • Bronze 3 
  • Silver 1 
  • Silver 2 
  • Silver 3 
  • Gold 1 
  • Gold 2 
  • Gold 3 
  • Platinum 1 
  • Platinum 2 
  • Platinum 3 
  • Presidential Platinum 
  • Crown Platinum  

Here are the following requirements for each: 

yevo compensation plan

As discussed, to remain active, an affiliate must meet and maintain the minimum monthly PV requirements applicable for their current rank. 

Retail Commissions - These are paid out on both the retail customer and preferred customer orders. Preferred customer orders pay out a 25% commission and preferred customer orders payout 15%. Preferred customers are retail customers who sign up for monthly autoship in exchange for a wholesale discount. 

Preferred Customer Bonus - This is paid out monthly on the number of preferred customers a Yevo affiliate has and their associated product order volume. 

Recruited Affiliate Order Bonus - Also referred to as the “First 30-Day Bonus” pays out a 25% commission on all product orders made by newly recruited affiliates made within their first 30 days. 

Unilevel Commissions - As mentioned, residual commissions here are paid out using a unilevel compensation structure. Yevo cap payable unilevel levels at seven, with how many levels an affiliate is paid down determined by their affiliate rank. 

Infinity Bonus - Extends payable unilevel commissions beyond the initial seven levels offered and open to Presidential and Crown Platinum ranked affiliates only. This only applies to sales volume generated beyond the first seven levels of an affiliate’s unilevel team. 

Advancement Bonus - If an affiliate qualifies at the Silver 1 rank within 3 months, they are paid a $250 Advancement Bonus. 

TeamBuilding Bonus - Pays a Yevo affiliate for having a Silver 1 or higher ranked affiliate in each unilevel recruitment leg.  

Leader Bonus - Once an affiliate qualifies at the Gold 1 rank, they are paid a Leader Bonus. 

Global Bonus Pool - This is made up of 1% of Yevo’s company-wide sales volume. Affiliates earn shares in the Global Bonus Pool according to their affiliate rank.

To learn more about Yevo, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Yevo?

Yevo Affiliate membership’s basic cost is $50 plus purchase from the three product packs below that comes with an assortment of Yevo products:

  • Silver – $224
  • Gold – $480
  • Platinum – $540



Well, we could say that the daily consumption of Yevo’s products can benefit one’s health but if it’s that expensive, it will NOT be sustainable. Other than the health benefit, there’s not much to like about this opportunity.


Way Too Expensive Products

Yevo Products are really expensive! If I were a consumer, why would I buy a serving of oatmeal that costs $5 where I could already buy a kilo of it for that price?  

It would really be impractical for someone who saves up money. Well, those who are probably with a silver spoon could afford to buy such but honestly, selling any over-priced cereal is never gonna be a walk in the park. It will be a lot of challenge! 

Monthly Quota 

As always any monthly quota for a business opportunity is not a good thing. It will only cost pressure and if you don’t meet your quota, you’ll as well lose the opportunity to gain income.  

As discussed, to remain active in Yevo, an affiliate must meet and maintain the minimum monthly requirement for each rank. If that’s the case, it’s not gonna be easy taking into consideration their products are overpriced.  

The problem is that they also lack retail qualifiers and affiliates would probably opt for chain-recruitment. Probably one of the definite reasons why Yevo has closed for good! 

Has Already Shut Down Years Ago

As mentioned, a couple of sources said that Yevo has already shut down in operations and it was even way back in 2016. Their website and other associated ones are even inaccessible. So, if it’s already shut down, why opt for an opportunity that has already failed?  

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Training Tools/Support

There are no details about training and support. But probably, just like most MLMs, as an affiliate in Yevo, you’ll gain access to the back office, as well as materials and resources needed for the business. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, Yevo’s products may have benefited consumer’s health but if it’s that overpriced, I believe it’s already enough reason to back off.  

Well, it may have been a legitimate company but as mentioned, it has already shut down. So, why opt for an opportunity that has already ceased to exist? But even, if it’s still operating right now, I would still not recommend you to the program.  

Being an MLM, it would have a low success rate and a low-income potential, which had as well happened to Yevo. As mentioned their products are overpriced, so as an affiliate you should know the right leads or have a good eye for prospects.  

So, if you’re not like that, MLM opportunities would definitely not suit you. Skip such platforms and try on way better ones!

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Anyways, thank you for reading my Yevo Review!

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