Earn Easy Commissions Review — Legit Affiliate Marketing Program Or A Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?

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Welcome to My Earn Easy Commissions Review!

Earn $100k on autopilot mode? Is that even possible? I know, it sounds crazy but that’s what Earn Easy Commissions is about -- or they claim to.

Earn Easy Commissions Review Summary

Name: Earn Easy Commissions

Website: earneasycommissions.com

Founders: Chuck Nguyen

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $750 + Upsells + Hidden Expenses

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Quick Summary: Earn Easy Commissions is an affiliate marketing program slash multi-level marketing company that almost sounds like a pyramid scheme. Why? Because they will encourage you to sell the system to other people so you can earn commission. Is this legal or is Earn Easy Commissions a scam? How does it work? Can you really make $100k?

Find all the answers in this Easy Earn Commissions review.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

While I know that there’s no such thing as quick money, it’s still too early to say that Earn Easy Commissions is a scam. So I did a little digging and I found out the terrible truth about this program.

So before you sign up, sit back, relax, and read my honest Earn Easy Commissions review.

What Is Earn Easy Commissions About?

I’ve done a lot of reviews about the most talked about money-making opportunities online and sadly, most programs with bold claims end up as either a scam or low-quality products. To make matters worse, these platforms are very expensive, to begin with.

Like Earn Easy Commissions -- a program that claims to help you earn a hundred thousand dollars without doing anything. No need to build a website, no need to have professional experience, no need to optimize sales funnel. Plus, it’s free -- or that’s what they are trying to tell you but as you go on and explore the program, you’ll find out that most of their claims are not true. 

If you’re interested to know more about Easy Earn Commissions, you can watch their sales video below:

Surprisingly, the owner is a real person -- Chuck Nguyen -- who has a YouTube Channel with over 7,000 subscribers. However, that’s not enough to convince me that the program’s legit and worth a try. 

How Earn Easy Commissions Works?

On their homepage, you can find a quick instruction of what you need to do to earn massive commissions. First is to create an account -- for free -- by entering your first name, last name, email address (Gmail only), username, and password. You will then receive a confirmation via email and once you’re done the verification, you can start setting up your “own unique money system”. The last step is to “take massive action” to start earning but they never explained what this massive action is about. Apparently, the program will do the legwork for you and you will be paid every Thursday.

The problem with this kind of programs is that they are not transparent with almost everything. They only brag about the amount you can earn from their system but they won’t tell you how it really works. Although Chuck has provided a FAQ portion, answering how it works, you won’t really get anything out of it. If I were you, I’d be really skeptical about this program.

He mentioned that “one job” again, which I believe refers to the mysterious “massive action” that I mentioned above, and since he’s not talking about it, I am more than happy to discuss it with you.

That one job that you need to do is to generate traffic -- and this single job requires hard work. It’s not easy and if you have no experience doing this before, earning a hundred dollar, let alone $10 is next to impossible.

How Earn Easy Commissions Really Works?

Earn Easy Commissions follow two business models -- Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing but since there’s no real product involved except this system, it’s almost like a pyramid scam. 

What you’re going to do is share links that would encourage people to buy the program so basically, you are inviting more people to purchase the program and soon, they will do the same, too.

For every successful lead, you will earn $1 to $1.20 and they will track these referrals using your affiliate link. Thus, it also resembles a CPA (Cost Per Action) business model since you will get paid for completing an action; in this case, you ask individuals to sign up for the program.

Affiliate marketing, by the way, is a legit business model and it’s been used by thousands of marketers worldwide. It’s a good opportunity to earn money online at your very own free time. However, not all affiliate programs are created equal; there are those that provide a really good opportunity to earn and there are platforms that won’t do you any good. 

If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and to get the necessary training for free, I’d like to invite you to my top recommended affiliate marketing platform -- Wealthy Affiliate. Creating an account is free and the best part is -- you have access to a live community where you can ask questions, share answers, and build professional connections.

How To Make Money With Earn Easy Commissions?

As mentioned above, you need to get qualified leads to earn $1 and a hundred dollar if they upgraded to VIP Partner.

Qualified lead means your visitors should only be from New Zealand, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Otherwise, it would be useless. That being said, you have to generate traffic specifically from these countries. 

Is Earn Easy Commissions A Scam?

I wouldn’t say that Earn Easy Commissions is a scam -- directly because there’s really a chance for you to earn money out of it. However, the claims are too bold because there’s no way you can earn $100k without doing anything. Also, experience is highly required when you want to generate massive traffic on your website.

Another concern is the unethical way of inviting people to purchase their program. Imagine, you’ll be doing the same thing: inviting people to join the system and not explaining what it’s really about in the first place. It’s like having no care about your audience as long as you can make a good amount of cash. 

Plus, since you’re inviting members to purchase a “system” and not real tangible products, you’re more likely involved in a pyramid scheme.


For starters, Chuck does offer the program for free -- and you can start making money using the free account. However, it’s not entirely free and you’ll be paying more than what you expect. 

The free program comes with free training that will talk about selling Earn Easy Commissions to other people as well as persuading you to upgrade to PRO Member and/or VIP Member.

PRO Member costs $32 in total because you’ll be paying for two programs -- GetResponse and ClickMagick. The funny thing is that you’ll be buying this using Chuck’s affiliate link so basically, he will be earning commissions from you. Okay, that’s not funny but the thing is, these are just some of the expenses that he failed (or intentionally) discuss. Anyway, another perk that you’ll get from this membership is the commission for every sale you make from GetResponse and ClickMagick.

Now, the high-ticket membership -- VIP Partner. This is where Chuck puts his most attention in the training videos and it’s not surprising anymore since he will earn a lot from this. To become a VIP Partner, you will pay $1,000 and this includes more training resources for generating traffic, 20% more commission for successful leads, $500 commission for every VIP Partner sale, and commissions sales from GetResponse, ClickMagick, other tools inside Chuck’s platform.

On top of this, you’ll earn a couple of hundred dollars for every VIP Partner sold by your downline -- and this their MLM side that I’m referring to.

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Founder Did Not Use A Pen Name

For most similar products with bold claims, it’s surprising to know that the founder has revealed his identity. I was actually expecting that Chuck would use a pen name but he didn’t. Maybe he knows that he’s not hiding anything or he’s just confident about his product. Either way, it’s good to know that the founder of the program is a real person.

Free Membership

To start earning with Earn Easy Commissions, all you need to do is sign up for their free account. There’s no need to purchase additional programs or upgrade your membership. However, if you’re just beginning with affiliate marketing, the training they provide is barely enough so if you want to learn more about how you can generate traffic effectively, I suggest that you follow this step-by-step guide. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Minimum Threshold Is Just $10

Most programs will require you to hit $100 or above first before you can cash out your income. However, with Earn Easy Commissions, you can get your payment via PayPal when you reach a $10 threshold.


Hidden Costs + Upsells

While I know that hiding the cost is just a marketing technique, I still think that it’s unethical to tell your program is completely free when it’s really not. People will assume that they can get the most of the platform without paying for anything but in reality, they’ll have to pay more to get additional tools and commissions.

Pyramid Scheme In Disguise

In the training videos that they’ve provided, they mentioned about recruiting more people to buy the program so you can earn a commission. Basically, if you’re inviting other individuals to join the system in exchange for money -- without providing any tangible products to sell -- then it’s more likely to be considered as a scam.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Some low-quality products, especially the ones from ClickBank, offer a refund and if they can do this, I bet Easy Earn Commissions can do this, too. So why is there no money-back guarantee? Is it because they know that most of their clients will only ask for a refund once these people find out what this program is really about?

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Who Is It For?

At some point, Earn Easy Commissions is good for beginners since they don’t have to invest a huge amount. In fact, it’s free to get started. The downside, however, is that it shared little to nothing about affiliate marketing and traffic generation, which, by the way, is crucial if you want to earn using this business model.

If I were you and you want to make money through affiliate marketing, I suggest that you sign up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate. It comes with free training that offers real value -- and not about selling additional tools and memberships. You also have access to a live community where you can ask questions, voice out your opinions, and make a connection.

Training Tools/Support

The training is divided into five steps but basically, Chuck only talks about inviting people, selling his own tools “that you need” (or so he says) so he can earn commissions, and about upgrading to VIP Partner. There’s really nothing to learn here but for the sake of the doubt, here’s a quick outline.

Step 1: How To Get Started
Step 2: Grab Your Referral Link
Step 3: Maximize Your Earnings
Step 4: Zero to $10K Journey
Step 5: Check Your Referrals
BONUS: List Building System - Hint: This is not a bonus at all, rather, it’s another upsell that you should ignore.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Earn Easy Commissions is a legit program; however, it has a lot of bold claims and misleading details. Another thing that I don’t like about this platform is the way they encourage their members to invite more people to join the system, making them sound like a pyramid scheme. 

If I were you, I’d rather spend my time on a business opportunity that’s lucrative, transparent, and valuable. Interested? Just keep on reading.

What's Next?

It’s always tempting to go for an opportunity that promises to give you a massive amount in just a short time but you should know that there’s no such thing as quick cash -- unless it’s a loan. Therefore, choose a program that would help you make money, although not asap, but would benefit you in the long run. And by that I mean, join my top recommended program now.

Once you sign up for FREE, you have access to these perks:

  • Free Training
  • Live And Active Community
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • And A Lot More!

Thank you for reading my Earn Easy Commissions review and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below!

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