Is Enagic A Scam? What’s With This Clean Water Gimmick? Let’s Probe Unto This MLM!

is enagic a scam

Welcome to My Enagic Review! 

There are indeed various products promoted in numerous multi-level marketing (MLM) but what we’re going to discuss today is something that revolves around water.  

Enagic, the name of the brand, is one of the most popular programs under this niche and because for several reasons. For one, it’s affiliated with two well-known automated sales funnels, such as Global Affiliate Zone and Digital Genius Lab.

Enagic Review Summary

Name: Enagic 


Founders: Oshiro Hironari

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Price: $4,000 For The Products

enagic logo

Quick Summary: Enagic is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that could be categorized in the health and wellness niche.

It’s basically a company that markets and promotes clean water by selling expensive alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines that transform your tap water into electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Being an MLM, it offers an affiliate program to what they refer to as independent distributors where you may gain income from the sales you make (even selling to products considering the costs are expensive).

You’ll even gain more significant income from recruitment commissions and as you rise in ranks. However, it’ll still be a challenge to selling products that cost more than a thousand dollars!

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: Yes/No

But does this mean that Enagic is 100% legit or just a scam?  

You may have heard good things about it from the distributor who reached out to you but would it really be profitable?  

Well, let me discuss more Enagic in this review and see for yourself what’s the right response. So, let’s start with this Enagic Review!

what is enagic about

What Is Enagic About?

Enagic is a multi-level marketing company that was founded by Hironari Oshiro who is also the President and CEO of Enagic Japan.

enagic founder Oshiro Hironari

Enagic is privately owned. Its roots originated in Tokyo, Japan way back in June of 1974 and Kangen Water is the registered trademark of Enagic Co., Ltd.  

Kangen Water is a product that will transform tap water into alkaline drinking water. The Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare had even authorized the Enagic Osaka factory as a medical equipment manufacturer. 

It was in 1974 when Sony's specialty trading operation, the precursor of Enagic, began in operations. And it was in January of 2000 when Enagic began its sales of the core product LeveLuk DX.   

For over 40 years, Enagic has gone global and it has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines.  

Kangen Water machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide to transform tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water. Sales revenue has risen for more than millions of dollars throughout the past years and their annual revenue was estimated to be $35.47 million a year.  

It has its offices in Japan, the USA, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Mexico. They have expanded into 40 locations in 23 countries. In fact, Enagic USA is a member of the Direct Selling Association and has been on the run since 2003.  

However, being in the long run, Enagic also had encountered problems including facing lawsuits.  

In 2017, Comerica Bank sued Enagic and 3 of their distributors for violating its trademarks and disparaging Comerica (a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas).  

Yet, Enagic maintains that it has no knowledge of the distributors’ actions, but Comerica believes Enagic should be held responsible for their actions. And also, in 2018, Enagic was sued for engaging in an unlawful telemarketing campaign.  

Enagic Product Line 

As mentioned, Enagic is an MLM company that revolves around water. It manufactures, markets, and sells alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines that transform water into electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water or termed as Kangen Water, as mentioned it is the registered trademark of Enagic.  

Kangen Water is created from Enagic's technology.  

Unlike other filtration systems that filter out even helpful minerals, Enagic filtration machines or Kangen Water machines will keep these minerals intact allowing various minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium to stay and this provides high-quality water that can be used for many different purposes including drinking, cooking, beauty, cleaning and more.  

enagic product line

Basically, Enagic sells 8 water filtration machines with different uses and costs. Each machine comes along with the filters and supplies needed in using them.

  • Leveluk K8- Kangen8 ($4980) - Newest machine and claimed to be Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant machine - featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates! This additional electrode plate increases the electrolysis surface area, improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potential. 
  • Leveluk SD501 - Their flagship mode which is also one of the least expensive. It is capable of producing five types of water that, according to Enagic, are needed for taking care of your health and your home.
    • Leveluk SD501 Platinum Leveluk SD501- $3,980
    • Leveluk SD501 Platinum 5-language – $4,280
  • Leveluk Super501- $5,980
  • Leveluk JRIV- $2,380
  • Leveluk R-$1,980
  • Leveluk SD501U-$4,980
  • Anespa DX-$2,890

Is Enagic A Scam?

No, Enagic is not a scam. It’s a legitimate opportunity that presents to be a real business with real products (though pretty expensive). It offers a way for people to earn money by selling their products and by recruiting others to join. 

The manufacturer has also been running for more than 4 decades. So, you can be assured of its product's quality. However, it’s still not a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited business, although it’s been rated A+. 

Is Enagic A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Though most MLMs have been stereotyped with the notion of being a pyramid or recruitment scheme, Enagic is not that type.

This is because you could already gain an income even just by selling 2 products considering their products are pretty pricey, so you’ll already have a big commission from sales alone. 

Enagic appears to be a real business with a decent compensation plan. They have tangible products you could sell and earn from as an independent distributor. Though your bigger income will indeed come from recruitment it’s not basically the sole source of income here as you can already gain significant income from your sales. 

Thereby, it’s not a pyramid scheme and it’s also not a Ponzi scheme.

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Enagic Compensation Plan

Being an MLM, basically you’ll gain income through sales commissions and recruitment commissions.  

But to be specific, these are the numerous ways in which you can create a stream of income with Enagic as an Independent Distributor:

  • Direct Sales Commission
  • Override Commission
  • Educational Allowance
  • Monthly Incentive
  • Quarterly Incentive
  • Title Incentive
  • Global Leadership Incentive 

And more… 

And they have this Basic 8-Point Commission Structure that they say your starting point in building wealth with their opportunity. There are 6 ranks namely 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A, all ranks have 8 points to pay.  

In order for a distributor to advance in rank, you and/or your team need to accumulate a specific number of sales. A distributor can advance directly from 1A (must have 2 direct sales) to any other rank when the accumulated sales volume meets the stated requirements. 

enagic compensation plan

For example, you are 1A with 2 direct sales. You become 2A when you sell the 3rd unit. OR you can jump directly to 6A from a personal sale if the total amount of units sold in your team is at least 100.  

  • Becoming 2A- you start with selling 2 units, thus you are now 1A! The people that bought your units like it so much that they sell 2 units each. This is how your earnings will be: 

Direct sales:2 x $340 = $680

Indirect sales:4 x $340 = $1,360

Total sales:6

Total earnings:$2,040 

But note the actual compensation amount per sale differs slightly between countries. 

See more about Enagic’s compensation plan in the video below

How Much To Join Enagic?

They may say that joining Enagic is free but apparently, to start earning, it will still cost you a big amount of money because it’s not only hundreds of dollars but rather, thousands!  

Yes, to get started, you have to purchase one of their purification systems for around $4,000. You then use it and promote and sell to people. 



Established Company With An Established Product 

Enagic has been on the run for more than 4 decades and it’s good that it has been stable throughout those years and that they’d even gone worldwide. Their products are as well trusted and patronized by users.  

It would have not gone this far if it’s not that good. Considering it’s based in Japan, we could say its products are of great quality that has already made a name for itself throughout the years. 

Big Commissions  

Well, considering that the products are pricey, it’s good that Enagic compensates its independent distributors with a big commission for each sale. Imagine earning hundreds of dollars per sale. It’s good enough right? 



Well, Enagic products may have good quality but they’re products are pretty expensive. Way too expensive I could say. Imagine each product causing more than a thousand dollars. Yes, they may say their product qualities are different from others but you could as well find the same product line costing half of it.  

Challenge To Sell

Since their products are way too expensive, it will definitely be a challenge selling such products because first and foremost your target buyers are not general, you definitely should have the right leads of people who could afford such and as well as do the same thing as you are doing.  

Had Been Involved In Lawsuits

Well, the lawsuits Enagic had been involved in may have been menial but as always a legal involvement record is not a good thing for a business because it can somehow taint the company’s reputation.


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Training Tools/Support

For beginning Enagic independent distributors, they will have to purchase a product that comes along with a starter pack that explains the details of Enagic. 

It also includes some promotional and marketing materials that they can use to promote the products and as well as recruit new members to the program.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, we can conclude that Enagic is not a scam and in fact it’s a legit business, an established company that has been operating for more than 4 decades. And the commissions are big but it should be because it will cost you a lot to join them. 

Well, it’s essential to have clean water right? But imagine a machine that purifies it but still leaves necessary minerals with it. 

That’s great, right?  

Indeed, product-wise this company can be trusted but if you’re just interested in the business opportunity, there are way better options out there. Yes, product-wise I can commend them but the cost is way too expensive. 

Unless you have great marketing skills, it’s better to look for a better alternative.

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Thank you for reading my Enagic review!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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