Is Elite Marketing Pro A Scam? Overpriced Online Training And Coaching Platform?!

is elite marketing pro a scam

Welcome to My Elite Marketing Pro Review! 

A particular program came across my scope and had gotten me curious about it. 

Well, knowing that you have found your way here on this page, I guess we have that same question running on our minds right now – Is Elite Marketing Pro legit or a scam? 

Elite Marketing Pro Review Summary

Name: Elite Marketing


Founders: Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos, And Matt Crystal

Product Type: Online Training Platform For Network Marketers

Price: $47 To $3,497 For Their Packages

elite marketing logo

Quick Summary: Elite Marketing Pro is a training and coaching platform that is designed for network marketers to grow their business online.

It offers training and educational materials on how to become a successful online marketer. They also offer mentoring services.

The drawback? It seems like a high-ticket program because their products are unreasonably high.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

What can it offer me? 

Is it gonna be worth the shot of joining such platforms? 

That and more, you’ll know of Elite Marketing as we’ll be going to look over it in detail in this review. So without further ado, let’s continue with this Elite Marketing Pro review!

what is elite marketing pro about

What Is Elite Marketing About?

Elite Marketing Pro is a training and coaching platform that offers training and educational material on how to attract customers for one’s online business, how to generate traffic to one’s website, and the skills one must have to be a successful online marketer.  

They also provide mentoring programs in the packages they offer, which we’ll be going over in detail later on.  

The system is designed for online business owners, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers.  

It is said to train its students to successfully operate businesses like network marketing, direct sales, traditional street-side businesses, information marketing, affiliate marketing, and professional services.  

Elite Marketing Pro is headquartered in Florida, USA, and has now a lot of active online marketers not only in the US but all over across more than a hundred countries globally.  

Elite Marketing Pro was founded by Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, and Ferny Ceballos in 2014.  

elite marketing pro founders

All of which are successful network marketers who've already earned a heap of money from each of their business endeavors. And now, Elite Marketing Pro is the avenue where they share all of their knowledge and experiences with entrepreneurs and aspiring ones. 

CEO Tim Erway launched this program with the vision of enabling small business owners, start-ups, or large companies to do what they love, earn unlimited income, all while working from anywhere in the world by building this so-called “lifestyle business.”  

The basic elements of online businesses in whatever niche you are in are traffic and an audience.  

Elite Marketing Pro helps you reach out to potential customers and recruits from your audience without the need to do direct emailing, cold-calling, or face to face selling.  

On top of this seemingly passive sourcing of traffic, they guarantee you that you won’t have to waste time chasing out feckless prospects.  

You will be saved from rejection and reserve your time and effort for doing more work.  

The system provides you with on-point strategies for building your network of business-minded people through videos, interviews, and visual presentations as what is provided in their products and services. 

Elite Marketing Product Line 

Since what they offer is an online training and coaching platform, these are the bundles made to teach members the ropes of online marketing. It’s almost the same as Income Shift Pro and Easy1Up.

Take a look at the following packages below. 

1. Attraction Marketing Formula ($47) with a total retail value of $391, including bonuses. It comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. This product teaches you how to create an endless tap of instant leads without the chance of rejection, and explode your network marketing business.  

It includes:

  • Attraction Marketing Formula: A 185-page guide on creating your online prospecting and recruiting machine that runs on auto-pilot.
  • Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate System [Bonus]: Instant access to an incredible marketing system you can utilize to attract a lot of people into your business.
  • Ignition Coaching Machine [Bonus]: Training consisting of 12 modules on income acceleration; 1-on-1 coaching sessions enabling you to explore lead-generation machine setup.
  • Private Facebook Group: Access to an exclusive community to connect with thousands of home business owners, entrepreneurs, and top leaders in the network marketing industry. 

2. Social Retail And Enrollment Blueprint ($147) with total retail value, including bonuses. of up to $1000. It also comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. In this product, you’ll be taught how to create an instant surge of new customers and more team members into your network marketing business. It includes:

  • 4 step formula for using videos as a fool-proof way to quickly attract ready-to-buy prospects
  • The easiest way to create highly effective videos on a tight budget
  • 4 specific types of videos to present your product in the best way possible
  • A guide on how to produce irresistible and attractive video ideas
  • The secret in creating unshakable trust in your videos
  • A walkthrough on how to exponentially build a list of hot prospects 

3. 10 Minute Traffic Machine ($997 and you could also choose their 3 payment-option for $427) with a total retail value of $2,997. This traffic machine teaches you how to create an overflow of laser-target traffic. It runs for a course of 5-weeks with step-by-step training on creating a source of high-quality traffic into your business. It offers:

  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider: Training on monthly traffic generation to help you keep up to date with new, effective, and productive techniques.
  • Elite Marketing Pro Membership: A marketing system enabling you to pursue multiple streams of online income.
  • 10-Minute Traffic Templates: An archive of templates for each aspect of your sales funnel, landing pages, and ads.
  • Private Mastermind: Membership to a community that serves as a place for you to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other business owners.
  • Group Coaching Calls: Weekly coaching calls for a year.
  • Traffic Jam Start: 1-on-1 call sessions with your coach to jumpstart traffic.
  • Page Creator Pro: A software that automatically customizes your own capture pages and sales page with just a few clicks. 

4. Elite Marketing Pro - Insider Membership ($597, then $297/annual to avail membership) - with a total retail value of this is $6,000. It’s their core product and it provides:

  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider Monthly: Training webinars every month by the top gurus of internet marketing.
  • Live Traffic Training: Live weekly training on advertising with paid traffic.
  • Exclusive Elite Training: Private training including a 5-step formula exclusive for Elite Marketing Pro members only.
  • Traffic Generation and Marketing Tools: A 5-minute capture page creator, automatic blogging system.
  • Private Mastermind Group: Access to a community of business-minded people where you can inquire and leave feedback on other members. 

5. Elite Marketing Pro Vip - $3,497 One-Time but it's $2,997 for fast action takers. It includes: 

  • VIP Road Map
  • Weekly Traffic Mentoring Webinars
  • 1-on-1 VIP Coaching Calls
  • Private VIP Facebook Marketing Group 

They also offer supplemental products on top of these general training materials.

Is Elite Marketing Pro A Scam?

Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam.  

In fact, it’s a legitimate online training and coaching platform that could be beneficial for entrepreneurs and aspiring online marketers. However, as an earning opportunity, though it may not force you to recruit, you will still opt to recruit and market its products as commission comes with it.  

elite marketing pro 1
elite marketing pro 1

It’s also not a Better Bureau Business (BBB) Accredited company but it has an A- rating, well probably of some complaints below.

To learn more about Elite Marketing Pro, you can watch the video below:

Is Elite Marketing Pro A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Elite Marketing Pro comes with products and services that you could earn commissions from as you market them to people.  

You could also get commissions for referring people to join the program but it’s not mandatory as they give you the liberty not to do so. Thus, it’s not a Pyramid Scheme.  

It’s really more of a training and coaching platform and the commissions are just a bonus. But if you want to earn bigger, you’ll probably opt to recruit more people into the program.

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Elite Marketing Pro Compensation Plan

Well, as an Elite Marketing Pro, you don’t need to promote Elite Marketing Pro and you are not required to.  

However, promoting the EMP platform will be an additional income stream for you if you decide to do so. 

elite marketing pro commission rate

See commission rates below:

Commissions on products and services are also paid at the rates indicated on their website.

How Much To Join Elite Marketing Pro?

These are the following Elite Marketing Pro packages 

  1. Attraction Marketing Formula - $47
  2. Social Retail And Enrollment Blueprint- $147
  3. 10 Minute Traffic Machine - $997 Or 3 Payment-option For $427
  4. Elite Marketing Pro- Insider Membership - $597, Then $297/Annual
  5. Elite Marketing Pro Vip- $3,497 Or $2,997 For Fast Action Takers.



Valuable Product/Service

Well, it’s good to have an intensive training and coaching platform that one can benefit from, especially if one is into business and online marketing. Based on the products and services they offer plus some of the positive reviews they have, I could say that it’s valuable.  

Training and educational stuff will indeed give you a good start in building an online network and business. Though there are negative reviews, there are quite a handful of positive reviews especially when it comes to their services.  


Good As Side Income

Well, it’s also nice that one can have a side earning opportunity if they market EMP products and refer someone to the program as well. Since EMP is more of a training and coaching platform. 

High Ticket Scheme-Like

Well, you can’t avoid people tagging EMP to be a High Ticket Scheme because the prices of its products are indeed pretty expensive. It could cost you up to $3,497.  

Yes, it’s valuable but costing you that much is impractical.  

EMP may offer substantial learnings and training but you could even find these kinds of training online for free. 

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Training Tools/Support

Being a training and coaching platform, Elite Marketing Pro provides its members with targeted education, training, and mentoring programs. They provide ways on how to generate traffic to websites and mold the necessary skills an entrepreneur should have.  

They also have pretty good support as they foster a community of family and friendship and work passionately towards their goals.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Elite Marketing Pro is indeed a legit online training and coaching platform. Service and product-wise, I could say that their content is commendable and beneficial to users and members but I just don’t think that it’s reasonable to be priced as high as they are.  

As a training platform, I could commend them but it’s just impractical to pay an expensive fee, especially if most of the training can be found online. 

Well, as an earning opportunity, it’s good as a side income and if you want a lucrative earning opportunity, this is not the best opportunity for you. So, my verdict is still no. 

What's Next?

Perhaps, you’ve now decided that Elite Marketing Pro is not the opportunity for you but don’t worry, I have a better alternative!

Join my #1 recommended program and get all the tools and support you need (without the price!):

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • The best business tools and support you need
  • Webinars and training resources
  • And many more! 

Thank you for checking out my Elite Marketing Pro review!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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