Agency Unlocked Review – Is Neil Patel’s Course Worth It?

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Each one of us aspires to earn a significant amount of money; some of us even search for additional sources of cash online.

While there are opportunities you can do even without a background, some will require you to enhance your skills, thus the presence of online courses.

Agency Unlocked Review Summary

Name: Agency Unlocked


Founders:   Neil Patel

Product Type:   Digital marketing course

Price:   $1,495 For The Annual Subscription

Quick Summary:  Agency Unlocked is an online educational course that aims to help you earn money through digital marketing.

However, are you certain that it's a worthy course to invest your money and time in? Or is it a plain scam that will only disappoint you?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

For instance, one of the most sought-after courses is called Agency Unlocked, a program founded by one of the most popular marketers nowadays, Neil Patel.

It may be easy to assume that this is a good course but before you sign up, it pays to gather reliable information about the platform first to make an informed decision. 

So without further ado, let’s get the Agency Unlocked review started!

What Is Agency Unlocked About?

Agency Unlocked is a digital marketing course that talks about the various areas across the digital world, which consequently involves becoming a successful digital marketer. 

The social and psychological approach to attract clients to avail of your products and services is the core of this course. 

Agency Unlocked built its unique stand compared to other educational courses due to its actuality of not highly dwelling on hyper-specific technical details. Rather, it opts to pursue an approach to certain things in a more humanized manner. 

Agency Unlocked contains lessons that will serve as the building blocks to help you achieve a successful career in digital marketing. It highlights the mastery of the concepts that build up the foundation for a sustainable online presence.

But, who is exactly the person behind this course?

A successful digital marketer who has made several rounds on the internet due to his successful online campaigns, Neil Patel is the brain behind Agency Unlocked. 

He's known to be one of the most popular bloggers up until now and has founded multiple companies, like Crazy Egg and Ubersuggest, which stand out up to date.

With his passion for the online world and his potential and skills in sales, he decided to pursue a career in internet marketing. 

He has his own YouTube channel with more than 500,000 subscribers. He posts his videos containing tips and strategies for making money online there.

What’s Inside Agency Unlocked

This educational course contains 6 weeks of training. 

Every week you'll learn different strategies that could contribute to your success as a digital marketer. Here are the classifications of each week's content:

Week 1: Traffic Generation

You'll be learning the very basics of digital marketing within the first week. It will enable you to double your traffic without the need in writing blogs or spending a dime on ads. 

To begin with, you'll be taught how you can double the rate of conversion that will eventually result in sending emails, eliminating unwanted personnel, and leveraging on review sites and popular influencers. 

Week 2: Conversions

More about conversion will be tackled within the second week. Increasing your customer base without the need to increase your traffic will be highlighted. 

You'll be able to learn the usage of CTAs and AI in the process of pushing notification drips.

It will also teach you how to remarket your campaigns with the use of Neil Patel's strategies. Analyzing the activity of your site's visitors will be also discussed with you so you can enhance your customer service.

Week 3: Content

Content creation is the focus of the third week. You'll comprehend the usage of keywords in increasing your rank on Google. The creation of microsites and also buying and selling websites will be tackled as well.

Week 4: Social Media

At this moment, you'll be learning how you can market on social media. Social media is popular nowadays therefore an online business needs to learn to capitalize on this area. You'll be taught with regards to proper posting, creation of visuals, and interacting with followers.

Week 5: Paid Advertising

Paid advertising and the effective spending of money in promoting your products and services will be the core within this week. 

You will comprehend and master how to look for micro-influencers and use the strengths and weaknesses of your business to enter new markets. 

You will also be taught with increasing the chances of being viral. The other areas of this module include sharing advertising and learning the common web mistakes.

Week 6: Teardown Week

This is the last part which involves an immediate recap and summary of the entire learnings in this particular field of marketing.

But, aside from the modules for the entire 6 weeks, there are also bonuses that you can avail such as the following as follows:

  • Bonus 1: Live Training

Joining live training with Neil’s employed digital marketing coaches has been made accessible for you to further your revenue up to 10 times. But this one's not just fully guaranteed.

  • Bonus 2: Facebook Group

They have a Facebook group having around 500 members that you can directly access. There are posts and updates within this group with regards to digital marketing and community news.

  • Live Q&A Sessions

Every week, you'll be given two chances to join a live stream which could enable you to ask your questions to the Agency Unlocked team directly. However, you shouldn't expect that Neil will be the one to cater to your questions, as he seems to focus more on his other businesses.

  • The Million Dollar Workshop

Neil himself, claims to be choosing one paying member randomly once a month. He willfully dissect their business by breaking down the business' commendable doings and as well as the inappropriate ones. 

Agency Unlocked states that you can have the returns of your investment within 3 weeks and will be able to gain profits the next month. 

Although it seems to be a bold claim, it's actually supported by their offered money-back guarantee, which offers a full refund if you happen to be not getting an additional 10,000 visitors every month in the next 3 months.

Is Agency Unlocked A Scam?


Agency Unlocked is a legitimate digital marketing course having a genuine and world-renowned digital marketer named Neil Patel as its creator. 

Indeed, he is trustworthy since he's consistently transparent with his experiences and his achievements throughout his journey in digital marketing. 

But, other people might seem to be hesitant about the legitimacy of this course because of the lack of guarantee that it'll help them earn a significant amount of money, especially that it's just a mere online course. 

However, you must remember that Agency Unlocked wouldn't be of help, if you, yourself wouldn't take action to apply your learnings efficiently and effectively in molding a better profiting journey.

It is almost similar to:

How Much To Join Agency Unlocked?

To enroll in Agency Unlocked, you need to pay $1,495 for its yearly subscription. It’s a huge amount, especially for beginners; however, the founder, Neil, claims that you can get your money back if you don’t obtain an extra 10,000 visitors in the next two months.

It’s a bold claim but their money-back guarantee somehow puts an assurance that the course is worth your time.

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Informative Content

The good thing about this course is that it contains informative content that will teach you about the digital marketing world. 

It covers ways on how to maximize the use of social media and monetize your websites to make passive income online.

Legit Creator

One thing that makes this course popular and reliable is the creator's background. Neil Patel is known to be successful in the field of digital marketing. 

He is a well-documented, best-selling author, capable marketer, trusted instructor, and globally renowned personality. One Google about his name is enough to tell you what kind of valuable person he is.


Expensive Fee

Every year, you have to pay $1,495 for this course. It’s a bit higher than the usual prices of training platforms online, ranging from $100 to $1,000.

However, considering who the mentor is, you’ll know that you’ll not only get some textbook knowledge but also learn from Neil’s personal experience on how he became a success online.

Unresponsive Website

Upon opening their website, you get to notice how unresponsive it is. This serves as a disadvantage that could tarnish their capability to cater to your concerns about the course during difficult circumstances.

No Guarantee Of Success

There is no guarantee of success, to begin with. It is only a mere online course that will guide you from the basics up to the advanced things with regards to digital marketing and how you can very well gain profits. However, it narrows down to your actions on how you'll apply this learning in building your business.


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Who Is It For?

Agency Unlocked is ideal for those who are starting or may have basic knowledge about how digital marketing works. However, they should have extra money to cover the expensive fees.

Training Tools/Support

Agency Unlocked has its own Facebook group where its members can communicate with each other.

Every 6 weeks, there will be live training sessions and 2 sessions weekly held by Neil Patel's hired coaches.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Agency Unlocked is a legitimate digital marketing course that aims to help you earn money online through website monetization, social media, and many more. In addition, the fact that it has been created by a world-renowned digital marketer, Neil Patel, adds credibility to this online educational course. 

The entire course involves a series of informative lessons containing different proven and tested tips and strategies to enhance your website just to allow the elevation of the number of your traffic.

However, before you can get to access this course, you have to spend a huge amount of money yearly worth $1,495. 

It is expensive and while there’s a refund policy, there’s no guarantee of success so if I were you, I’ll take this with a grain of salt.

That being said, I don't recommend joining Agency Unlocked, not because it is

What's Next?

When you want to make money, you should be ready to spend money first, and I firmly believe that. Your growth can depend on the people you communicate with, the courses you take, the books you read, etc.

So if want to become successful in making money online, I suggest that you join my #1 recommended program.

Join now and have access to the following:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my Agency Unlocked review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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