WakeUpNow Scam – 95% Of Its Members Lose Their Money!

is wakeupnow a scam

Welcome to My WakeUpNow Review! 

Wondering whether WakeUpNow opportunity is legit or not? Or perhaps, you wanna know the REAL reason why they have shut down?

WakeUpNow Review Summary

Name: WakeUpNow

Website: www.wakeupnow.com

Founders: Jason Elrod, Kirby Cochran, And Philip Polich

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $100 For The Monthly Subscription Fee

wakeupnow logo

Quick Summary: WakeUpNow is a pyramid scheme in disguise. It poses as a legit multi-level marketing company that sells products and services, such as energy drinks and financial services.

It also offers an opportunity to make money online but sadly, 95% of its members failed to earn. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Whatever your question is, this honest WakeUpNow review will provide all the details you need not only to learn the truth about this sketchy program but also to help you avoid scams. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is WakeUpNow About?

WakeUpNow has a tell-tale of multi-level marketing and a pyramid scheme. It offers a wide range of products and services at a discounted rate, providing that you will enroll in their monthly subscription. 

As a member, you have access to the website’s dashboard called “The Hub,” which looks like a typical online marketplace. It has a variety of products and services, such as travel deals, security software, etc. 

As for the earning opportunity, members can make money as an affiliate; meaning, members earn when someone purchases a product or service using their link. 

WakeUpNow was founded by Jason Elrod, Kirby Cochran, and Philip Polich in 2009; however, it wasn’t long until the company was shut down. In 2015, the company stopped its operation because of its previous CEO, Cochrand’s “poor management.” 

wakeupnow founders Jason Elrod, Kirby Cochran, And Philip Polich

While it’s common for multi-level marketing companies to shut down even after just a couple of years of operation, Robert FitzPatrick, a pyramid scheme expert, claims that WakeUpNow is not a networking rather, an economic cult and a pyramid scheme. 

In case you’re not familiar with the differences between an MLM and a pyramid scheme, it’s these: 

  • Networking, network marketing, or an MLM is a legit business model while a pyramid scheme is illegal in many countries and states.
  • An MLM has tangible products or digital services to make money from while a pyramid scheme usually has no other sources of income rather than through recruitment. In case it has products or services, they often practice “inventory loading.”
  • Most pyramid schemes also have low-quality products.
  • While there’s recruitment involved in networking, it’s not the sole source of income. A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, puts a heavy emphasis on inviting people. 

WakeUpNow Product Line 

WakeUpNow offers a variety of products, such as WUN MD (Telemedicine), Thunder (Energy Drink), WUN Fit, WUN Finance, Vacation Hub (for travel discounts), WUN Protect (for identity theft protection), and Taxbot (Tax software). 

WakeUpNow has its products and services, which can be a good thing if you want to be considered as a legit MLM, there’s a problem. For one, these are pretty expensive, and to make it worse, these items can be found online for free or can be bought elsewhere at a cheaper price. 

So if you look at it, it seems like they just promoted products just for the sake of it without giving any value at all. 

It’s just right for the program to shut down.

Is WakeUpNow A Scam?

WakeUpNow has been tagged as a pyramid scheme by an expert, and who are we to argue? After all, it seems like it did not bring any good to its members. It’s full of hype, getting people excited about a program that’s not stable and lucrative. It also comes with products that are too expensive but useless. 

As for the opportunity, 95% of its members failed to make money so definitely, another bad news about the company. 

Another tell-tale that it’s a scam is the scapegoat they used when their operation stopped. Their CEO, Cochrand, was blamed for the unfortunate event that happened. 

I’m not saying that he did not do anything, it’s a typical move for MLM and scam to use an excuse when they’re about to shut down just to avoid paying people.

Is WakeUpNow A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Before answering this, let’s define the two -- a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. 

Ponzi schemes often promise huge returns to their investors; however, they have to invite and invite more people who will invest in the company. The investment made by the new recruits is used to pay the investors.  

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, works by recruiting people. It’s the sole purpose of the business and once their recruitment stops, so does the profit. 

Both business models are unstable and illegal but if you look at it, WakeUpNow resembles more like a pyramid scheme. 

To learn more about the two models below is a video you can watch:

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WakeUpNow Compensation Plan

Like typical MLM companies, WakeUpNow’s compensation plan consists of various ranks, and to increase your level, you should follow certain requirements.  


Here’s an outline of their ranks, from lowest to the highest:

  • IBO
  • Director 1
  • Director 2
  • Director 3
  • Founder 3
  • Founder 4
  • Founder 5
  • Founder 6
  • Founder 7
  • Executive
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire 

Now, to become a qualified IBO alone will ask you to have at least 90 Personal Volume (PV) a month. To reach Director 3, you have to recruit at least 3 IBO to WakeUpNow.  

Now, this is what makes it somehow exciting: once you are a Director 3, you’ll earn a $100 bonus every month. The higher your rank is, the bigger commissions you get, and imagine just how many PV and recruits you need to earn your desired amount. 

For instance, if you want to reach Founder 7, you need to have at least 80,000 worth of Group Volume (GV). 

Sadly, many of its members did not receive their well-deserved compensation and obviously, it’s because the company’s goal is not to help people make money but to make money from them. 

How Much To Join WakeUpNow?

To subscribe and have access to their discounts, products, and even opportunity, you have to pay $100 for their monthly subscription. This is not only expensive but also unreasonable. You are here to earn money but it seems like you are just wasting it. 

While there’s a “business opportunity” offered by selling the products and services and recruiting people, there’s also the need to pay the monthly fee so you can buy from their marketplace. 

Remember, most of these items are useless and to make it worse, can be found at a cheaper rate somewhere else. Talking about taking advantage!



Even if it’s still up and operating, there’s nothing to like about WakeUpNow. 


Waste Of Time And Money 

The monthly subscription fee, which costs $100, is not worth your time and money. It’s a complete waste and it’s like money going down the drain. While there’s an opportunity to earn, not all members have the best time of their life here. 

As mentioned, 95% of the members have failed to make money and if that’s not enough to convince you to back out from WakeUpNow or other similar programs, then I don’t know what else will.  

Complete Scam 

The products are useless and expensive. The opportunity offered is not really an opportunity to earn with the company but the company to earn from these people. It ceased operation and apparently, used a scapegoat. It’s unstable and all red flags point to it as a scam. 

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Training Tools/Support

There is online training offered to its members, dedicated to how to make more sales rank higher to get more bonuses, etc.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, WakeUpNow is one of the reasons why MLM has a negative stigma. While this business model is NOT something I recommend, especially for beginners, it’s good to know that it’s legit. 

However, many fraudsters, such as the founders of WakeUpNow use it as a disguise to conceal the real intention of their program and that is to steal from people. It has no real opportunity, no real products, and services with value. It’s a downright scam and it’s such a shame that it’s operated for more than a year. 

While it has all the red flags, many people have become a victim and sadly after it’s about to shut down, they did another foolish move. They blamed the previous CEO and although Cochrand’s poor management may have something to do about it, they should have manned up and taken responsibility, too. 

Typical pyramid schemes with scapegoats. 

Hopefully, more and more people will become aware of how these platforms work and avoid being a victim.

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Thank you for reading our WakeUpNow review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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