Is APPI Travels A Scam? Legit Get Paid Daily Opportunity Or A Pyramid Scheme?

is appi travels a scam

Welcome to My APPI Travels Review! 

To YOLO, is something many people want but can’t because in reality, to enjoy life without any worries and regrets you either have to be filthy rich, sponsored by some millionaire, win the lottery, or in any circumstances a thieving billionaire. 

APPI Travels Review Summary

Name: APPI Travels


Founders: Danny Gauthier

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $50 to $500 For The Membership Fee

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Quick Summary: APPI Travels is an affiliate marketing program launched by Danny Gauthier in 2016. It focuses on travel and leisure programs that also offer various business ventures for members. These said opportunities will make your money big in no time.

The company is based in Quebec, Canada but is known internationally and has members in over 200 countries.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

So a company that offers travel needs and travel plus business opportunities is rare, intriguing, and interesting.  

Apparently, APPI Travels offers that and more to those who are interested to join their team. However, all catchy, shiny things like this have their twists and turns. To know more facts than just the sparkly advertisements is a must before divulging your money into some investment scheme. 

This review will try to layout important details and give unbiased opinions on APPI.

what is appi travels about

What Is APPI Travels About?

Danny Gauthier, the founder, and CEO of APPI, started the company last October 28, 2016. It is an affiliate marketing program and a travel agency in one.  

They offer vacation packages, travel deals, and other services that will help the consumer fulfill their holiday desires. Along with it, they promised that membership in the company will make way for bigger rewards. 

Members will be able to enjoy freebies like free travel and have income and commission at the same time just by joining and encouraging other people to join. According to their website, affiliates will have unlimited income plus a 100% bonus on referrals.  

Also, all commissions are paid daily. 

APPI operates and has associates in over 200 countries with its headquarters residing in Quebec, Canada. The name APPI Travels is said to be an international brand based on their website.  

The CEO on the other hand is previously known for his involvement in companies, like Ultamex and Wealth Podium, which were both branded as pyramid schemes. 

APPI Travels Product Line

As the name suggests, their main focus should be, is to provide and arrange escapade services. They do not have definite products to sell, instead, they offer membership packages. 

It's almost the same as the following companies as they all offer travel incentives and opportunities: 

Is APPI Travels A Scam?

APPI, aside from providing travel products and services, claims to be an affiliate marketing program.  

Affiliate marketing is a type of career networking wherein you get paid by just simply advertising a certain product or service in the market using social networking sites. To explain further, affiliates of the company o get their share of income in 3 different ways.  

One is for every click on the referral link made for the company, the second is for a trade the company made because of the recommendation, and lastly for every client made a prospect. All they have to do is make an effort on writing good reviews, blogs, and or commentaries and make sure the consumers will click and visit the business they are affiliated with, then commissions are guaranteed.  

So with this definition and based on what APPI’s website put forth, they are indeed an affiliate marketing company because their members get paid daily for every referral they made.  

But what is their difference with an MLM company? 

Multi-level marketing companies generate funds in direct sales and strategize on encouraging existing distributors to recruit new ones to make commissions.  

Taking a deeper look at how APPI Travels works and their compensation plans, confusion will kick in that within their structure they are also a vague MLM business. Although there are no articles yet that prove its deception, whether or not it is legit or a scam, more sources and facts are needed to be reliable, accurate, and trusted. 

However, APPI Travels has so many bold claims on its website. For one, they say that the pay is daily and guaranteed. Unless the affiliate’s site has tons of traffic per day and visitors are really clicking and buying what they offer, I don’t think they’ll earn anything and the false promises alone are a red flag!

what is appi travels

Is APPI Travels A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Recruitment is APPI’s way to compensate its members. More members down their line mean they get higher commissions and giveaways, they do not offer any tangible products to sell.  

What they have are membership deals and from there, members are encouraged to be active in promoting the company and its said holiday trips packages and services to invite more people joining the team.  

Also, they allow direct referrals, in which the member makes personal invites to the person they know to also be a member.  

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes both rely on people investing their money to an organization promising to make it double and triple just by simply bringing more people in, not by the actual sales of items they promised they have to offer.  

In contrast to MLM, they have direct sales to support their funds and recruitment is just an additional way of generating higher returns. In relation to their way of paying their associates that rely solely on referrals and added members and taking into account the definition of pyramid and Ponzi strategies, APPI Travels can be considered one of them.

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APPI Travels Compensation Plan

It's a BANG! APPI’s compensation plans will instantly tickle the eyes of prospects starting with their banner of getting paid daily and shared profits amounting to trillions. True, affiliates will definitely go wild.  

how to make money with appi travels

According to their website, they have 3 powerful side-by-side plans namely; (1) APPI Travels even-up, (2) APPI Travel fund, and (3) APPI VIP. 

All three works, starting by registering and availing one of their membership deals then sponsoring at least two members from whom commissions will be generated. Their system of earning the commission is either through direct recruitment or residual recruitment and both.  

The company follows a unilevel compensation structure in which an associate first to register is on the top of the team. Every person the head of the team will support personally to join will be placed under them, which is their Level 1.  

All level 1 affiliates will now also sponsor another set of people of their own, making it their first level and the lead affiliate's Level 2. The sequence will go forth as the number of people gets bigger, rendering higher and higher returns for all.  

But that's not all, because with their plan all second and or for every odd number associates of every affiliate under level 1 it will become the main sponsor's upline. In addition to that, they also have bonus deals like what they call TRAVEL POINTS and RRMB (Residual Referral Matching Bonus) which members will be gaining for every recruit.  

The only difference lies only in the amount and type of membership a client will avail. Therefore, all in all, an average commission ranging from $25 to $250 awaits active members. Just recently they introduced a new program into their system wherein it allows additional gain through cash gifting based on a 2x2 matrix.  

Affiliates who will buy an additional membership aside from the one they already have are the only ones capable to avail of the plan. 

To learn more about APPI Travels, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join APPI Travels?

To qualify for their business opportunities, fees depend on what title as a member you want to have. There are 3 variations, explorer, traveler, and navigator. The cheapest is the explorer affiliate which is $75, next is the traveler which costs $250, and then the most expensive navigator affiliate costing $550. All membership types are the same, they only vary in the commission an associate will gain. Evidently, a higher initial payment yields higher returns. 

Prospects have to take note that it is not a one-time payment but rather monthly. To maintain a position in the company, associates have to pay every month to renew their membership then work to make their investment grow. Also, APPI has a no refund policy.



Rare and Unique

As of present, a tour concept affiliate marketing program is rare and very unique, that is why in my opinion it's the main advantage of APPI Travels. Investment sites that promote work and leisure at the same time are something that is now starting to rise as an industry.  

Increment Rate

Aside from the easy jumpstart, they offer an unbelievably, too good to be true increment rate. Added to that is their daily payout system which is very appealing and what most potential clients look for in an investment venture. 


Monthly Fee

A major put off by APPI is the monthly fees needed to be an affiliate. It is costly and refunds are out of the table. 

Confusing Compensation Blueprint

It looks simple and plain but if you go into it further, their compensation plans are confusing and complicated, not all will be able to understand right away how their system works. I, personally, took time to read again and again how it works and tried my best to lay it out the simplest way possible.  

No Available Products, Recruitment Is A Must

APPI does not have any physical goods to be sold to generate income. The only source of it is the growing number of people introduced by the members themselves.  

Founder’s Reputation

Most importantly, the CEO and founder’s reputation was already tainted in its involvement from previous fraudulent schemes. 

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Training Tools/Support

Apart from the ludicrous compensation, APPI also provides bonus services, their members can enjoy and have access through their portal. One of which is the travel engine that enables associates of the company to a third-party booking engine that will help them find and avail affordable great vacation deals.  

Another is the website builder, a cloud-based, drag, and drop tool that will be very helpful in advertising businesses online. Additional to these tools is the free online seminars on topics like How to Market in social media, what is a cryptocurrency, and how to generate a business.   

Final Opinion/Verdict

Sparkly and dazzling with all their offered benefits and gains. Think again before becoming one of APPI Travels affiliates. As some would say, there is no such thing as instant fast money in the real world.  

If that is the case it is either a miracle or a fraud, which is most probably the latter. That is why it is very important to check several reliable and trusted facts and investigate before investing. As for APPI it is not a bad deal but invest wisely.

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