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Welcome to My Saivian Review! 

With all the job or business opportunities online, perhaps you have come across someone trying to sell this opportunity to you or have come across it over social media. Perhaps, that’s why you’re here, trying to inquire about this opportunity called Saivian. 

Saivian Review Summary

Name: Saivian International Ltd.


Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $125 Every Month

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Quick Summary: Saivian is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides a business opportunity to its members through its commission program.

It's also basically a cash-back company that promises to pay its members 20% back for all of their everyday purchases in commercial stores.

What Is Saivian About?

Saivian is an MLM company that provides members with a cashback opportunity promising to pay members 20% back for all of their purchases in commercial stores like Starbucks, Target, and Walmart, and more.  

And being an MLM, it offers an affiliate program through its referral system. 

Saivian Product Line 

Once you’re a member of Saivian, you can enjoy cashback benefits from shopping and traveling.  

However, Saivian does not have any physical retailable products to sell, so you won’t have to worry about the inventory of stocks. Instead, you’ll be more busy finding new recruits because what you really market as a member here is the affiliate membership itself. 

Saivian Compensation Plan

Basically, there are two ways to earn money in Saivian:

  • Cashback from the shopping and travel-related purchases made
  • Recruiting people into their system and earn a commission that pays out daily


In order for members to take advantage of the cashback program that Saivian offers, one should become a member first. After paying the fee and becoming an official member, one should choose 10 retail stores where they shop and dine.  

After that, they just need to take pictures of their receipts and send them to Saivian, where they’ll get 20% cash back from their purchases. And this cashback can be redeemed 30 days after their card registration and every 30 days after. 

Recruitment Commissions

Now, Saivian’s compensation plan revolves around a unilevel compensation system, and affiliates are broken up into different teams.  

So the way this works is that each team starts with only one affiliate at the very top of the team and then this affiliate recruits other people to join the company. 

Commissions in Saivian are paid out daily, with how much of a commission paid out determined by the size of a Saivian affiliate’s recruited downline. Remembered, I mentioned the $5-$3000 ROI. 

  • Recruit Three Affiliates = $5 A Day Commission
  • A Downline Of 12 Recruited Affiliates = $20 A Day
  • A Downline Of 39 Recruited Affiliates = $30 A Day
  • A Downline Of 80 Recruited Affiliates = $50 A Day
  • A Downline Of 150 Recruited Affiliates = $100 A Day
  • A Downline Of 300 Recruited Affiliates = $150 A Day
  • A Downline Of 500 Recruited Affiliates = $200 A Day
  • A Downline Of 750 Recruited Affiliates = $300 A Day
  • A Downline Of 1000 Recruited Affiliates = $500 A Day
  • A Downline Of 2000 Recruited Affiliates = $750 A Day
  • A Downline Of 4000 Recruited Affiliates = $1000 A Day
  • A Downline Of 6000 Recruited Affiliates = $2000 A Day
  • A Downline Of 8000 Recruited Affiliates = $3000 A Day 

Note that three personally recruited and paid-up affiliates must be maintained to qualify for commissions. 

Being an MLM in nature, it comes with affiliate ranks such as follows: 

  • Founder
  • VIP Founder
  • Elite Founder
  • 1 Star
  • 2 Star
  • 3 Star
  • 4 Star
  • 5 Star
  • Ambassador
  • Gold Ambassador
  • Platinum Ambassador
  • Diamond Ambassador
  • Presidential Ambassador 

See more about their compensation plan in the illustration and video below:

How Much To Join Saivian?

Saivian membership costs $125 a month but to be exact, it’s less than a month as it gets auto-charged to your card every 28 days. 

Training Tools/Support

Being a member of Saivian, you will be provided access to the back office. They also provide back-office training to their members which you could as well readily access these videos online.

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