Is Novae Life A Scam? Make Money And Get Trained At The Same Time?

is novae life a scam

Welcome to My Novae Life Review! 

Gone are the days when multi-level marketing (MLM) was only about weight loss products, supplements, and skincare essentials; now, companies are offering digital services, such as training for self-development and motivation.

Novae Life Review Summary

Name: Novae Life


Founders: Reco McDaniel

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49.95 To $499.95 For The Enrollment Fee + $99.95 For The Monthly Fee

novae life logo

Quick Summary: Novae Life is a network marketing company that offers training and education on self-development, finances, and more. It also provides an opportunity to make money online by selling their products and through recruitment.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

We’ve talked about this kind of program in the past, such as SelfGrowth.Com and Life Leadership. Today, we’re going to discuss a similar brand called Novae Life. 

Created by an experienced MLM member, will this help you create a good source of income online? Is Novae Life a scam or a legit program? How does this brand really work? 

Find out everything you need to know in this honest Novae Life review.

What Is Novae Life About?

Novae Life is not your typical networking company. It doesn’t offer tangible products you can sell and make money from; instead, it offers training for self-improvement and financial education.  

While this kind of niche is not new in the MLM industry, it certainly is interesting. 

Novae Life was founded in 2014 by Reco McDaniel, together with Carlton Calhoun and Justin Owens after he left Wake Up Now. 

novae life founder Reco McDaniel

Basically, what this program offers are training and education, which for me, are great investments. Whether you’re planning to start your own business or thrive in your career, a professional guide will help. 

The question, however, is if Novae Life is worth your time and money, especially since their courses cost a lot. 

In today’s world, tons of free resources can be found online. It’s just up to you whether you will use it to your advantage or not. But then, I don’t want to discredit training programs like Novae Life. I’ve enrolled in a few similar courses myself and while I don’t find all of it that useful, some really made an impact on my personal and professional life. 

And now, to help you decide whether Novae Life is worthy or not, let’s delve into their product line. 

Novae Life Product Line 

Basically, Novae Life promotes training for self-development, motivation, and personal growth. They also help members become successful by offering financial tools, education, and events. 

Just to give you an idea of what you should expect, here’s a run-through of their training: 

Cash Flow Management 

This is all about handling your income and expenses. It also gives members an idea of how to manage taxes, debt, payments, and more. The main goal is to improve the financial situation by identifying the most important expenses and eliminating unnecessary ones. 

Business Income 

This is all about having another source of income to help improve the financial situation. The goal of this training is to develop a business mindset and decrease dependence on one income alone. 

Passive Income 

This is all about generating and maintaining a passive source of income.  

In case you’re not familiar with passive income, this is simply an income that requires little to no effort. Some people call it “the money you make while you sleep.” While it sounds exciting, it’s not always easy to set it up so it’s good to know that Novae Life has included this in their training. 

Other than the training and education offered, Novae Life also provides an opportunity to make money online. And since it’s an MLM, you should expect to sell overpriced products and recruitment. 

And speaking of overpriced products, the price of Novae Life’s products are quite expensive. For instance, their Novae Money costs $199 to enroll and you need to shoulder $49 every month for its basic account and $79 for its premium account. 

Worth it? 

Based on their Facebook Page, it seems like it is: 

novae life product review

However, it looks like most of these reviews are from its affiliates so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

Is Novae Life A Scam?

It’s too early to assume that Novae Life is a scam. After all, it’s still new. 

Also, if I will compare it with the previous products I’ve reviewed, there are little to no red flags. 

For one, the founders are not hiding in some pen names. McDaniel is a real person with a solid record in business and leadership.  

The products, although not tangible, are essential. I mean, if you really want to grow professionally and personally, books, training, and education should be on top of your investments. 

It’s almost like taking supplements but instead of making your body healthy, you are feeding your mind. 

The only question here is if it’s the right training program.

what is novae money about

Is Novae Life A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

No, it’s not a pyramid scheme. It may sound like one since it involves recruitment and there are no physical products. 

However, unlike a pyramid scheme, you have digital services to sell and make money from. There are packages, such as the Novae Money that you can promote for commissions. 

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, has no products (digital or physical) and the only way to earn money is to recruit a new person. The recruit’s investment will be used to pay you. Considering this, it’s unstable because once the recruitment stops, the company will run out of investments and as a result, they will have nothing to pay you. 

Meanwhile, a Ponzi scheme promises a huge return (often guaranteed) for your investments. It’s illegal and fortunately, Novae Life doesn’t work like that.

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Novae Life Compensation Plan

At first glance, Novae Life seems like an affiliate program wherein they provide commissions for every sale they make; however, the brand has a team-building component, making it more like an MLM than an affiliate platform. 

Both business models are legit, by the way. 

Anyway, like typical networking companies, you get commissions by selling their products. For example, $75 for the $199-worth of sales you made. You also earn $5 for every basic monthly fee from your downline. It’s not much but it’s good to know that Novae Life still compensates you for that. 

Another way to make money is to build a team and just like other MLMs, you get more commission as you level up. The higher your rank is, the more money you make, and to be able to do that, you have to sell more products and recruit more people. 

I will not go into details of Novae Life’s compensation plan but here’s a video below to help you:

How Much To Join Novae Life?

Like typical MLM companies, there are a couple of packages to choose from. 

For instance, their basic package costs $49.95 to enroll and $99.95 every month. For premium packages, it starts from $249.95 to $499.95 for the enrollment fee and $99.95 every month. 

It’s not a small amount that can go to waste so before you join Novae Life, think twice or even thrice.  

The good thing about getting yourself into training is that there is a person who will guide you, who will track your progress, and who you can talk to. 

However, you can also find free resources online or even a cheaper mentorship or coaching alternative. So, it’s really up to you.



Focus On The Foundation Of Finance 

Novae Life dealt with debt, passive income, and other foundations of finance, such as the cash flow. I believe that while some of these are basic, not all of us are aware of how to manage this. It’s good to know that there’s a training program to address this. 

After all, you won’t achieve financial freedom until you have a good foundation. 


Monthly Fee 

$50 a month? Seriously? For a program that promotes financial literacy to achieve financial success, that sounds like irony. It’s like the brand is making money from you rather than you make money with them.

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Training Tools/Support

Novae Life offers solid training and support for its members and it’s quite visible on the reviews online. They also offer after-business hours chat support to help you address your concerns or inquiries.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, I like Novae Life. I’m not an affiliate but I know how important it is to have training and education, especially if you want to become successful in your chosen career. While there are sources online, it makes a huge difference if there’s a clear structure of what you will learn. 

Of course, since there are mentors, you’ll learn from their experiences, too. 

But then, it depends. Again, there are free resources online that you can take advantage of and you can also look for cheaper alternatives.  

As for the opportunity, there’s a chance to make a sale out of this program but the drawback is the price. It’s expensive and not only that, but you also need to recruit to earn a commission so if you’re a newbie, this might not be a good option. 

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Thank you for reading our Novae Life review. 

If you have a question or you want to share your experience with Novae Life, you can drop it down below.

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