Is Vyvo A Scam? The TRUTH About WGN (World Global Network) Reboot!

is vyvo a scam

Welcome to My Vyvo Review! 

The health and wellness niche is among the saturated niches in the multi-level marketing business scene.  

A lot of companies in this niche have even innovated various gimmicks just to pitch their business -- from supplements to diet regimens, even incorporating technology with adding DNA stuff to their market, high-end gadgets, medical devices, and more. 

Vyvo Review Summary

Name: Vyvo


Founders: Fabio Galdi

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $369- $1499 For The Starter Kits

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Quick Summary: Healy World is a multi-level marketing company that markets a range of smart devices and technology to help uphold one’s health and wellness.  

Being an MLM platform, it offers an affiliate program with a generous compensation plan; however, it seems like most of the affiliates are not earning well. And just like its predecessor, World Global Network, it has issues, including complaints and expensive products, too.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Surely, the list goes on…  

Well, just like this one that we will be discussing in this review -- Vyvo, a health and wellness tech MLM that sells smart devices dedicated to helping one’s health and well-being.   

Perhaps, you’ve come across someone presenting you with this opportunity and you’re wondering if Vyvo is legit or a scam.  

Will it help you make a decent income online? 

What makes it different from the other MLM brands? 

In this review, we will help you answer these questions and more. 

vyvo smartwatch

What Is Vyvo About?

Vyvo is an MLM that sells a range of smart devices dedicated to upholding health and wellness. It’s almost the same as Healy World, another networking company that offers wearable medical devices. 

Being an MLM, it provides an opportunity for people to gain income with its business opportunity for affiliates, selling their products and by recruiting more people into the program. Vyvo’s headquarters is based in Singapore with offices in Miami, Florida, Utah, and Ireland. 

The roots of Vyvo started with its predecessor World Mobile Network, which was originally founded in 2011 by Fabio Galdi.  

vyvo founder fabio galdi

In 2016, Galdi rebooted it as World International and later again renamed it to World Global Network (WGN).  

WGN was the marketing arm of Hello Corp (HLOC), a company developing products based on an innovative concept called Life-Sensing Technology. Its objective is to improve people’s health and lifestyle by creating the world’s largest platform of human biodata, built from the user’s data and measurements.  

It was in February 2019, when it was announced to be rebranded into Vyvo. However, no further reason was given as to why it underwent rebranding. Well, there had been speculations that it needed to start afresh due to the declining traffic ranking. 

But with that trend, we can say that founder, Fabio Galdi, has rebranded as his go-to strategy every time he needs to pitch up to his business. 

On their company website, you won’t see any specific founder information but only a description that its founders are “as young, creative, and experienced entrepreneurs with more than ten years of experience and successful track records in the fields of technology and network marketing”.  

But simple online research would directly point out Fabio Galdi as the CEO and Founder and names like Alessandro Senatore was as well mentioned as a co-founder.   

Fabio Galdi began his career as an internet and technology entrepreneur. In the span of more than 25 years, he had created several technology companies all over Europe and Asia. 

Vyvo Product Line 

Vyvo markets and sells a range of smart devices and technology designated to help people maintain better health. They also offer nutritional supplements. 

vyvo product line

Below are some of their products:

  • Vista Plus ($250) - It includes a 1-month Digital subscription, the new Vyvo Smartwatch. It has cutting-edge new sets of clinical-grade sensors that are capable of conducting ECGs. 
  • Icon ($300) - It includes a 1-month Digital subscription, is a smartwatch that can capture and translate the data that your body generates to help you come up with a more informed approach on how to improve and maintain your health. 
  • Sense ($249) - The smartband that heightens your senses. 
  • Leggera ($150) - Simply stepping on to Leggera unveils and displays your weight and body composition stats on its screen.

Is Vyvo A Scam?

Vyvo is not a scam.  

It is a legit MLM company that comes with physical products and with a compensation plan you can earn from as an affiliate. However, is not Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited. And also, affiliates may opt to recruit to make more money but if that is what makes up the majority of sales, it would be a pyramid scheme. 

Is Vyvo A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Technically, Vyvo is not a pyramid scheme because as an affiliate on this company, it's possible for you to earn money just by selling their products. However, Vyvo does have signs of being a "pyramid scheme in disguise".  


Because affiliates can’t avoid losing money due to the monthly sales quotas and membership fees and so they will opt to recruit more.  

To find out the difference between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme, watch the video below:

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Vyvo Compensation Plan

Vyvo’s compensation plan is designed on a binary multi-level marketing system.  

In their terms, it is called the Dual Team, where you have the Left and Right Teams.  

Building a team will qualify you for several bonuses and rewards. 

  • Fast Referral Bonus - 10% outright bonus of the referred sales .
  • Team Volume Commission - You are entitled to a $10 bonus for Partner Level or $20 on Executive Level every cycle, each time you get 300 Sales Volume (SV) on each leg (right and left teams). 
  • Money Box Commission - Vyvo deposits $1 in your Money Box, every time you reach a common volume on your left and a right leg each cycle. 
  • Builder Brick Bonus - When your personally enrolled customer becomes a Team Builder, you earn a Brick Bonus. Vyvo will pay $10 for every 300SV on the total amount of purchases made by your Team Builder’s referrals.
  • Generation matching Bonus - A matching percentage of the Team Volume (TV) Commission for each member of your team throughout 10 generations. The percentage of the commission depends on your rank in the organization.
  • Business Development Bonus - Maintain the Diamond rank for 4 consecutive commission periods and receive an additional bonus of $1,000 to help you pay for your airfare, accommodations, venue rental, car rentals, fuel, and other expenses.
  • Lifestyle Rewards - These are holiday trips rewarded to Diamond ranks.
  • Millionaire Club Rewards - You will be eligible to participate in this when you reach the President Millionaire rank for 12 consecutive months
  • Recognition Awards - For every common team volume generated, you get to advance in the Vyvo rank. 

Being an MLM, here are the following affiliate ranks in Vyvo:

  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond 
  • Grand Diamond 
  • President
  • Double President 
  • Grand President 
  • President Millionaire 
  • Double President Millionaire 
  • Grand President Millionaire 

How Much To Join Vyvo?

Basically, signing up in Vyvo is free. But they would be encouraged to become a “product of the product” if you want to grow the business. Thus, you have to buy products. Here are the starter kits you can choose from:

  • Vyvo Smart Kit ($369) - Contains 1 DNA Sample Collection Kit; 1-month loyalty PRO subscription (Oracle AI Report & NutraPak); 1 Health and Wellness Genetic Test; 1 $200 Discount Voucher for the new Biosense Band and Smart ID.
  • Vyvo Smart Builder Pack ($799) - Contains 1 Vyvo Smart Kit plus 1+2 months loyalty Pro Subscription, and 1 BioZen Kit 4+1.
  • Vyvo Smart builder Pack ($1499) - Contains 1 Vyvo Smart Kit plus 1+2 months loyalty Pro Subscription, 1 BioZen Kit 4+1 and 2 Vyvo Smart Kits for your business.



Interesting Products

I could say that Vyvo Products are really interesting. With all of the state-of-the-art technology claims to be utilized on their devices, you will really be curious about their products. It also offers various health assistance that is incorporated with these wearable devices they offer.  


Customer Complaints Just Like WGN 

It seems like that rebranding the company is an attempt to start anew and drown the customer complaints.  

However, it seems like not only the predecessor, WGN, received tons of product complaints during its course of operations but also Vyvo. It now has many terrible reviews, mostly about quality, which is the same as with WGN complaints.  

Well, we could say from the start, the connection of Vyvo with WGN is indeed not a good thing.  

Expensive Products That Are Not Guaranteed To Cure Anything 

The prices of Vyvo’s smart watches appear to be competing with the industry’s leading brands but this may not be a smart move for Vyvo as there are many brands who give the same service but with cheaper prices.  

Also, though expensive, it doesn’t guarantee to cure any illness. It’s even clearly stipulated on their website: “This is a reminder for all of our members and customers that VYVO products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. VYVO does not make any claim that its products prevent or cure COVID-19 or the coronavirus, and any claims that they do are a violation of our Company policies and are prohibited.” 

Too Much Focus On The Recruitment

Being an MLM, you will still opt to recruit and build a team to gain lost money from monthly quotas and membership fees and earn bigger commissions and bonuses. And also, it seems like that most affiliates are not earning well on this opportunity. 

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Training Tools/Support

Basically as a Vyvo affiliate and purchasing kits, you’ll be provided with products and materials needed for your Vyvo business. And also, an easy training system, will be provided to help all members.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Vyvo is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that offers legit products. In fact, there are very few MLMs that offer smart technology to support people's health. So, does this make Vyvo stand out?  

Well, in my opinion, their products may be interesting but it’s expensive enough to market. It will be a challenge as other brands offer the same features but at cheaper prices.  

Also, these devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease so I don’t see that the price is worth it. 

Some customers may claim it works but with no scientific proof, it’s gonna be worthless.  

Let’s not forget, there are many complaints regarding product quality. Not only it will cost a lot for affiliates as there are as well hidden charges to pay, but this opportunity also doesn’t guarantee success to its affiliates as most are not earning well.  

So, my verdict is NO. I am not recommending this program to you.

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Thank you for reading my Vyvo Review!  

I hope you’ll try my recommendation. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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