Is MyBitcoinTube Legit? Advertising Platform With Tons Of Bold Claims?

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Everyone must surely want to escape poverty with the desire to be financially stable without too much trouble. However, there’s no such thing as easy money. One must exert effort, time, and tons of patience if they want to make a huge amount of cash online.

Therefore, when an online opportunity has bold claims, such as you earning hundreds or thousands of dollars in just a short time, you should consider it as a red flag.

MyBitcointube Review Summary

Name: MyBitcointube


Founders:   Unknown

Product Type:  Advertising Platform

Price:   Free Or $19.95 Per Month To Upgrade

Quick Summary:   MyBitcointube is a video advertising platform that promises you to make $200 per day. You get to watch videos and recruit people into this scheme with the hopes of getting a commission.

However, is this another bold claim done to lure people or is it a legit program? How does it really work? Is it worth your time or will it just put you and your information at risk online?

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Even legit investment programs are not as easy as they look.

That being said, when you want to try earning opportunities online, it's necessary to dig deeper along with the background information of the platform regarding how it works, what it offers, and if it’s legit in the first place.

So in this post, we’ll talk about an online platform that claims to pay you a hundred dollars every day just by watching ads.

What’s the TRUTH about this program?

Let’s find out!

What Is MyBitcointube About?

MyBitcointube is a video advertising platform that claims to pay you for interacting with advertisers by watching 60-second videos and recruiting people into the system.

It is on the platform where video marketers buy and place video ads, which then delivers the video advert to users who have proven to be of value.

The website was only established last 2019; however, there is no information about its founder. This is already a red flag since most platforms with unknown owners are potential scammers.

Valuable MyBitcointube users are provided with an instant cash incentive upon their collaborative works with video marketers. 

In a way, it has similarities with YouTube yet became different in the manner of how users earn on both platforms. 

On YouTube, users are the creators of their own content, meanwhile, MyBitcoinTube claims that on their website, all you need to do is watch videos so you can earn Bitcoins instead of US Dollars. With a certain amount of Bitcoins, you can request a payout.

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How MyBitcointibe Works

There are two different ways on how to make money in MyBitcointube and it includes the following:

Watching Videos and Earn Bitcoin

It is a free method of earning here only just by watching various YouTube videos. It happens since other people are paying just to advertise their own videos by making other people watch them. 

MyBitcointube ridiculously claims that you can earn up to $200 a day just by doing this. In all honesty, it's next to impossible since no one is earning such a huge amount in just 24 hours.

To think that they have 93,301 registered users, and by doing the Math it would take them over $18 million of a payout per day which is an insane lie! It sounds too engaging but it's all a nonsense dream.

Refer People Into The Scheme and Make Money on the Money They Spend From Upgrading, Buying ads, Etc.

Doing referrals is likewise a way to make money here on MyBitcointube. Given that it's a scheme where revenues only come from the money being spent by new members it makes sense as to why their tactic of earning Bitcoins is through recruiting other people. 

By doing so, you'll earn 10% of your referrals spent money on video and banner ad purchases and also 20% affiliate commissions the moment they upgrade. Likewise, you get to receive a free ticket in the Weekly Lottery for every video your referral watches. 

It simply indicates that recruitment is by far the effective way to make money here.

Is MyBitcointube A Scam?

MyBitcointube comes with tons of red flags, such as lucrative offers, lack of founder information, unrealistic claims, additional charges, inability to cash out, piles of customers complaints, exit planning, and BBB Consumer Alert.

I’m certain that based on this dubious stuff we can determine that it is not a trusted platform. The offers are too good to be true as their way to lure people into their program.

However, in reality, MyBitcoinTube meets the perfect definition of a scam since members are being deceived and end up suffering a financial loss.

For instance, a pyramid scheme is a money distribution system with little or no products of consequence like ad packs and the accumulated money is used to pay older members.

MyBitcointube Compensation Plan

Upon watching bonus videos, you get to earn credits or Bonus Video Points (BVP). 

Every 2000 BVP allows you to watch a paid video and earn $1 in Bitcoin.

These bitcoins you get for each Paid Video advert that you watched can be immediately withdrawn upon reaching the low minimum payout of only $5 Bitcoins. 

Since it pays through Bitcoins, waiting for bank transfers and checks to get processed isn't necessary for it will automatically be transferred and processed.

However, all of it is meaningless since earning money and requesting a cashout is very complicated given that fraudulent platforms don't pay.

It's only an upfront scheme that deceived users to earn substantial money. 

Upon requesting a cashout, MyBitcointube will make excuses such as delays of payments, sudden upgrades, and more which was only their way to deny your request. 

Nonetheless, scam websites indeed don't pay. 

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How Much To Join MyBitcointube?

MyBitcointube is free to join, however, the free option wouldn't earn you much as it will be hard for you to watch videos from their free account just to earn money. But if you pay $19.95 every month, you'll go premium where you get priority access for watching videos, which by the way is a waste of time and money.



I don’t see anything of value here. It’s a sketchy program that you should avoid at all costs!


Lack Of Transparency

Using a paid service, the owners of the platform hide their identity. It's one way to indicate if it's legitimate or not, but in the case of MyBitcointube 

it's clearly not trustworthy since there's no information about its rightful owners making its reliability tarnished. 

Numerous Customer Complaints

There are a bunch of alarming complaints online in connection to MyBitcointube being a non-paying platform.

Exit Planning

Based on their Facebook posts, their company is likely to lose revenues which hinders them to pay out every one or seems like they're about to collapse. They'll just make excuses such as they were hacked and just run off with all the money once this happens.

Not Paying People Out

A lot of people claim that they're unable to withdraw their earnings. It might be because they don't have enough money to pay everyone.

Pyramid Scheme

It won't last for long and only those people behind this platform are making money here. The possibility of disruption is likewise alarming the moment recruitments slow down and no money is flowing.

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Who Is It For?

This is NOT for anyone.

Training Tools/Support

There’s an FAQ section and you can reach their customer through their website; however, the response is pretty slow and useless.

Final Opinion/Verdict

MyBitcointube is a scammy platform that wouldn't do you any good.

Don't be lured with their fake promises of earning $200 in a day and getting commissions of 10% from your referrals spent money on video and banner ad purchases or 20% affiliate commissions the moment they upgrade. 

They intend to take advantage of your desire to earn money but in reality, only them will benefit from it.

Take note that tolerating a scam is considered illegal. So, it is a must not persuade others into joining scams and instantly report it instead.

If your target is to waste your time on a scam that will never compensate you for your efforts, then MyBitcointube is absolutely what you're seeking. But no one wants to be fooled, right? Everyone is entitled to explore greater things. Therefore, prioritize worthy investments in order not to waste your time and energy and pursue credible opportunities that will gain you dividends later on. 

In summary, I don't recommend joining MyBitcointube. 

If you opt to be a part of a successful online money-making platform, then find a trustworthy one that can help you foster and could indeed fulfill your goal.

What's Next?

There’s no such thing as overnight success. If you want to achieve financial success, you need to have patience, discipline, knowledge, and hard work.

In that case, I recommend our top-recommended program. Join now and get ready to have the business tools and support, such as:

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Thank you for reading my MyBitcointube review. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or share your opinions in the comment section below.

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