Is Infinii A Scam? Retail Arbitrage and Dropshipping Training MLM Uncovered!

is infinii a scam

Welcome to My Infinii Review! 

Perhaps you’ve been interested in making money through retail arbitrage and drop shipping and would want to know more about it. 

Otherwise, you may have come across a multi-level marketing (MLM) company called Infinii that offers educational courses for this and you would want to know if it's legit. 

Infinii Review Summary

Name: Infinii


Founders: Kevin Hokoana

Product Type: Multi-Level marketing

Price: $9.95 To $19.95 For The Partner Program + $49.95 To $399.95 For The Courses

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Quick Summary: Infinii is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides training and educational courses to people who are into retail arbitrage and drop-shipping.

Being an MLM, making real money with Infinii is not on the training or from the retail arbitrage and drop shipping alone but also on persuading people to join the platform.

The significant income comes more in recruiting people, making it more like a pyramid scheme rather than a legit networking program.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Well, it’s nice to find a training platform that not only provides you education but as well as an earning opportunity through its affiliate program. But would joining Infinii be worth the shot? Will it provide you substantial income?  

For those new to these things, to put it simply, retail arbitrage is the practice of buying an item from one market and reselling it on another market at a higher price while drop shipping is almost the same but the only difference is that you, as the middleman, will source the items from manufacturers rather than from a retail store.  

So, will the training you get from Infinii will really help you push through your retail arbitrage and drop shipping venture? Or would it redirect you more to recruiting more people to join the MLM program that Infinii offers?  

That and more questions answered in this Infinii review!

What Is Infinii About?

Infinii is a platform that offers training and educational courses to people who want to make money from retail arbitrage and drop-shipping. 

Being built on an MLM platform, it also offers an affiliate program and a business opportunity to its members. Just like how typical MLMs work, they will be encouraged to recruit more people into joining the platform. 

It’s almost the same as Elite Marketing Pro and Income Shift Pro

As discussed, dropshipping may be similar to retail arbitrage but the difference is that as a middleman, rather than sourcing the items from retail stores, you will source the items from manufacturers.  

So in short, you’ll gain a bigger profit compared to retail arbitrage, as you’ll earn from the price difference between the selling price of the manufacturer and you could define the selling price to the retailer or customer.  

Thus, dropshipping earns more than retail arbitrage but, what has this to do with Infinii? Well, the learnings you get from the training could probably help you set your retail arbitrage and dropshipping business. However, Infinii has actually nothing to do with it because it seems like besides the training and education what you really promote here is the Infinii program itself.  

Looks like Infinii is an expansion of DS Domination, which also offers training to those who like to make business through dropshipping and its affiliate program.  

DS Domination was launched back in 2013, then Options Domination was launched in March of 2015, promising ROIs for “a few minutes work”.  

Charging affiliates up to $399.95 per month, Options Domination paid affiliates to recruit new affiliates with a binary trading platform. Unfortunately, in November 2012, Options Domination flopped, leading to the expansion of DS Domination through Infinii.  

Apparently, the website domain of Infinii in 2015, which was last updated in September 2015, suggesting this might be when DS Domination acquired it. The domain also suggests that it’s based out in Texas, USA.  

There was no founder mentioned but a quick Google search would say that it’s Kevin Hokoana (who claimed in his LinkedIn account) and further research would suggest that there are other co-founders, including in the DS Domination side.  

But going to the website domain “” right now would redirect you to another website, which is a totally different company. And checking on Infinii’s Facebook page would show that its last update was way back in July 2020.  

Has it already ceased its operation? Well, it’s no surprise if it would. 

Product Line 

As mentioned, what Infinii offers are educational courses for retail arbitrage and dropshipping. But other than these, what if truly offers is its affiliate membership itself.  

So, basically, Infinii offer digital products and these are the 3 levels of educational course they offer:

  • Prime $49.95/month
  • Surge $149.95/month
  • Excel $399.95/month 

Prime and Surge only teach how to set up a business around Retail Arbitrage while only Excel teaches how to drop-ship.  

As discussed, retail arbitrage earns a lower profit margin than dropshipping. So, would it be any better that the course offers are more on arbitrage and that the one that offers dropshipping is the most expensive?  

And also, there’s a lot of competition in retail arbitrage, just try checking on Ebay and other ecommerce platforms, you'll definitely see a lot of contenders, competing to sell the same stuff that is sold on eBay, Amazon, and many more but at a marked up price. 

Yes, Infiniti courses may come with a promise that you can outrank your competitors but imagine if everyone knows and uses the same strategy that is taught in their courses, how can you possibly outrank your contenders?

Is Infinii A Scam?

Well, we can’t totally conclude if Infinii is a scam because it did present itself as a business opportunity with products. However, if it's already inaccessible and with no latest updates, is the business still going on?  

They are not as well Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited; however, this does not suggest that it’s a scam. In fact, it’s good that they have a record in this website as it suggest that the company does exist.

Is Infinii A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Infinii may not be a Pyramid Scheme but just like most MLMs that have the recruitment hype, it can have the dangers to be one. However, it appears to be an opportunity that you can gain some income.  

They have digital products you could as well use and sell. However, it's true that your bigger income will still definitely come from recruitment and it’s most likely that other than their products what you really promote here is the affiliate membership that Infinii offers. 

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Infinii Compensation Plan

The Infinii compensation plan pays affiliates a monthly fee and gets paid to recruit others to do the same. 

Being an MLM, Infinii has 12 affiliate ranks:

  • Builder 
  • Manager 
  • Regional Manager 
  • National Manager 
  • Director 
  • Senior Director 
  • Executive Director
  • Presidential Director
  • Ambassador 
  • Diamond Ambassador 
  • Crown Ambassador 
  • Global Ambassador  

Residual Commissions - Paid out weekly via a binary compensation structure. Commissions are paid out based on sales volume generated by the weaker binary side (the side with less volume) and how much of a commission is paid out is determined by an affiliate’s rank: 

  • Builder to National Manager – 10%
  • Director to Presidential Director – 15%
  • Ambassador to Global Ambassador – 20% 

Matching Bonus - Pays out a percentage match on downline binary earnings, tracked through a unilevel compensation structure. The Matching Bonus pays out a 5% match on the binary earnings of personally recruited affiliates (level 1), with 100% paid out on every subsequent level. 

Beginner Bonus Pool - This is available to Builder, Manager and Regional Manager ranked affiliates. The pool pays out up to 1.5x of an affiliate’s unilevel team sales volume. 

Manager Bonus Pool - It operates in the same manner as the Beginner Bonus Pool. 

To learn more about Infinii’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Infinii?

what is infinii about

To join the Infinii business opportunity, you will have to join “Partner Program” as follows:

  •  The Standard Affiliate - $9.95/month
  • The Partner Plus Affiliate - $19.95/month, includes internet marketing training 

Note that these are on top of just purchasing one of the courses mentioned:

  • Prime $49.95/month
  • Surge $149.95/month
  • Excel $399.95/month



I like the fact that they offer educational courses and training for those who are interested in dropshipping and retail arbitrage. And it’s also good that other than the training you get, you could as well earn money from their MLM opportunity. 

However, if it seems like the opportunity is no longer operating, would you still opt in joining it? And other than the one I mentioned, I think there’s nothing more to like about this opportunity. 


Good As A Side Income

Well, it’s also nice that one can have a side earning opportunity if they market Infinii products and refer someone to the program as well.  

However, it is just as good as a side income. Also, the retail arbitrage and dropshipping business are also challenging and it will take a lot of hard work to earn the lucrative income desired. So, what good it is if you train someone about this and still would really have a hard time earning. 

Needless Training

Well, I could say that the educational courses offered by Infinii can be valuable to beginners who want to start a retail arbitrage business or a dropshipping business. However, like in the case of retail arbitrage, it will be hard to outranking competitors because it’s indeed a lot of competition.  

And if people are as well subscribing to Infinii uses the same strategy that is taught in their courses, how can you possibly outrank your contenders? I just felt that the Infinii courses are oversold and its strategies will not work if it is not exclusive. 

And if that’s the case, it will just turn out as needless training. I think some basic information about these platforms and strategies can even easily be accessed online for free. 

Hype On The Recruitment Part 

Infinii may come out as a training platform but to make real money in this opportunity, it’s not gonna be from retail arbitraging or dropshipping but from the MLM program itself. The basis of Infinii's business opportunity is for you to recruit as many people as possible to be an affiliate of Infinii.  

So just like most MLMs, here goes the recruitment bandwagon again.

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Training Tools/Support

Infinii provides training and educational courses for retail arbitraging and drop shipping. You know some essentials of e-commerce selling to their affiliates as joining will require you to purchase the above-mentioned courses. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Infinii may have been a substantial training ground, especially for beginners in retail arbitrage and dropshipping but in the long run, where most people have access to it, it will be hard keeping up with business about it.  

But hey, Infinii has nothing to do with the two because it just serves as a training ground but rather what it truly promotes is the affiliate membership itself. But what good is it to join something that has perhaps ceased to operate?  

This and the other cons mentioned above lead me to a logical conclusion telling that it’s definitely an opportunity that I would not recommend to you. 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Infinii review! 

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