Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam? Notorious Ponzi Scheme Exposed!

is traffic monsoon a scam

Welcome to My Traffic Monsoon Review! 

There is so much hype with job or business opportunities online and perhaps, you have come across someone trying to recommend this opportunity to you, personally or through social media.

Traffic Monsoon Review Summary

Name: Traffic Monsoon


Founders: Charles Scoville

Product Type: Online Closed Marketing System

Price: $50 To $1,000 For The AdPack

traffic moonsoon logo

Quick Summary: Traffic Monsoon is a closed marketing system where members share their online business opportunities with other members. The traffic flowing through the Traffic Monsoon campaigns are limited to the online business opportunity niche.

Apparently, the program sells advertising services known as AdPacks from where members can earn a 10% profit back. It also sells banner ads, credit ads, cash link ads, and more.

However, companies like this have a high risk of losing because it can collapse anytime, like what happened to the Traffic Monsoon in 2016.

Traffic Monsoon’s a typical scam, a Ponzi Scheme to be exact. Even their owner’s/ founder’s record could validate that!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

And maybe that’s why you’re here, trying to learn about an opportunity called Traffic Monsoon. 

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place! 

In this post, we will talk about Traffic Monsoon and although it’s been shut down, we feel like it’s our obligation to expose this scam.  

110% commission back? Sounds like an enticing offer but don’t get fooled!

What Is Traffic Monsoon About?

Traffic Monsoon is an online closed marketing system that also allows one to earn money back as they buy Traffic Monsoon’s AdPacks. Purchasing one will unlock a sharing position into a member’s account.  

The moment that sharing position is unlocked, members will start earning money every hour from the revenues generated on Traffic Monsoon with the 110% commission back as mentioned above. 

Basically, Traffic Monsoon is a PTC (Paid To Click) -- cheap traffic that some people will use to artificially inflate the number of views to a particular site, taking advantage of sites that give more exposure to pages that get lots of views, plus a Traffic Exchange and a Revenue Sharing site.  

It is a sister site of Adhitprofits, which has almost the same business model. 

This program was created in 2014 and was launched in October 2014 by owner and founder Charles Scoville who has a bad reputation for running several scams PTC sites in the past, such as Infinity Bux, BuxSecure, TVIPTC, Powerful Bux, Forever Bux, and Bux Unleashed.  

And just like those programs, Traffic Monsoon is also a scam.  

After being launched in 2014, eventually it closed in 2016. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filed the complaint against TrafficMonsoon on July 26, 2016.  

All assets of TrafficMonsoon and its owner have been frozen as per order. You can still access the website domain of TrafficMonsoon but as of the moment of this writing (the year 2021), the TrafficMonsoon operations are closed but the official site has been replaced to communicate with the public. There you could see the overview, key documents, and more about the case. 

traffic monsoon affiliate program (2)

One reason for the complaint is because of the business model of TrafficMonsoon which is not proven to be legal. It is not registered with any legal authorities to run its business. 

Traffic Monsoon Product Line

Traffic Monsoon doesn’t only sell advertising services known as AdPacks but it also sells banner ads, credit ads, cash links ads, and so on. But these are just rather fronts to lure you to a scam that it is!

Is Traffic Monsoon A Scam?

Yes! From the founder’s bad reputation to the risky business model, Traffic Monsoon is a SCAM! The US SEC has already shut down this program as a definite scam and they are as well now working out to refund those who have been scammed with this and even asking for proof of claims on the website. 

Is Traffic Monsoon A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

They may deny their system is a Ponzi and investment scheme. And they may claim that they have paid their members but after long years of lawsuits, as per SEC, TrafficMonsoon is a Ponzi scheme that is paying to the old investors from the money generated by new investors. 

And also, though the business model is not that clear, the compensation also includes an affiliate program making it like an MLM that rewards members as they refer people which we can say t also makes it like a pyramid scheme. 

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Traffic Monsoon Compensation Plan

Apparently, there are four ways to generate income in Traffic Monsoon.  

1. Completing Offers - Accomplishing simple tasks and micro-jobs that will pay you $0.5 to $1 per task. It takes 5 minutes to complete a task. 

2. Revenue Sharing - This is where thousands of people make big money in Traffic Monsoon. This is also a paid service. Here Traffic Monsoon sells advertising services. Here you are going to invest your money with Traffic Monsoon. With revenue sharing, you get to advertise your website. 

First, you have to buy an AdPack that costs $50. It will give you 1000 ad credits, 20 clicks to your banner ads, and a revenue-sharing position. You click a minimum of 10 ads and stay on the websites for 20 seconds each then you will qualify for 24 hours to share the profits.

As mentioned, when you buy an AdPack, it will enable you to unlock a sharing position in your account and you’ll then start earning money every hour from the revenues generated on Traffic Monsoon.

Each sharing position will give you 110% of the commission back which means $55 in profits. So, let’s take, for example, if you invest $50 in an AdPack then you Get $55 and Free Advertising also. 

Well, if you want to take some risk then you can buy 10 AdPacks worth $500 or even up to $1000 or more. Because with the more money invested, the more the profits are. Making it more of an investment scheme right? 

3. Affiliate Program - You’ll earn 100% commission for your referral click. You'll make up to $0.1 daily from this. However, if you can get one person to do the task then you can probably make $0.2 daily. 

So if you get 10 guys to complete the task then you can make up to $1.1 daily. 

See the chart below: 

traffic monsoon affiliate program (1)

So, if that’s the case, you can make up to $36,500 annually. 

4. Traffic Exchange - Here Traffic Monsoon allows you to earn credit without wasting your time. However, it is not free. Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases allows you to buy more traffic exchange visitors without wasting your time surfing on the Internet.

You automatically get the credits required for the number of visitors you would like to receive on your website. You simply have to choose a plan as per the number of visitors you want to get, make a payment, and start receiving visitors.

traffic monsoon compensation plan

To learn more about Traffic Moonsoon, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Traffic Monsoon?

It’s free joining. However, if you want to earn money, you’ll have to invest money purchasing adpacks from $5 up to $1000 and more.  

And also, you could as well earn money from traffic exchange credits that will cost you from $5.95 - $229.95.



Traffic Monsoon may work best for advertisers with websites that receive huge traffic on their website. However, how good is it if it turns out to be a scam? Well, for me, there’s definitely nothing to like about this opportunity! 


Owner’s Bad Reputation

One major red flag is the owner and founder, Charles Scoville’s bad reputation. With all those scams he has been involved with, would you entrust your future income with his lead?  

Not Registered

Apparently, Traffic Monsoon is not registered to any legal body that would permit it to do business and this alone is illegal! Registration is essential as it shows legitimacy.

When you register your business, you’ll provide proof of revenue and other vital information but Traffic Monsoon doesn't do this probably because it shows they're lying about their true source of revenue.

Apparently, the Adpacks purchased in Traffic Monsoon appear more as an investment and in this investment scheme, they take new investment and uses it to pay out existing members. Probably, why they have been convicted as a Ponzi Scheme! 

Risky Business Model Bound To Collapse

Schemes like that of Traffic Monsoon are bound to collapse! Traffic Monsoon will end up like the other failed programs simply because the business model is unsustainable.  

Once they couldn’t find growth in the number of new members and if those members stop re-purchasing the traffic packages, it will eventually collapse and shut down! 

A Scam That Has Already Shutdown

The US SEC has already shut down this program as a definite scam! A definite Ponzi scheme that is absolutely illegal. This opportunity comes with a lot of baggage. Don’t be deceived!

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Training Tools/Support

As they claim, joining their program, they will provide all the training and support you will need- from solutions, software, strategy, traffic, tools, pro-action business coaching, and support from a community of Traffic Monsoon members.

Final Opinion/Verdict

All the details definitely point out that Traffic Monsoon is a SCAM. From the risky shady business model alone to the founder’s bad reputation, are already great indicators to really flee from this opportunity.  

It’s also even been confirmed as a Ponzi Scheme by the SEC - a confirmed scheme that has already shut down! So, definitely not going to recommend such scams to you. So what are you waiting for? Avert such dubious schemes!

What's Next?

Another SCAM opportunity revealed and that’s bad news, right? At least, you have been informed. But don’t worry, I have a better alternative that assures you booming income!

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Anyways, thank you for reading my Traffic Monsoon review!

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